EYCE: Unbreakable Smoking Accessories

EYCE: Unbreakable Smoking Accessories

For the last 6 years EYCE has been providing dry herb and concentrate users with affordable, vibrant, and (most importantly) durable products to help elevate their sessions. It's pretty incredible to think the company that began by making the world's first literal ice water pipe mold would become a leader in silicone pipe production, but here we are! 

All of Eyce's products are constructed using platinum cured silicone to ensure that you won't ever fall victim to a broken piece or ruined session. Smokers who enjoy camping trips can literally toss their Eyce rig, pipe, or taster into their gear bag and have peace of mind that it will make it through the trip. To ensure flavorful draws of concentrate or dry herb, Eyce utilizes borosilicate glass bowls and quartz bangers to let your flavor flourish. 

Eyce accessories are uber-functional as well, with each piece offering a tool and larger options (like the Beaker) have storage compartments and magnetic outsides to keep things organized. 

Let's dive into what Eyce can do to help your dry herb or concentrate sessions!

EYCE For Dry Herb 

There isn't a dry herb preference gone unnoticed by Eyce's design team. Those who want just a small amount of herb will find something to enjoy discreetly just as easy as those cloud chasers can snag a water-filtration-utilizing piece to bring the smoke. We're going to go from smallest for Eyce's dry herb lineup, let us know in the comments if you've got a favorite! 

The EYCE Shorty Taster

EYCE Shorty Taster in blue/purple

Perfect for the pinch-and-go crowd the Eyce Shorty Taster is at home in any pocket or purse. A borosilicate glass tip cradles your dry herb to deliver flavor of your small draws. The silicone used by Eyce is harder for resin to stick to as well, so cleaning the Shorty Taster is a breeze. A necklace hook was incorporated into the Shorty design to make travel easier. 

The EYCE Spoon

EYCE Spoon in blue/orange

This was one of Eyce's first non-ice pieces and was developed by, shockingly, snowboarders in Colorado who needed a durable pipe for safety meetings. Despite Eyce's constant innovation in silicone, they know when *not* to change something effective like the classic spoon pipe shape. This is my personal "daily driver" and with a wide array of color options could be yours too. 

The EYCE Beaker

EYCE Beaker in red, grey, and black

The Eyce Beaker sports the classic Eyce combination of an ultra-functional design and extreme durability. The lid of the Beaker can serve as a loading tray while a magnetic ring keeps anything metal, such as the included stir tool, easily accessible. A hidden stash compartment is Incorporated into the design as well, for added ease-of-use. For those that might not want the full size experience of water filtration, check out the Eyce Mini Beaker or Hammer

Using EYCE With Concentrates 

Concentrate enthusiasts can also enjoy the unbreakable and easy-to-use essence of Eyce. As consumption expanded into concentrated dry herb Eyce understood the needs of a new market and has created accessories for an uber-smooth concentrate session. 

The EYCE Collector

EYCE Collector

The EYCE Collector is one of the cooler nectar collectors out, and it boasts water filtration as well. A proprietary Grade 2 titanium nozzle delivers pure vapor when combined with the water filtration, and an integrated storage container helps keep you organized. The first step in using the Eyce Collector is filling up the water filtration, then heat the nozzle and dip into your material, and then enjoy your vapor.



The Eyce Rig II features a 10-millimeter borosilicate glass collar that holds the titanium nail and acts as a heat barrier. A titanium nail helps you create gigantic vapor clouds without having to wait too long to heat-up. The reinforced chamber walls provide this virtually indestructible rig with additional stability, and the Eyce Rig II is equipped with a built-in concentrate container and four tool slots to set you up for a successful session, without taking up too much space. 

The EYCE Sidecar

The EYCE Sidecar in blue and pink

The EYCE Sidecar delivers traditional honeycomb filtration in the classic EYCE form. With such a vibrant look the Sidecare is a standout compared to its all-glass counterparts. A heavy-duty glass quartz banger provides exceptional flavor and a quick heat-up time while an adjustable neck allows the user to have a personalized experience with every hit. The lid doubles as a built-in concentrate container which is great for on-the-go storage. 

Snag Some EYCE

These fine products are just a taste of what EYCE has to offer your next session. Check out our full Eyce Collection and see if there's something you need to add to your stash box, and make sure to leave a comment if you've got a favorite Eyce piece!