Do You Need A Desktop Vaporizer?

Do You Need A Desktop Vaporizer?

In the ever-growing world of portable and pen vaporizers, the desktop unit can sometimes be forgotten. The predecessor to the elite portable units we have now has been holding it down for a while and still offers some advantages over pens and portables. If you find yourself wanting a more “hands-on” experience when it comes to the process of vaping, desktop vaporizers are a fantastic choice. you need a desktop vaporizer? Let’s find out!

Desktop Vaporizer Performance

Desktop vaporizers are the ‘powerhouse’ of the vaporizer world. Convection heating is more prominent in desktop vaporizers and leads to a more flavorful experience for users, this is because instead of your material being heated by coming in direct contact with the heating element (which can cause burning) hot air blankets every part of your dry herb or concentrate to create vaporization. A convection desktop vaporizer will produce smoother draws while ensuring no combustion whatsoever.

A piping hot fresh Storz & BIckel Volcano Vaporizer

The efficient heating of a desktop vaporizer helps users conserve material as well. A smaller amount of dry herb or concentrate can be used to reach your desired effects. The large initial cost of a desktop is partially offset by this material conservation.

The newest type of heating on the scene is induction heating. Dr. Dabber gave the SWITCH an induction heating system, which uses electromagnetic waves to create heat to vaporize your material. This is a rare technology, but one that eliminates the need for atomizers and hot spots. To learn more about induction heated vaporizers check out our blog here

One thing you never have to worry about with desktop vaporizers is battery life. While portable units are...well, portable, they can leave you high and dry if you’ve neglected to charge them. Desktop vaporizers use a wall-plug to ensure unlimited power supply, which is needed for such a large heating system.

How Is The Vapor Delivered From A Desktop?

While portable vaporizers and pens have one delivery system, that being your lips directly onto the vapor path, desktop vaporizers have a couple of options. For vape users who consider themselves 'particular' when it comes to vapor temperature or those who can't take harsh draws, desktop vaporizers provide relief from a possible sore throat. 

Whip Style Vapor Delivery

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer with hose attached
“Whip Style” desktop vaporizers feature a silicone rubber tube that is attached to the desktop via a “wand”. If you want the coolest vapor possible whip-style desktop vaporizers are the way to go, the length of the tube helps cool your vapor before it reaches your lips. An added feature of the whip-style desktop vaporizer is that you can customize how long your vapor path is by modifying the hose length. Users who might feel pens or portables deliver a “harsh” feeling hit will be more comfortable with a desktop vaporizer. One of the most popular desktop vaporizers ever, the Arizer Extreme Q, utilizes the “whip style” delivery system.

Baloon Bag Delivery System

Volcano Classic Vaporizer with a full bag of vapor “Balloon Bag” desktops offer a more “free” desktop vaping experience. Instead of a whip being tethered to your device balloon bag desktop vaporizers use a forced-air system to propel hot air over your material and into the bag. If you find yourself hosting parties this is one of the easier ways to ensure everyone can get in on the session. The vapor inside of the bag will cool to the temperature of the room, making every draw cool. Ballon bags offer you the ability to open and close the end to conserve vapor, as well as walk around while enjoying said vapor. The most iconic vaporizer of all time, the Storz & Bickel Volcano, is a balloon bag desktop vaporizer.

Personally, I’m more of a fan of the balloon bag option, mostly because I enjoy vaping outdoors and a backyard balloon session is one of the more enjoyable ways to consume.


Hopefully, this post has helped you decide if a desktop vaporizer is right for you. The efficient heating, vapor production and flavor, and consistent performance set desktop vaporizers apart from their portable counterparts. While these devices are great for on-the-go vapers, those who enjoy the entire process of consuming will love owning a desktop vaporizer.

What’s your favorite desktop vaporizer? Let us know in the comments!