Eyce Spark ProTeck Rig Review

Eyce Spark ProTeck Rig Review

The Eyce Spark ProTeck Dab Rig is sure to turn heads and spark curiosity during your next smoke session. This little glass rig stands 6.5" inches tall and sits on a stable 3.5"-inch diameter base. It's perfect for new and experienced concentrate users looking to take their rig on the go with the peace of mind that it won't break. With value and quality being the forefront that drives Eyce, it makes sense that they added this glow-up rig to their ProTeck Glass Series. The line encases glass in durable platinum cured silicone so you can take your glass session to new heights.

If you're looking to brighten up your concentrate experience and want something new while getting the intense flavor and effects from your smoking materials, you'll love The EYCE Spark ProTeck Dab Rig. So let's take a closer look at the newest concentrate rig from EYCE.

What is the EYCE Spark ProTeck?

Eyce crafted the Spark ProTeck Dab Rig for consumers who want the flexibility to switch between dry herbs and concentrates, making it a great dual-use concentrate rig. It is made from borosilicate glass, so it's sturdy, and you get to experience clean, flavorful draws. Plus, it’s encased in platinum silicone to create a durable and portable rig. Basically, anytime, anywhere, the EYCE Spark has you covered.

Eyce Spark ProTeck

The Eyce Spark Rig protective silicone not only looks great but it has a few tricks up its sleeve. It comes equipped with a battery-powered white LED light that makes it ideal for festivals, camping trips, impressing friends, for day-to-day use, a glow-in-the-dark session, or if you just want to change up the vibe. There’s a hidden storage compartment on the bottom to house all of your smoking materials and a stainless steel poker, so it's easier to clear any debris or aerate tightly packed material.

Eyce Spark ProTeck is Versatile

What makes the EYCE Spark a great piece, aside from its durability and flavor retention, is its versatility.

You can quickly swap from a concentrate session to a dry herb, depending on your mood. The banger is a quartz bucket that's made from fused silica noncrystalline glass with silicon dioxide, which creates a highly cross-linked three-dimensional structure. Don’t worry, all that means is that it has the ability to be exposed to high temperature and retain heat. It's compatible with the Eyce Spark and with any 14mm joint.

A minor detail but awesome side effect of the glass bowl provided with the Eyce Spark is that it helps bring out all the different flavors from your dry herbs or concentrates. This lets you taste and experience your smoking materials with each draw.

Maintaining the EYCE Spark Concentrate Rig

Eyce made the Spark ProTeck hassle-free so it's easy for consumers to clean. If you want to remove the glass from the silicone encasing, simply start by holding the base and pulling the glass outward towards the opening in the silicone encasing. That's it! Then you can grab your glass cleaning supplies, clean the glass, wipe it down dry, and fit it back into the glass molding.

Replacing the battery is also quick and effortless. Start by turning the switch off, remove the glass from the silicone, apply inward pressure to the battery housing, pop open the plastic battery housing, and replace the battery with a new one.

To put the unit back into the battery housing, push it back into the silicon, make sure the LEDs face up, put the glass rig back into the silicone, and your spark is ready for another session.

Final Thoughts About the EYCE Spark ProTeck Rig

The Eyce Spark ProTeck is a great option because of its friendly price tag, dual-use capabilities, and the added security from the platinum silicone. Also, the learning curve isn’t steep so it’s a great water pipe for beginners and more experienced smokers looking for something different. Plus, if you want to brighten your session and be the life of the party, the LED lights will make you pop no matter the occasion.


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