5 Dry Herb-Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas

5 Dry Herb-Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas

Have you told your sweetheart you love them lately?

Before you cringe, remember that experts say the best Valentine's Day gifts show you care. Listening to what your loved one needs and providing them with it forges a loyal and steadfast bond.

If your special someone loves herb, they’ll appreciate an exciting new way to enjoy its benefits with you. Here are 5 ideas for winning over the herb-lover in your life all over again.

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Gifting your sweetheart with a better way to get high is a great way of showing you care. A vaporizer is just that. The hits are cleaner and more discreet. You can carry the device in your pocket. And vapor carries far more effective properties than smoke, delivering a more potent hit. On top of that, vaporizers are very shareable, making it easy to bond over some bud with your boo. 

If you're looking for ideas, the apple of your eye is sure to gush over the KandyPens RUBI (featured in the above video). It's a teeny little powerhouse with sex written all over it. The hits are smooth as silk thanks to a ceramic coil wrapped in Japanese cotton. And your crush can fill the RUBI with any of their favorite concentrate oils or eliquids.

If you’re looking to rock someone’s world without rocking your wallet, we have a trove of other vaporizers on sale for Valentine’s Day, most of them available for half off. You can choose from portables, pens, desktop vaporizers, and more--so you can find the perfect vape for the love of your life. 


This herb-friendly take on a gesture as old as time is both classy and risque. You can use your valentine’s favorite strain, and throw in some pretty flowers for good measure. The best part is, it won’t wilt. Oh, and you can smoke it!


If you’re in Los Angeles, Lowell Farms makes custom bouquets. These beautiful bunches of bud are handcrafted using locally grown, organic, and pesticide-free flower taken from their farm.

Originally, Lowell Farms introduced these gifts that keep on giving as a Valentine’s Day promotion, but they're now considering offering them all year round--just in case you want to do something special more than once a year. 

Gourmet Edibles

If the way to your darling’s heart really is through their stomach, a gourmet edible is one of the sweetest gifts you can give them.

If you want to tie on an apron and show you care, the Magical Butter Machine makes herbal-infused baking infinitely easier and less time consuming. For ideas, Leafly has left delectable Valentine’s Day edible recipes at your disposal.

If you’re not exactly Wolfgang Puck in the kitchen, there are plenty of ready-made gourmet edibles out there that will put a smile on your valentine’s face. Merry Jane, for instance, curated a list of herb-infused Valentine’s Day treats. From savory raw cacao to Snoop Dogg’s deliciously relaxing chocolate bars, there are plenty of mouthwatering gifts to present to your one and only. 


The flickering light of a candle in a dimly lit room isn’t just a romantic cliche. It has profound psychological effects that can really set the mood on Valentine’s night.

When you dim the lights and burn a candle, it doesn’t just make the room look more seductive. It actually sends your brain a signal saying it’s time to chill out. It’s all part of our circadian rhythm, the internal clock that makes us sleepy or awake at certain times of day. Low light happens to tell our brain to relax and ease up a bit, which is why candles have played such an iconic role in romantic situations.

If you’re going with the bed-of-roses approach this Valentine’s Day, a candle made with essential herb oil is a poignant touch. Kushed Candles have aromatic herb-infused essential oil infused into their creamy soy-wax blend. You can turn down the lights and turn up the romance.

Massage Oils

Rubbing down your partner with some medicated oil is a great way to bond, relax, and celebrate Valentine’s in a sensual way.

Unsurprisingly, those massaged by herb-infused oil actually feel greater relaxation and pain relief than they do with normal oils. That’s because our skin cells have cannabinoid receptors that bind with cannabinoids when concentrates are applied topically.

A variety of medicated oils are available, but some stand out as particularly sultry. Soothing Sue’s line of medicated total body oil is topical, edible, and can even be used in the bathtub if you want to share a soak. Mary Jane’s Medicinals offer a “ganjassage” experience with a smooth texture made up of an intoxicating blend of dry herb, grape seed, avocado, jojoba, sweet almond, peppermint, lavender, and cedar oil. 

Whatever you give your Valentine this year, remember that gifts that show you listen, care for and appreciate your partner are the most romantic.