Grenco G Pen Nova Review

Grenco G Pen Nova Review

With many iconic vaporizers taking the industry by storm, Grenco Science didn’t set out to break the mold with the Nova vape. All they simply wanted to do was deliver an everyday vaporizer. Let's find out if this legendary company did enough to compete with the large number of reliable vape pens out today.

Grenco G Pen Nova: A Solid, No-Nonsense Vaporizer

 Simplicity at its finest.

When you first look at the G Pen Nova, you might think that it looks like a typical vaporizer, but that's all intentional. You see, Grenco didn't want Nova to be eye-catching or statement-making. Instead, their only aim was to make a durable, reliable, and convenient vaporizer. Its slim build is perfect for on-the-go use. With its minimal design, the G Pen Nova simply delivers a smooth and flavorful vaporizer experience whenever you need it.

A Quartz Bowl Atomizer With A Ceramic Dish

Vape pens normally produce a hefty amount of vapor but lack in the flavor department. Why have all that cloud and no taste? To put an end to this problem, Grenco gave the G Pen Nova a quartz bowl atomizer with a ceramic dish that extracts better flavor, and makes the most of your concentrates.

You don't need no stinkin inserts

A fairly large chamber made cleaning and loading the Nova easy. 

The ceramic heating element and quartz bowl work together to evenly heat your material and provide a smooth session each and every time. The G Pen Nova also has a convenient loading tool built right into the mouthpiece, allowing you to easily load concentrates right into the tank or stir your dry herb if it needs to be mixed.

510-Threaded 300mAh Variable Voltage Battery

Three easy pieces

Easily broken down, the G Pen Nova can be customized and cared for easily.

Another standout feature on the G Pen Nova is its variable voltage battery, which gives you the power to easily toggle between 3.2V, 3.5V, and 3.9V with just a few clicks on the button. If you’re craving a little more flavor and aren’t worried about cloud production, the 3.2V option is your go-to; if you want more substantial clouds, the 3.9V will take you to the next level.

For those that need to keep draws low-key, the Nova vape is equipped with an Extended Draw Mode. With just two quick clicks, this mode heats material for 15 seconds without you having to hold down the button.

If you have a standard-threaded cartridge or dry herb tank you just can’t get enough of, Grenco gave the G Pen Nova a 510-threaded battery, allowing you to completely customize your vaping experience.

Final Thoughts On The G Pen Nova

While there isn’t anything particularly mind-blowing about its design, the Grenco G Pen Nova makes up for it in reliability and convenience. Its variable voltage battery allows you to choose your flavor experience and cloud production; the loading/stirring tool doesn’t take up much space and is easy to use. The Extended Draw Mode allows for larger draws in a more discreet manner.

If you need a do-it-all vaporizer, it will be hard to find a better option than the no-nonsense Grenco G Pen Nova.