14 Cool Smoking Accessories Every Connoisseur Should Try

14 Cool Smoking Accessories Every Connoisseur Should Try

Studies show that people place greater value on things after they own them.

Today I'm going to show you 14 cool smoking accessories that I didn't truly appreciate until after I added them to my stash. 

If you're looking for something to show the oh-so-special someone in your life how much you care, this guide is full of holiday gift ideas for smokers. From a smart mill that grinds herb AND packs cones down to a stash container disguised as a golf ball, I consider these the best smoking accessories of 2018.

The best part?

Each of these gadgets was tested by myself and our featured experts and they work AMAZING.


OTTO Grinder - $128.00

OTTO grinds AND rolls.


  • Smart Milling Machine

  • Automatically Fills Cones

  • Packs 20-30 Cones Per Full Charge

  • Single Button Control

  • Spill-Proof Funnel

  • USB Charging

As much as I love grinding and rolling, they both take time and energy. OTTO by banana bros. does both for you in about a minute.

It not only mills and fills for you. It does so VERY efficiently. The dry herb is perfectly fluffy, the cones tightly packed. And the burn is slow and even.

If you know someone who has a hard time rolling, this is a fitting gift. 

How does this amazing OTTO contraption make the perfect cone, you ask?

The chamber is spring-loaded, sensing the consistency of dry herb and adjusting pressure and rotation accordingly in real time.

"The Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder makes packing my prerolls a cinch. I like the compact style and it actually saves me time when I'm getting ready for a smoke session with friends. OTTO has AI that adjusts the grinding and packing process to give you a perfectly packed cone. I miss out on the mess that normally comes with rolling and am left with an even burn each time. I also get an even grind for herb when using my flower vaporizer which makes the OTTO good for smokers and vape users alike!"

Even if you vape, OTTO comes in handy. You can remove the bottom tube and load dry herb directly into your vaporizer chamber.

There's tons of information out there about how the OTTO Grinder works. I would definitely recommend learning more because this gadget could be a game-changer.


Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit - $29.99

 Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit has it all.


  • All-in-One Kit

  • Quality Ingredients

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Sleek and Functional Design

When I think of cleaning my glass, I "ugh" a little. That's why it was refreshing to find Higher Standards. Their lineup of premium cleaning products and tools treats pipe cleaning more like a ritual than a chore.

This is the perfect gift for smokers who truly love their glass pipes. 

The Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit left my glass looking brand new, and my usual cleaning day woes were replaced by, believe it or not, enjoyment, relief, and satisfaction.

Each supply has the air of a luxury product, with quality ingredients and innovative takes on classic tools and products. Here are a few examples of how this cleaning kit lives up to its name:

1) The ISO Pure isopropyl alcohol is 99% when the average iso is 70%.

2) The Pipe Stix cotton swabs have hard, dart-like tips and long handles for cleaning hard-to-reach spots. They're not your average q-tip.

3) The Tube Tops plug up your water pipe so you can shake it more thoroughly when it's full of rock salt and isopropyl.

What does all this mean?

Well, I tested out the Supreme Clean Kit on my rig after a few weeks of neglect. And, frankly, the deep-cleaning action was impressive.

The best thing about Higher Standards?

The products feel more like high-end cosmetic items than cheap automotive cleaners. They perform like it, too.


Smoke Buddy - $18.99

Smoke Buddy is a sploof unlike any other sploof.


  • High-Quality Sploof

  • Eliminates Odor

  • Lasts for up to 300 Uses

  • Carbon Air Filter

Ridding your home of smoky smells is a pain. Smoke Buddy kills all that odor before it can cling.

What sets Smoke Buddy apart from other sploofs? It eliminates more smells and, unlike DIY sploofs, it's a well-made product. I found the Smoke Buddy to be much more durable and travel-friendly than the usual dorm-room sploof.

Simply remove the caps and exhale your hit into the device. Magically, around 90% of the smoke will be captured inside the sploof.

Who's Smoke Buddy for? Anyone who wants to keep their smoke under wraps--or at least prevent it from clinging to their curtains.


Pitch-N-Puff - $14.99

Puffingtons keeps your smoking under wraps on the golf course.


  • Golf Ball Stash Container

  • One-Hitter Golf Tee

  • Authentic Look and Feel

  • Stealthy

Puffingtons Pitch-N-Puff is for golfers who like to cut the grass--and smoke some, too.

This two-in-one kit comes with a golf ball and tee that are much more than a golf ball and tee.

One is a dry herb container, the other a one-hitter. Both keep your smoke sessions stealthy on the golf course.

The golf ball is even sized differently from actual golf balls, so you can tell it apart in your golf bag.

If you're looking for a cool smoking accessory to gift a golfer, Puffingtons is a hole in one.


Empire Rolling Papers - $79.99

Empire Rolling Papers look like hundred dollar bills.


  • Looks EXACTLY like a $100 Bill

  • 24 Booklets Containing Ten Papers Each

  • Non-Toxic

  • 4.2 Inches Long

  • Contains No Tobacco or Nicotine

These papers make smoking fun again. They look exactly like $100 bills. And their smoke quality is money, too.

I thought I detected a slightly funny taste to the smoke, probably from the vegetable oil used to color the $100 bill design. But the burn was smooth and even.

These papers produce fairly good flavor and smoothness. But what really sets them apart is the fun factor.


Piece Water - $9.99

Piece Water is a better alternative to tap water.


  • For Water Pipes

  • Keeps Hits Clean

  • Reduces Gunk

  • 100% Natural

A.J. Fabrizio, director of research at Terra Tech, got it right when he told Leafly, "if the water (you fill your water pipe with) has been chlorinated, that chlorine flavor will carry through."

If you're tired of smoking chemicals, Piece Water is a 100% all-natural alternative to tap water that offers cleaner tasting hits. It also prevents the build-up of gunk.

Here's what impressed me most about Piece Water…

The thickness of this solution makes for deeper pulls. So I enjoyed more flavor and denser hits.

This is a very cool smoking accessory for getting more out of your water pipe with less mess.


The Martian Bubbler - $17.99

MJ Arsenal Martian is a mini bubbler with magical intentions.



  • Mini Bubbler for Rolled Cigarettes

  • Premium Glass

  • Moisturizes and Purifies Smoke

  • Carb Hole

  • Pendant Hook

This is a pretty cool smoking accessory by MJ Arsenal, known for their mini rollie bubblers.

Here's how it works...

Place a rollie in the opening, take a hit. The Martian will water filtrate the hits.

If you love smoking but want smoother hits, this is a pocket-friendly must-have.


Higher Standards Crystal Ashtray - $59.99

Higher Standards Crystal Ashtray is a classy way to ash.


  • High-Grade Glass

  • Triangle Design

  • Thick Cut

  • Three Cigarette Holders

This is a classy ashtray by Higher Standards, a brand that puts out quality American-made smoking accessories and pipes.

The triangle lets you ash from any angle, which is convenient for group seshes. And the glass is high-quality borosilicate.

The best part?

This ashtray is dish-washer friendly so you can keep it clean.


Marley Natural Stash Box - $192.00

Marley Natural Stash Box keeps your pipes and accessories under lock and key.


  • Fine Craftsmanship

  • Black Walnut Wood

  • Rolling Tray

  • Dividers

  • Large Compartment

  • Lock and Key

Here's a smoking accessory for storing your smoking accessories.

What I love most about the Marley Natural Lock Stash Box is the quality. It looks and feels like a family heirloom.

The functionality isn't half-bad either. There are two medium compartments and one large one (for your pipe, for example). A lock and key keep everything secure.

Made out of black walnut, the Marley Natural Stash Box keeps your stash safe and secretive.


Prepara Evak Container - $24.99

Prepara Evak Container features an airtight seal.


  • Holds 24 Fluid Ounces

  • Adjustable Airtight Seal

  • Twin Valve System

  • BPA-Free

  • Premium Glass

Prepara Evak is a dry herb container like no other. With most containers, you screw the lid on. In this case, you slide it down into the jar until your material is tightly packed.

This handy smoking accessory, made of BPA-free plastic, rubber, and glass, air seals any amount of dry herb that'll fit in its 24 fluid ounce container.

The Evak uses a twin valve system that's quite effective. Any excess air is pushed out, which keeps your dry herb fresher over time.


Tightvac GrinderVac Container - $14.99

TightVac GrinderVac Container


  • Two-in-One Device

  • Grinds AND Stores Dry Herb

  • Vacuum Sealed

There's only one thing more important than how you grind dry herb. And that is how you store it.

The GrinderVac does both. And fairly well. It has a two-piece grinder in addition to a vacuum sealed container.

The grinder is fairly efficient, but this is definitely more of a travel-friendly all-in-one device than a top-notch grinder.

Grind and store up to 10 grams all with one device.


Higher Standards Glass Tips - $15.99

Higher Standards Glass Tips filter and cool each hit.


  • Filters Smoke

  • Premium Glass

  • Various Color Schemes

  • Reusable

  • Six-Pack

Higher Standards Glass Tips are reusable filters that deliver smooth hits from rolled cigarettes. They perform more like a luxury product than the cheap plastic filters I'm used to.

Smoke is sifted through a filter that cools and purifies. You can also smoke an entire rollie without burning your lips.

The glass is medical-grade, so it won't get hot, break easily, or collect tons of gunk.

These glass tips feel more high-end than the average smoking accessory. Like they were designed for connoisseurs by connoisseurs.


Aerospaced 2-Piece Metal Grinder - $17.95

The Aerospaced Grinder is compact and functional for on-the-go grinding.


  • High-Grade Aluminum

  • Knurled Grip

  • Magnetic Lid

  • Carrying Pouch

If you ask most people what kind of grinder works best, they'll probably say a four-piece grinder.

But if you want something pocket-friendly and simple to use, you'll want a classic two-piece like the Aerospace grinder.

If you like to vape, a fine grind is best. And I got just that from the Aerospace.

Does this handy smoking accessory have any special features?


The lid is magnetic, popping on and off like nothing. It makes grinding more laid back--and fun--which is what smoking is all about.


Grav Glass Blunt - $119.99

GRAV Glass Blunts offer the portability of rollies with more filtration and durability.


  • Ten-Pack

  • Heat Reducing Design

  • 4" Size

  • Ashing Cap

  • Borosilicate Glass

They say you can always do better for yourself. The Grav Glass Blunt is a prime example of that. It won't split, burn unevenly or hurt your lips like rolling paper.

Grav uses medical-grade glass. It's extremely heat-resistant for cool hits. And it collects less gunk than porous glass does. That high-quality glass makes smoking much more efficient, clean, and enjoyable.

One thing I like about this gadget is the rubber cap that joins the tube and the mouthpiece. You can tap this part on a hard surface to ash the Grav Glass Blunt.

This is a cool smoking accessory for connoisseurs. You get the portable experience of a rollie with fewer drawbacks.