G Pen Nova LXE Review

G Pen Nova LXE Review

The original G Pen Nova came out late last year and Grenco has already given their newest device an upgrade. A new, more powerful model is focused solely on concentrates and has a re-worked airflow system to promote even vaporization, let’s dive into what makes the G Pen Nova LXE a great on-the-go concentrate vaporizer.

Grenco’s first attempt at a dual-use vaporizer pen was the Nova, and while it performed adequately for both dry herb and concentrate, it left a little to be desired by way of vapor production. The G Pen Nova LXE is the updated version of the Nova and is only for concentrate use. An upgraded battery, full ceramic heating chamber, and patented airflow technology makes the G Pen Nova LXE a great step-up from the Nova for strictly concentrate centric users.

More Powerful Battery For Longer Sessions

The original Nova vaporizer had a power output of 300mAh, while this is a respectable amount of battery power it did leave users wanting a little more time in between charges. Grenco gave the G Pen Nova LXE a 650mAh battery, more than double that of the original unit’s output and in turn, upped each of the three voltage options. You can choose between 3.2 v, 3.6 v, and 4.1 v to experience a more flavorful session or one that ups the vapor production.

An Extended Draw Mode heats your G Pen Nova LXE for 15 seconds without you needing to hold the button down, making this a great vape if you’re looking for discretion or something you can pass around a circle at a party. The boosted battery power helps make this mode more useful than the old Nova vaporizer since it can handle a few more “Extended Draw Mode sessions”.

Ceramic Heating Element and Patented Airflow

Grenco knew one of the things that worked on the original Nova was the 100% ceramic heating element. The Nova LXE kept that aspect of its younger brother to ensure a full flavor profile no matter what voltage you choose. I found the middle voltage of 3.6 v to be a great balance between flavor and vapor production, with no hash throat feel but still an ample amount of clouds.

The newly patented “check ball” airflow brings a more even heating to your sessions. With most conduction vaporizers, as you take a draw you’re actually cooling down the temperature of the vape, since you’re introducing cold air into the heating chamber. Grenco gave the Nova LXE “reverse airflow” to keep your vaporizer at a consistent temperature during draws. At the highest voltage setting this upgrade really shines, a large amount of vapor is produced with each draw due to the airflow upgrade and the 650mAh battery.

Final Thoughts

The G Pen Nova LXE is a fantastic upgrade to the original Nova vaporizer. Grenco nailed switching this to a concentrate exclusive pen thanks to the upgraded battery and enhanced airflow. There are a few little tweaks that help the Nova LXE out a ton too: the mouthpiece was redesigned to prevent clogging and the concentrate tool in the mouthpiece is now detachable and sturdier thanks to being stainless steel instead of silicone. If you need an on-the-go concentrate vape the Nova LXE will fit your needs perfectly.