FlytLab Lift Review [Expert Look]

FlytLab Lift Review [Expert Look]

Most compact herbal vaporizers tend to give decent, but not excellent vapor production. There isn’t enough space in the small frame for an advanced heating system. With conduction/convection heating, a fully ceramic oven, and optimized heat settings, Flytlab Lift is one of the few super compact vaporizers that does a phenomenal job of vaporizing herb. And it does so without sacrificing stealthiness.

In fact, the first thing you’ll notice about the Flytlab Lift vaporizer is its compact stature. It’s incredibly pocket-friendly and stealthy, making it ideal for on-the-go vaping. But once you take that first rip you’ll see there’s more to this portable vaporizer than the discreet design.

It’s not every day that a vape comes along that allows you to take great vapor with you wherever you go. Flytlab Lift is for dry herb enthusiasts who want excellent vapor production that can be enjoyed discreetly on the feet.


For such a small vape, Flytlab Lift has a pretty big chamber, holding up to 0.7 grams of finely ground herb. For the best vapor production, we suggest packing the chamber to the brim and tamping down on the load to keep it tight. The mouthpiece, a retractable glass tube, doubles as a packing tool to tightly pack the bowl during sessions.

Flytlab Lift features hybrid conduction and convection heating, rare for a portable vaporizer, and even rarer for a compact unit. Hot air flows into the chamber, sifting through intricate paths between the granules, touching every surface available. This thoroughly vaporizes the herb by covering more surface area. Meanwhile, the walls of the chamber heat herb directly to create bigger, more robust clouds. The resulting vapor is thick and potent, but also smooth and comfortable.

You can choose between three temperature settings: Low (365-375), Medium (395-405), and High (415-425). The lower setting produces smaller, more flavorful hits. The higher temperature makes big boy clouds. And, naturally, the middle setting creates something in between--that is, moderately sized draws of respectable flavor.

Flytlab Lift makes toggling temperature super easy with a single button control. Just a few clicks and you’re vaping.

Vapor Production

Flytlab Lift makes big, dense, flavorful hits. The convection heating extracts the essential flavors and aromas of dry herb without combustion, while the hot walls of the ceramic chamber use conduction to create big clouds fast.

Combine these two heating styles and you get milky, lung-expanding draws. It’s actually quite rare that a vape this small has a hybrid system. Compact vapes are generally conduction only, which is a testament to Flytlab Lift’s quality.

That same hybrid heating style makes for efficient vaporization. Expect 10 to 15 rips per bowl depending on draw size, temperature, and the amount of herb you load into the chamber.

You’ll notice airflow isn’t as freed up as possible, which is perfectly normal for a half-conduction vape. In order to get the most out of each hit, take slower, 10 second draws. The clouds will be dense and potent that way. 


Flytlab Lift has impressive power for a compact vape. That strength reflects in the dense vapor production, long battery life, and quick heat up time.  

The battery gives you about 20 bowls per full charge. That of course depends on the temperature at which you’re vaping. Charging, which is done via USB, take about 2 hours to fully power up the battery.

Heat up time is fairly fast at 25 to 35 seconds. This makes the Lift vaporizer ideal for vaping on-the-go. It’s no hassle to take quick hits on the street when you have a free moment. The easy operation also plays into that on-your-feet experience since you don’t have to fiddle with the controls to get your session going.

An auto-shut off feature adds a layer of safety and conservation to the experience. The Flytlab Lift will stay at vaping temperature for two minutes before automatically shutting off. But you can manually shut off heating if your vaping session happens to be under two minutes, conserving herb and battery power.

For such a small vape, the features and capabilities of the Flytlab Lift battery are impressive, making for a convenient vaping experience.


In a nutshell, the Flytlab Lift vaporizer is easy to use. Expect hassle-free sessions, and the ability to set up vaping sessions in seconds.  

A simple single button control with a color-coded backlight turns the vape on and switches temperatures. 3 clicks powers the unit on. Holding the button toggles through color-coded temps. When the device is off, you can press and hold the button to check battery life, a rare feature among portable vapes.


Loading is easy. Just unscrew the mouthpiece to reveal the all-ceramic chamber. The glass mouthpiece sticks into the middle of the chamber lid. You can take it out and clean it. It pulls out all the way to extend the vapor path, or retracts into the chamber to tamp down the herb for better vapor production.

Cleaning is as a simple as brushing out the chamber after each session to maintain the best performance.


Flytlab Lift is super compact. It hides in your grip, and pocketing this vape isn’t a problem. That smallness makes for stealthier vaping.

The mouthpiece is innovative. It has a pyrex outer layer that keeps the mouthpiece cool and a heat resistant thermoplastic tube at the core. The glass fits snugly over the thermoplastic via rubber grommets. No screwing. The mouthpiece is connected to the chamber lid via magnets, making it easy to retract or extend it.


The body of Flytlab Lift is made of lightweight but solid aluminum alloy, so it’s both durable and light. This makes it a great companion for vaping about town. You can drop it and not worry about anything breaking. Just keep the mouthpiece pushed in when not in use.

Designers made sure to leave a clean air path by keeping it completely out of touch with electrical components. This ensures smoother, cleaner vapor.

Overall, Flytlab Lift is sleekly and smartly designed, which reflects in the user experience and vapor production in a big way.

Is Flytlab Lift for You?

It’s rare to find a vape of super compact size that does herb well. Flytlab lift does an impressive job of delivering super flavorful, potent, and smooth vapor while offering a very pocket-friendly design. This unit is for those who vape on-the-go, but don’t want to compromise their vapor production for that extra portability. Expect a smaller but stronger vape that does with dry herb what most compact units can't.