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Buying a stuffed teddy bear holding a red heart-shaped box of chocolates from Walgreens moments before your Valentine’s Day date is kinda sorta an acceptable-ish present... but just on the off chance that it's not (crazy, right?!), I'm giving you a homemade, home rolled...err I mean homespun gift that is a surefire relationship-saver and -starter - the rose petal blunt!


How to make a rose petal blunt: homemade Valentine's Day


The rose petal blunt is the hottest, and dare I say most romantic, smoking trend of the moment. The rose petal blunt trend began when @simple_sasha tweeted a two minute tutorial on how to roll a blunt using three rose petals. The video instantly blazed a trail on social media, so for all of you space cowboys that would like to join in on this lit social media craze, I got you fam! Follow the instructions below because no matter how you’re spending Valentine’s Day, the rose petal blunt will be sure to have you feelin’ some type of way <3


How to make a rose petal blunt: homemade Valentine's Day


How to Roll a Rose Petal Blunt



1. Line the petals together in an overlapping fashion on the baking pan.

2. Set your oven to broil, and put the petals in for 10 seconds.

3. Once you pull out the petals, they should be a darker color.

4. Lick the bottoms of the petals, this will allow them to stick together.

5. Place the lined petals back in the oven for 10 more seconds.

6. Remove the nice and crisp rose petal wrap and allow it to cool for a few minutes.

7. Using a grinder, finely grind your dry herb. You want to achieve a light, consistent grind. Gently place your ground dry herb on the inside of the rose petal wrap.

8. Proceed to roll as normal and enjoy your new floral creation by yourself, with friends, or with a significant other this Valentine’s Day!


How to make a rose petal blunt: homemade Valentine's Day