Ghost MV1 Review

Ghost MV1 Review

When first unboxing the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer one word came to our minds: elite. From the hefty-but-not-heavy weight of the device to the elegant silhouette the Ghost MV1 makes a fantastic impression, and that is just from its looks. The inside of the Ghost MV1 houses true convection heating that works with a heat exchanger and heat sink to make the MV1 one of the more efficient vaporizers out today.

Ghost combined high-class style with a heating system that delivers flavorful, cool vapor to vault the MV1 to the top of the portable vaporizer class. There are a few “convenience” accessories and an app to help the semi-steep learning curve of the device. Let’s dive into what makes this vaporizer such a top tier device.

On-Demand Convection Heating Brings Cool Flavor

Most vaporizers with this weight/stature will take a few minutes to get to temperature. The Crafty and Mighty from Storz and Bickel provide fantastic convection heating, but do so after what some describe is “too long” of heat up time. With a patented Heat Exchanger inside of the device, the MV1 can go from a cold start to your selected temperature in just seconds.

The fast heat up time initially gave us some pause, sometimes vaporizers that get to temperature quickly sacrifice vapor purity due to some combustion taking place, but that is absolutely NOT the case with the Ghost MV1.

Ghost used medical-grade materials when constructing the vapor path and proprietary heat sink on the MV1 to ensure your vapor is delivered with the utmost purity and flavor. We found that the vapor from the MV1 is cooled down enough (an extendable mouthpiece helps you dictate that coolness) that we never even thought to use the vaporizer with a bubbler or beaker to try and achieve purer vapor.

The first couple of draws with the MV1 delivered some of the strongest flavors we’ve experienced from a portable vaporizer, late session draws did take a step back in the taste department (which is to be expected), but remained cool to our lips.

Microdosers will be happy to learn that the Ghost MV1 can vaporize as little as .05 grams of dry herb. The on-demand heating of the MV1 means as soon as you let go of the button, the device will cool down, thus elongating your sessions and saving your battery life.

 There are 4 default heat settings for the Ghost MV1, three for dry herb and one for concentrates, if you use the available app you can get two extra temperature options (more on that in a bit).  

Crucible System

Ghost went with their version of a pod-based loading system for the MV1. “Crucibles” are used to house your dry herb or concentrate. When used with dry herb you’ll put your material directly into the crucible, and with concentrates, a stainless steel concentrate pad will be inserted into the crucible for your to drop concentrates onto. The crucibles are made from high-grade ceramic to add to the flavor producing capabilities of this vaporizer. Each crucible can be loaded with around .1 grams of material which lasted longer than we had initially thought thanks to the convection heating system and heat sink. Preloading material for long trips is very easy with the MV1’s crucible system, it does take a little getting used to in terms of loading but after a few sessions, you won't have a problem swapping out crucibles.

Cleaning the crucibles is simple. You can let them and the heat sink soak in isopropyl alcohol to effectively remove any dry herb or concentrate gunk, leaving your crucibles ready to deliver maximum flavor during your next session. It is important to note: all parts of the MV1 can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol EXCEPT for the heat sink silicone seal (the black rubber gasket the heat sink).

Using the Ghost MV1

Full disclosure: the learning curve for the Ghost MV1 is a little steep. This is not to say “too” steep mind you, it only takes a crucible or two to get a grasp of using the Ghost MV1 manually but we’ll break it down for you here:

The Ghost MV1 arrives in “Travel Mode”, so all you have to do is put the device in standby mode by holding the front button until the light turns on. After this, rapidly press the front button three times to enter vape mode. Hold down the front button for two seconds to show the MV1’s charge level, release and hold again for another two seconds to show your temperature. To cycle through temperatures just press the front button while the device is showing your temperature.

After your temperature is selected, hold down the black button on the backside of the Ghost MV1 to turn the heating element on. The haptic feedback of the Ghost will let you know it is warming up, and a second buzz will alert you that the temperature has been met. After that second buzz, start drawing and keep holding the button down until you’re done with each draw. Steady draws are recommended, as the vapor density and flavor will increase as you keep drawing.

 Using the MV1 With the App

 If you’re a more tech-savvy vape user, the Ghost MV1 has an app to ease the learning curve and give you more control over your sessions. If you don’t use the app you still have three dry herb temperatures and one concentrate option, but when the app is utilized you are given two custom temperature slots. Once in the app, you’ll swipe left for a higher temperature setting and right to lower the heat. You’re able to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius as well, in case you have a preference. The app allows for two of the dry herb settings to be customized to temperatures between 284 °F and 428 °F, the concentrate setting is 470 °F.

Aside from the temperature options, the MV1 app lets you buy accessories for your device, lock it from being used in case you have misplaced it, and register your device to ensure your warranty is in use.

Removable Battery

Other than the heating system, the battery situation on the Ghost might be its strongest area. The MV1 features a proprietary battery pack that basically houses two 18650 batteries, on a full charge you can get through around 60 draws or an entire day and partial evening’s worth of vaping. Ghost developed a Fast Charger to cut your wait time for a fully charged battery to just two hours. The ability to easily swap out batteries makes the Ghost MV1 an absolute workhorse of a vaporizer, capable of delivering endless on-demand convection vaping, a rarity in the portable vaporizer world.

 Final Thoughts on the Ghost MV1

A lot of portable vaporizers claim to have “desktop capabilities” when it comes to power and vapor production. The Ghost MV1 is one of the few units that actually delivers on this comparison. One of the luxuries of a desktop vaporizer is the fact that you don’t have to finish all your material in one sitting, you can take a draw here and there without sacrificing vapor quality or taste, the Ghost MV1 does this as well as helping to conserve your material.

The convection heating, medical grade materials, and beastly battery life absolutely give the MV1 the ability to claim “desktop power in the palm of your hand”. Dry herb or concentrate user, it won’t matter, the Ghost MV1 will bring you pure, cooled down flavor at the drop of a hat.