How to Use the G Pen Pro Vaporizer

How to Use the G Pen Pro Vaporizer

The G Pen Pro Vaporizer by Grenco Science it’s super easy to use. But it’s a little different from the original G Pro and other Grenco Science vaporizers.

You might wonder...

What do those four flashing colored lights mean? Do I click the control button three times to change temperature, like with most temp controlled vapes? How should I load the G Pen Pro for the best vapor? 

Here we’ll break down how to charge, load, heat, and clean Grenco Science’s latest offering. You’ll see this unit is insanely simple to use with a very small learning curve. But there are a few important details to take note of.


G Pen Pro Vaporizer


Charging the G Pen Pro

We recommend fully charging the G Pen Pro vaporizer right out of the box. Fully charging the G Pen Pro before first use will ensure better battery life moving forward, so make sure to do it!

When the vape is fully charged, four LED lights will light up only when the unit is fully heated. Before vaporization temperature is reached all the lights will flash so don’t let that fool you into thinking you have a full charge. As battery life wanes, that number of lights will decrease. When you’re down to one light, the G Pen Pro is about to die.

You can charge via Micro-USB using the included cable. If you’re charging from an AC outlet, you’ll need a wall adapter that’s compatible with USB. You can charge from your computer, car adapter, remote charging bank and more.

Grind Your Herb Finely

With the G Pen Pro, you want a finer grind. You can use the included G Card grinder, but we recommend a traditional metal grinder to really chop up your greens.

The G Card is more for extreme portability than super efficient grinding. It’s the size of a credit card and functions like a cheese grater.


(The included G Card is wallet-friendly. We recommend using a metal grinder when you can.)

A two-piece grinder will get the job done better and faster. The more finely ground the herb is, the more thoroughly the G Pen Pro will vaporize the bowl.

Load the G Pen Pro Tightly

To open the G Pen Pro chamber, pop off the mouthpiece by pinching it and pulling upwards and slightly to the side. No unscrewing necessary.

Now you’ll see the ceramic chamber. It’s white with air-holes on the bottom through which the convection system sends hot air to vaporize your herbs. Load ‘em up all the way--really fill the chamber--then make sure to tamp it down using the included loading tool.

A tightly packed bowl will ensure thorough heating. You’ll get way more bang for your buck.

Position the Mouthpiece Correctly

When you’re done loading the G Pen Pro, make sure to reattach the mouthpiece in the right direction, with the air-hole facing the opposite direction from the control button. This is the correct ergonomic position for the mouthpiece. 

To reattach, just pinch the mouthpiece in between your thumb and index and press it back onto the chamber.

Choose a Temperature

Power on by clicking the button 5 times. All four LED lights will light up and start flashing on and off.

To toggle through the three heat settings, hold the power button down for a few seconds. The LED lights will slowly change from blue to green to red as you hold the button down, with each color indicating one of the heat settings. When you release the button, the G Pen Pro will begin heating at whatever temp color you saw when you let go:

Blue - 375F

Green - 400F

Red - 428F

The unit will heat in a solid 30 seconds. You’ll know it’s done when the lights stop flashing and just stay lit up. Again, when vaporization temp has been reached, these lights will show battery life, indicated by the number of lights that are illuminated (four total means a full charge).


(Hold the power button to toggle through three color-coded heat settings. Release to set temp.)

To take a hit, put your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale when the lights stop blinking and stay lit.

Conveniently, G Pen Pro will remember the last temperature you vaped at, reverting back to it when you power the unit on.

This vaporizer will also automatically shut off after five minutes of activation to save battery power and keep you safe.

Cleaning the G Pen Pro

To clean the G Pen Pro chamber, just pop off the chamber and wipe it clean with some isopropyl alcohol using a q tip.

The mouthpiece is a little trickier. You have to pull the little tubular filter component from the bottom of the mouthpiece, then pull the filter out with some tweezers. You can soak the metal filter in isopropyl then scrub it clean with a cloth. A rubber guard also slips off of the mouthpiece, so you can clean out any residue hiding underneath.

We don’t recommend cleaning any of the silicone rubber or plastic components with alcohol, as it can degrade them if the isopropyl doesn’t evaporate quickly from the surfaces. We recommend a plant - based silicone cleaner that also works for glass, metal, and ceramic to remove residue.

Any Questions?

That does it for the basic G Pen Pro instructions. This is a solid vape--very sleek with incredible vapor production. There’s a reason why Grenco Science products are some of the most counterfeited vaporizers out there. They get the job done. And they’re extremely simple to operate. But if you do have any other questions about how to get the most out of this or any other vaporizers, just leave us a comment below and we’ll get right on it.