Dr. Dabber Stella Review

Dr. Dabber Stella Review

Dr. Dabber is one of the "OG" brands within the concentrate vaping world, from their innovating Dr. Dabber SWITCH to the useful Budder Cutter they've been producing concentrate-centric vaporizers and accessories for years with rave reviews. Their newest item the Dr. Dabber Stella is their take on a portable concentrate pen, and it does NOT disappoint. 

The Stella can efficiently vaporize any kind of concentrate making this a great concentrate pen for those that enjoy a variety of consistencies and forms of material. While the Stella isn't 510-threaded or cart compatible, the performance it offers is top-shelf and is designed with true concentrate connoisseur in mind. Let's take a look at what makes the Dr. Dabber Stella an elite concentrate pen and why it should be added to your vape arsenal ASAP. 

Dr. Dabber Stella's Performance 

Under the hood of the Dr. Dabber Stella is a proprietary technology called Temperature Coefficient Resistance (aka TCR). This Dr. Dabber created tech makes for a consistent temperature during your draws, as the Stella battery will adjust it's voltage based on the design of the heating coil and instead of a surge of constant power, you get the same temperature throughout your session with no "spikes" that might make draws harsh. This technology makes sessions consistent and maintains the true essence of your concentrate's material and affects based on temperature.  

Dr. Dabber Stella Concentrate Vaporizer on table with material

The Dr. Dabber Stella utilizes a "floating coil" to aid in reducing heat transfer and preventing the Stella vape pen from getting too warm and causing what I like to call "hot hand", which is of course when your device gets too hot to hold onto comfortably. The Stella's floating coil reduces the ceramic chamber's contact with the body of the vape pen helping to focus heat on the chamber itself and not wasted energy anywhere else. Offset air inlets within the Stella's chamber create a vortex-like airflow that has low draw resistance and makes for flavorful pulls and efficient vapor production. 

Dr. Dabber gave the Stella 3 voltage settings in between 460 and 775 degrees Fahrenheit to make for less fuss when selecting a temperature, personally I enjoy this kind of setting as sometimes by-the-degree vaping can get frustrating and seem a little "much" on a small device. Changing voltages only takes the press of the singular button on the device, making this an easy to use concentrate vape for beginners. Each voltage has been calibrated to perform well with all types of concentrates, including CBD oil. 

The Stella's Construction

The Dr. Dabber Stella is basically an upgraded version of their award-winning Aurora concentrate pen, taking it's cues from the elegant shape and study construction...but with some upgrades. The Stella is a little thicker and study-feeling in-hand than the Aurora, making you feel confident that it can withstand everyday drops and tumbles should you be an on-the-go concentrate vape user. Diving deep into just what the Stella is constructed from will leave you feeling good about using this as a daily driver concentrate pen. 

Spaceman holding the Dr. Dabber Stella vaporizer

While most of us probably won't be using the Dr. Dabber Stella on say, the moon, having a concentrate vape that can still operate at full efficiency after everyday wear and tear is always a plus. The black stainless steel body of the Stella is strong and can hold up to whatever drops comes it's way, an added plus of the stainless steel body is that it doesn't hold onto fingerprints, making the pen always look sleek no matter the setting. The Dr. Dabber Stella vaporization chamber and heating element are are both alumina, which itself is very durable and won't wear down after heavy use. 

Final Thoughts on the Stella Concentrate Vape 

The Dr. Dabber Stella is a little old school in nature, you load your concentrate via a handy included tool into the chamber and vape away, but modern in it's elite performance. Well versed concentrate vapers will enjoy that the Stella can vape any kind of concentrate well, and new concentrate vaporizer users will appreciate the simple controls and ease-of-use from what should be considered a top-tier concentrate vape. 

Coming in at just under $100 the Dr. Dabber Stella Concentrate Vaporizer is an elite device that should be added to your stash box ASAP. Let us know in the comments if you enjoy your Stella or if you're planning on snagging one!