5 Top Shelf 420 Date Ideas

5 Top Shelf 420 Date Ideas

Forget Valentine’s Day, most stoner couples celebrate their union together on the high holy day of 4/20. With April here there is no better time to herb up your love life than by having some weed related relationship rec time. You and your partner will love these simple date ideas that will be greatly enhanced by your herbal third wheel. Put your own spin on these any way you want to ensure a fun filled 4/20 holiday! 

 1. Lay under the stars, literally or figuratively

Too trippy? Take it outside!

Be it a planetarium or good old fashioned giant balls of gas, getting stoned and checking out the stars as a couple can be a wonderful outing. Planetariums and observatories skew to the cheaper side of a date, and if you have to “settle” for the real thing you can spend as little or as much as you’d like to make your 4/20 special. One disclaimer about this setting for a date is that things might get a little too introspective, so maybe shy away from a strain that makes you think particularly deep thoughts.

Neither of you have to be particularly knowledgeable about our universe to enjoy time underneath the stars, let your brain wander and discuss the origins of our existence or try and predict where the future will take us. No matter what you or your companion’s take is both of your minds will be expanded and ready to dive deep into any discussion.

2. Enjoy a healthy vegan meal

Healthy and in love on 420

Be it a quick snack or your main 4/20 date night event a vegan meal is a wonderful way to spend time together. Even if you don’t subscribe to the vegan lifestyle, the viewpoints of vegans and stoners are pretty in-line: most stoners agree that they prefer a natural strain free of any chemical influence so they can get the full healing properties and taste profiles their herb has to offer, while vegans hold the same requirements for their cuisine. By putting a huge emphasis on natural production and no by-products being added to food, vegan cuisine will leave you feeling pleasantly full and feeling healthy. What better way to feel connected with your partner, and herb, than enjoying a healthy meal that puts an emphasis on the food’s natural upbringing?

A lot of vegan restaurants have the option of adding a shot of CBD to your drink or cocktail, I can’t recommend this enough as the combination of healthy eating, whatever herb you decided to bring, PLUS the CBD will leave you and your partner feeling a charming love buzz for the rest of your day together. 

3. Hit up a climbing gym for bouldering

Get your boulder on

Right off the bat this might seem like a daunting idea: ropes, heights, harnesses...do we really want do deal with all this while high? The answer is probably not. Thankfully most climbing gyms have a “bouldering” section, which is a chilled out low-impact form of climbing without ropes and harnesses being involved. Think “what I used to do as a kid when I saw a big rock” kind of vibe, but with a mat in case your climbing skills have gotten rusty.

Bouldering is a lively, freeing activity that can center you and your partner for the rest of your 4/20 activities. If one of you is a more experienced climber this can be a laid back teachable moment, and if you’re both newcomers to climbing what better person to enjoy your first bouldering session with than your partner? Overall the climbing scene is pretty 420 friendly, so you won’t feel self conscious about your high while hanging on a rock. A surprisingly rigorous activity  bouldering will work a lot of muscles you might have forgotten about, so a strain with an emphasis on body pain might come in clutch for afterwards.

4. Enjoy some high concept art, or artifacts

Expanding your minds, together

It might seem obvious, but I still manage to find weed smokers who haven't enjoyed a museum while under the influence of their favorite strain or concentrate. Art, natural history, prehistoric technology, it all works well with weed. Your 4/20 date day will never be bogged down by learning new things, and heading to your local museum can be a cost effective (a lot of museums charge under $15 for an all day admission) date option that will also expand your minds.

If you happen to be lucky enough to live in an area with multiple museums you and your companion can compare each other’s overall tastes in art AND herb, opening up conversation channels that might not have been breached before. Thankfully museums understand that some visitors might get hungry during their visit, be it due to fatigue or a pesky hunger inducing strain, so there will be food options to let you refuel during museum downtime.

5. Hike it up

Become one with nature

For couples who enjoy weed it can sometimes be tough to think of an activity that sounds better than “the couch”. While a nice veg session can be good sometimes, but on a day like 4/20 it’s best for your vibe to spend some time outside. Grab your water bottle, old high school t shirt, and that one pair of sneakers you banished to hiking duty and head to your local mountain for some outdoor time. A couple hike can help start a conversation or let you two just bask in nature’s strong silence.

Almost any strain will enhance your hike together and have you feeling closer than ever. The added bonus of physical activity will boost your 4/20 celebration possibilities as well, or make you feel that you’ve very much earned some couch time. Whatever your motivation a 4/20 day hike will have you both feeling refreshed, centered, and ready to enjoy the rest of your day.

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