Honey Dabber 2 Review - Real Opinion & How-To

Honey Dabber 2 Review - Real Opinion & How-To

Most concentrate straws are all-glass, and since that glass stays hot after you torch it, you have to wait for it to cool before you can pocket it. Not very travel friendly!

Honey Labs made the Honey Dabber 2 so you can dab on-the-go without waiting for the straw to cool before you can stow it away. A patent-pending cherry wood sleeve slips over the straw so you can safely travel even if it’s still hot.

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Honey Dabber 2 is lightweight, compact, and solidly built. The vapor production is dense, potent, a little harsh, just like a desktop dab rig. Honey Labs puts care into its manufacturing, which translates into a convenient and enjoyable dabbing experience.

Expect big, lung-busting dabs that are very flavorful and robust, along with a hassle-free dabbing experience with no shortage of folksy appeal.

How Honey Dabber 2 Works

Honey Dabber 2 is a dipstick style dabber. You heat the straw, dip it in wax, and take a hit from a rubber mouthpiece cap on the opposite end of the unit.

Honey Dabber 2 comes with either a quartz or titanium straw. According to Honey Labs, these concentrate straws are free of chemicals and cleansed of any factory residues. The straw slips into a hole drilled through the center of the Honey Dabber 2 handle, where a silicone friction mount holds it steady. The fit is snug and solid, and it’s easy to insert or remove the concentrate straw.

You’ll need a torch to use Honey Dabber 2. Just hold the straw into the flame until it glows red, then wait 30 seconds before dabbing the tip into a dish of waxy oils. This goes without saying, but avoid torching the wood handle.

We recommend using a metal or glass dish with the Honey Dabber 2.

We Like the Honey Dabber 2 Design

Honey Dabber 2 reminds us a lot of the Magic Flight Launch Box in its woodsy, homespun design. The cherry wood build feels solid in your grip, like a tried and true hunting knife. The wood gives Honey Dabber 2 grippiness when you’re taking dabs.

Honey Labs’ fetching honeycomb logo is stamped onto the exterior, and the magnetic connection between the sleeve and the handle is setup so that the logo aligns when the two pieces are attached.

(The magnetically attached wooden sleeve lets you pocket Honey Dabber 2 even when the heating tip is still hot.)

The magnetic connection makes the Honey Dabber easy-to-use. Just pull the sleeve off, dab, then slip it back on. Likewise it is very easy to swap out heating tips. These straws fit snugly into the silicone grips down at the bottom of the vapor path.

Honey Dabber 2 is more compact and light than most concentrate straws or nectar collectors, making it very pocket friendly.

Vapor Quality

Expect milky, dab-like vapor from the Honey Dabber 2. The vapor path is about five inches so the hits have time to cool off. But this unit is definitely for those accustomed to dabbing. If you’re looking for smoother, cooler vapor, stick with a vaporizer.

The quartz heating tip in particular does a great job of extracting the essential flavors of wax concentrates. Quartz is inert, so it doesn’t react to heat, giving off no unpleasant flavor or odor.

The titanium straw conducts heat better so expect bigger clouds.

A word of caution:

When you dip the Honey Dabber 2 into a dish of wax, make sure to hold the heating tip at an angle or it might act as a straw and suck up hot waxy oil into your mouth and at the very least clog your straw.

Each hit from the Honey Dabber 2 is lung-expanding and full of flavor. The dipstick style produces big clouds that are quite robust.


Honey Dabber 2 is about as easy to use as it gets. Even compared to other dipstick-style concentrate straws it’s a breeze. The wooden sleeve sets it apart as a concentrate straw you can pocket right after use. That alone makes it more portable than the average nectar collector.

There is the potential downside of sucking hot oil into your mouth if you hold the Honey Dabber 2 upright, creating a seal between the lip of the straw and the bottom of the dish, but this is a risk found in all concentrate straws. Just make sure to keep the Honey Dabber 2 tilted whenever you take a hit and you’ll have no problem.

(The magnet connection of Honey Dabber 2 makes switching heating tips a breeze.)

As far as swapping out your heating tips, the silicone gripper located in the hole in the handle of the Honey Dabber concentrate straw makes it really easy to remove or insert a new straw. No complaints there.

Of course, you have to use a torch to heat the Honey Dabber 2 tip, which is not as convenient as a wax pen. If you feel that torching will inconvenience your lifestyle, we’d recommend going with a vape pen instead.

Honey Dabber 2 In A Word

Honey Dabber 2 is for dabbing on-the-go. Obviously, dabbing on your feet isn’t easy with a desktop rig. And while it’s easier with a concentrate straw, most of them make you wait until the straw cools to pocket it and move on. Honey Dabber 2 is for dabbers who want portability without sacrificing cloud density. You can take a hit and go about your day in the span of a minute. Dabbers who appreciate a more homespun product like the Magic Flight Launch Box will also dig it.