Haze Square Review [Firsthand Look]

Haze Square Review [Firsthand Look]

Play Russian Roulette with your vapables with this awesome all-in-one. The quick-heating convection oven and ceramic vapor path create vapor as tasty as it is plentiful. The four Chamber system is great whether you mix and match or desire a larger capacity vape.


  • Allows for vaping great variety of materials
  • Easy switching of chambers is intuitive and fun to use
  • Vapor production is solid


  • Size is larger than most portables
  • Lack of LCD or display for functions makes interpreting settings difficult
  • Despite looking like a Game Boy Advance SP, it can’t also play games


The square design has become somewhat synonymous with Haze technologies products. It remains an interesting look, dissimilar to anything on the market. The Square resembles the original Haze Dual, with a slimmer design and more defined, contoured edges.

The solid aluminum body feels light, though it's not flimsy in any way. This attention to detail indicates Haze put some serious R & D into making this concept a reality. The matte black finish suggests an understated luxury. The Haze Square will definitely appeal to a wide variety of users. The polished look and feel are a great compliment to any occasion. While for sure larger than some other vapes out there, I found it to still be quite pocket-able.

Often any device offering a novel feature is to the detriment of durability or function. This is not the case with the Haze square. Built around a two-piece system, the Haze Square connects with a finger screw. In operation, it felt sound, solid.

A sturdy spring provides relief for worry-free continuous operation. One half of the Haze square features the internal components and heating chamber. This is the thicker of the two halves.

Housed in the thinner aluminum half is an insert containing the dosing chambers. These chambers will accommodate around .3 gram of dry herb, each. There are also stainless-steel pads which allow for the use of wax and concentrates. The chambers are all removable, making them easy to clean.

A noticeable omission is the absence of an LCD screen. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means. The single button with LCD display offers a more streamlined look. Though it is not as easily interpretable as a functional LCD, it is understood with use.


The performance of the Haze square goes beyond its quad chamber system. A titanium coil within a ceramic heating element powers the Square. This system offers the benefits of convection heating with quicker heat up times. It also will allow for greater heat retention.

If you’re looking for a high-performing vaporizer, many view convection heating as the best way to go. This allows hot air to pass around your herbs, heating them without combustion.

The ceramic heating element of the Square never physically meets your vapable materials. This allows for pure flavors while delivering dense vapor.

Without an LCD screen, you do not have the option of precise temperature control. The Haze Square operates at pre-set temperatures that are approximately 335, 355, 380 and 410F. Note that the Haze Square Pro offers an app to customize these temperatures.

Piggybacking on the high-quality heating element, the Haze Square offers a pure vapor path. The included mouthpiece, crafted from ceramic, cools your vapor. The rest of the vapor path is similarly comprised of ceramic and stainless steel.

 A small amount of silicone makes the airtight seal between the quad chambers. In practice, this did not affect flavor and many vapes on the market feature similar material.

How’s the Vapor Quality of the Haze Square?

In a word, plentiful. The unit heats up in less than 30 seconds and the user can begin ripping clouds with immediacy. The quality of the vapor is top notch. It's dense while packing the type of flavor you would expect from a convection vaporizer.

Quick heat-up time and milky clouds make Haze Square a great option for those sharing with friends. There are few other portable vapes that make for quality sharers. The vapor output and consistency are comparable to the Mighty vaporizer. I didn’t get the chance to test it with concentrates. Though the high-temperature range should make it more than capable.

Four chambers?

So what’s the deal with four chambers? To be honest when I first saw the marquee feature of the Haze square I was a bit skeptical. The world’s first four chamber vaporizer? Is that something we even needed? The answer is yes.

The four-chamber capacity and unique revolving system make the Square fun to use all day long. The square chamber presents interesting opportunities and advantages. In case you don’t have an imagination, I'll outline some below.

  • Fill all four chambers with dry herb
    • This in effect makes the Haze Square the largest chamber of any portable
    • Also prevents Stirring
  • Put different strains in each chamber
    • Allow for tasting notes between your favorite strains
    • Use for different effects or for AM/PM 
  • Combine THC & CBD
    • Best of both worlds
  • Combine Dry Herb & Wax
    • Go from lift off to outer space 

While it may seem gimmicky at first, the Haze Square’s four chambers provide a lot of utility.


Control most functions with the main button on the face of the Haze Square. Control temperature with the plus-minus buttons. Loading the haze is quite easy once you understand it. Here are the steps to get you going.

How to Load Haze Square

  • Unscrew thumb screw on body to release Haze into two pieces
  • Find the tab of the chamber tray
  • Remove the lid of the chamber tray
  • Load desired chamber(s) with desired material(s)
  • Replace tray cover and re-assemble Square

How to use haze Square

Press the main button three times to turn on Square

Use the plus and minus buttons to navigate your temperature. The LED light will change colors from blue to red as you increase the temp.

Hold down the main button until the LED light no longer flashes

The unit is now ready, vape on, vape strong, vape long

HAZE Square VS HAZE Square PRO

There are two versions currently available for the Haze Square Vaporizer. The regular Haze Square and the Haze Square pro. In form, the two units are completely identical. The performance is similar, yet, the Haze Square Pro adds the following features:

  • Customizable Temperatures via app control
  • Customize LED Color and Haptic feedback
  • USB-C charging for faster battery charges


The units are pretty similar in price with the Haze Square Pro coming in at $20 more expensive. With the price being so close, I would probably spring for the Haze Square Pro. For me, the quick charging time is a big sell. I also Have a MacBook with only USB-C connections, so not needing an adapter makes life easy. App implementation is nice and offers a little more precision over control than the standard unit.


The Haze Square Offers an attractive option for those looking for something different. A refined exterior surrounds a quick-heating ceramic element for discrete power. The self-contained nature of the unit offers an eye-catching, throat-ripping, all-in-one portable powerhouse. The four-chambered system allows options for those who want to mix and match. However, even those just looking for a large capacity dry herb vape won’t be disappointed.