Cultivate Your Vape Vibe

Cultivate Your Vape Vibe

Back during the “before time” of vaporizers, users didn’t have a lot of options when it came to expressing themselves through their vapes and vape accessories. The two options used to be mono-chromatic vape pens or full on “I ENJOY VAPING AND DRY HERB” type accessories (think something you’d find in Spencer’s Gifts at the mall). While all-black vape pens and psychedelic portables serve a purpose, it can be nice to have something a little more personal to enjoy dry herb or concentrates with.

From fancy parties to your favorite hike, we’ve got a guide to help you cultivate your vape vibe!


For those vape users who fancy themselves, well, fancy we’ve got the starter kit to set you apart at your next after-party or concentrate-centric soiree.

Sometimes you want to enjoy some concentrates at a get-together but don’t have an accessory that works well with your tux or evening gown. Enter the KandyPens K-Stick Supreme.

Available in classic Gun Metal, Rose Gold, or Gold colorways, with gold accents serving to protect the threading on each option, the K-Stick Supreme has a slim design and uncomplicated elegance. Aside from the stunning outside, a variable voltage battery allows you to choose how you’d like to experience your concentrates. The quartz rod atomizer within the K-Stick Supreme will provide you with robust, flavorful vapor with each draw and is equipped with a leak-proof design to ensure nothing will ruin your outfit.

We’ve included the KandyPens Glass Oil Tank in rose gold for those who might want to tailor their vape look even further. The 510 threading on the K-Stick Supreme and the KandyPens Oil Tank guarantees the fit will always be on point. Should you need to carry some extra concentrate around, and don’t want to use those weird tiny envelopes and wax paper your shop gives you, incorporate the Higher Standards Silicone Container. It’s discreet yet chic and non-stick so none of your material goes to waste.


Do you love breaking trail? Have an awesome GORP recipe? Do you have way too many life-jackets because your friends said they’d also “get into” canoeing but never followed up? If you answered "yes" to one or both of these questions you qualify as an “outdoorsy vaper”.

Enjoying your vaporizer on the trail or in water should be a calming experience, and there isn’t a better way to be calm than to be prepared. The DaVinci MIQRO Explorers Edition gives you everything you need to enjoy a dry herb session: a cleaning kit, USB charger, carry case, extra 18350 battery, keychain storage compartment, heat glove, AND grinder coin. Now THAT is preparation.

The MIQRO Vaporizer itself is easily portable. It’s 33% smaller than the original DaVinci IQ, features Smart Path technology, and an adjustable combination convection-conduction heating chamber. Smart Path technology gives you four predetermined heat settings to help you explore different levels of euphoria, flavor, calmness, and creativity. Each temperature spans 20 degrees that gradually increase from highest to lowest as time passes. If you’re not into this particular way to enjoy dry herb you can switch over to precision temperature control to put the power in your hands. You can fully express your vape vibe with a choice of five colors spanning a “down to earth” palate.

We’ve included the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit to help you keep your MIQRO in tip-top shape. Regular maintenance is the best way to prolong your vape’s life, and specialized cleaning tools like the high-percentage isopropyl alcohol, resin rags, and Pipe Stix allow you to get your MIQRO to “fresh out the box” status after every session. DaVinci included a dry herb storage container in the Explorers Kit, but for those who might need more, the Prepara Evak Container can be used on long camping trips when you might need to pack a little more dry herb than usual. An airtight seal and twin valve systems remove air from the interior of the container to preserve your essential compounds.


Now you’re probably thinking, 'Wait, why does this only have one picture but three items listed?" Well, that is because the Yocan iShred Vaporizer IS the three items listed! Some vapers want bare-bones devices while others need the most options in one place. This is where the Yocan iShred Vaporizer comes in to satisfy the most gadget-obsessed consumer's vape vibe.

Designed for those who want a “do-it-all” product, the Yocan iShred Vaporizer is here to fulfill any and all needs for gadget-driven vape users. The built-in grinder in the bottom of the Yocan iShred has three pieces, so after your dry herb is ground to perfection, it falls to the bottom compartment to be stored in an air-tight environment waiting to be loaded into the ceramic heating chamber. Users who are tired of opening their vaporizer to give their dry herb a “freshness” stir will love the mouthpiece of the Yocan iShred. A built-in stir pin provides one of the easiest ways to stir your herb mid-session, just twist the mouthpiece and your herb will get mixed so none of it goes un-vaped.

Aside from the top-notch, Inspector-Gadget-style tools included in the iShred’s design, Yocan made this vape a must-have with a ceramic heating chamber and precision temperature control. The medical-grade ceramic oven has a huge capacity for extended sessions and your dry herb is vaped “slow and low” to ensure that no harshness occurs. Pair the ceramic heating chamber with precision temperature control that has a range from 200°F-460°F and you have a beastly portable vaporizer that is equipped with everything you need to get your vape on.


So there you have it, three distinct packages for three distinct vape vibes. If you don't fall into any of these categories don't fret, we have a ton of options available for any vape vibe out there!