How To Use The Jetty CBD Dablicator

How To Use The Jetty CBD Dablicator

Enjoying CBD while smoking a cone or enjoying your concentrate rig used to be difficult. If you're looking to inhale your CBD, finding a singular strain of dry herb or concentrate that is heavy on both the psychoactive properties we all enjoy *and* CBD percentages is a challenge. Thankfully the fine folks at Jetty Extracts have come up with the best CBD applicator out: The Jetty CBD Dablicator. 

We're going to breakdown how the Dablicator works and how to use it, if you have any tips and tricks about this easy to use device drop them in the comments below, let's dive in!

What *Is* The CBD Dablicator?

The Jetty Extract Dablicator is a convenient way to add CBD to bowls, cones, or dab rigs. Instead of having to use a dab tool to scoop your CBD material onto your preferred surface the Dablicator produces a thin and easily manipulated wax-like-string of CBD. The rate at which the Dablicator dispenses the CBD is best described as "slow enough so anyone can use it", as someone with less-than-stellar craft skills this was a nice touch. 

Each CBD Dablicator contains 500mg of CBD and is available in AC/DC, Maui Wowie, or Granddaddy Purp options.

Jetty CBD Dablicator with box

One of the best thought out parts of the Jetty CBD Dablicator is the Dosage Dial. The end of the Dablicator is twist-able and has an audible *click* to let you know exactly how much CBD you'll be adding to your material. This is great for those just getting into the CBD-on-smoking-material game, or those who have a strict CBD ingestion regiment. 

How To Use The CBD Dablicator

After you've got your preferred material prepped for your session, it's time to add some of Jetty's elite CBD product to it for a little extra "chill" in your session. The straightforward nature of the Dablicator makes it pretty intuitive, but there are some small tweaks to having a perfect Dablicator dose. 

Step one is removing the cap of the Dablicator to reveal a fairly long syringe-style chamber full of Jetty Extracts CBD. 

Step two is to grip the Dablicator at the *top* of the syringe and twist, you'll see the *bottom* of the CBD Dablicator extend to let you know exactly how much CBD you're dosing your cone or bowl with. 

Step three is to slowly push down on the bottom of the Dablicator and apply to your bowl or joint. For joints it is recommended that you add the CBD to the end of the cone. If you're using the CBD Dablicator on a rig or water pipe bowl, the metal tip makes it safe to apply during heating. 

Step four, ignite and enjoy your session with it's added CBD dressings! 

Final CBD Dablicator Thoughts 

If you're looking to add CBD to your smoking sessions, the CBD Dablicator is the easiest way possible. The easy application method makes this a mess free experience, and being able to dose out your material ensures a safe and pleasurable experience. If you've got any tips on how to get the most out of your Jetty Extracts CBD Dablicator let us know in the comments!