How To Clean A Dry Herb Vape Pen: A Quick Guide

How To Clean A Dry Herb Vape Pen: A Quick Guide

Maintaining your dry herb vaporizer pen or portable’s cleanliness can go a long way to keeping it’s performance at “out of the box” level. A neglected vaporizer can give off bad tastes of even the finest of dry herbs, and the internal components of the vaporizer can get gummed up due to residue build-up forcing the device to work harder than it should.

Keeping a clean device not only saves you money on replacement vapes, it also does your material justice by not sullying the flavor with past sessioned dry herb. It doesn’t take much to keep your dry herb vaporizer in perfect working order, so we’re going to break down a few quick tips that will keep your vape going strong, and if you need to upgrade your cleaning supplies check out our selection of Higher Standards cleaning products

For a Quick Spot Cleaning...

Most dry herb vaporizers will come with a wire brush or poking tool. These are you first defense against your vaporizer becoming so gunky that you have to resort to a “deep clean”. If you don't’ have any handy, a deftly used toothpick can serve the same purpose. After finishing a session, using the brush or poking tool to dislodge any material or residue. If you don’t feel like doing this after every single session, a once a week once over will keep your device in great working order.

How to Clean a Dry Herb Vape

 So we’ve outlined the quick way to maintain your dry herb vaporizer, let's get into what a “deep clean” for one of these devices looks like.

1. Take Apart The Device

g pen nova open

Keep an eye on your components during deconstruction 

To get a full deep clean initiated you’ll have to completely disassemble your dry herb vaporizer. You’ll most likely be dealing with a battery, mouthpiece, and heating chamber. Giving each of these areas attention will help maintain performance and get you more familiar with possible problem areas that might need more attention during spot cleans or weekly check-ups.

 2. Empty It Out

g pen nova ceramic oven

A quick empty-out makes for more effective cleaning 

Take your dry herb chamber and empty out any loose material that has stuck around the heating chamber. Gently tap the contents out into an ashtray, or if you want to save the ABV for later recipes use a stash container. It is crucial to note that you shouldn’t tap your portable dry herb vape over a trash can, as most portable dry herb vaporizers and Vape Pen syle units have a small screen in the heating chamber that you don’t want to have to replace.

 3. Brush Your Dry Herb Vape

Most metal brushes will bend to your chamber's shape

This is going to be a more exaggerated version of the “spot clean” method we outlined earlier. Even round heating chambers will have some ledges near the top that will trap dry herb residue and caked on material. The cleaning brush or poker that can with your portable vape or pen should be able to remove and clogged pieces from the chamber and screen as well. Be careful when poking out the screen, making larger holes could affect your draw. Another note: do not use any liquid to clean our the inside of your dry herb vaporizer’s heating chamber, the wiring could be damaged.

4. Check Your Mouthpiece

Some mouthpieces will have a fill tool, be sure to pay attention to the ledges created by this type of feature

The final step to getting a clean dry herb vaporizer is cleaning the mouthpiece. Honestly, this can be the most surprising step in cleaning your dry herb vape since some people don’t pay attention to build up in this area of their device. Use a poker tool to dislodge any large pieces that might be hanging around, then wipe down the inside of the mouthpiece with a cloth. If you want to go the extra mile, some mouthpieces can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol and then rinsed with water, but consult your manual first to see if this is acceptable.

5. Battery Inspection

Before reassembling your dry herb vape, check to make sure the battery is free of residue. Ensuring an unobstructed connection between your battery and the heating element makes for consistent sessions without pauses due to non-firing of the element.

6. Finally, A Clean Dry Herb Vaporizer

A fresh vape after each clean, fantastic 

After you’ve cleaned each piece of your dry herb vaporizer reassemble the device. Your unit should be in perfect working order and you can now enjoy vaping dry herb with a good-as-new vaporizer.

It doesn’t take too much to keep your dry herb vape clean, so show it some love every now and then. Let us know in the comments if you have any tips you use to clean your dry herb vape and don't forget to pick up some new tools to help your next cleaning session!