Hyer Big-E Review - Ultimate Torchless Rig Kit

Hyer Big-E Review - Ultimate Torchless Rig Kit

The Hyer Big-E converts your glass water pipe into a torchless rig, offering a friendly and versatile way to vaporize concentrates without a torch.

In place of the blowtorch is a 30W ceramic heating element. It can reach temps up to 852F, but doesn't burn material like a torch. The rips are smoother. And they can be "customized" using a wide range of precise temperatures.

The Big-E rig is the first device of its kind. It's technically an accessory, but offers much more than its category suggests. It makes sessions a hell of a lot easier, delivering the big rips of a glass rig in a safer, more convenient manner.


The Hyer Big-E has undergone a series of improvements over the past year. Hyer went through over thirty prototypes before arriving at the finished product. They even allowed a number of critics to give their rig a test-run, using their feedback to make improvements.

The latest model is fairly easy to use, though there may be a learning curve the first time you take it for a spin.

To get started, just rest your glass pipe on the docking station, which features rubber ribs for padding, and tighten the adjustable clamp around it.

(An adjustable clamp is compatible with 90% of all flat-based glass.)

The clamp opens or closes when you twist the knob clockwise or counterclockwise, so you can adjust for whatever size pipe you have. The clamp holds the pipe firmly in place, but has rubber buffers to protect the glass.

Hyer Big-E fits pipes large and small. The total width of the docking station is just under 6 inches. The smallest pipe it will fit has a base width of about 3 1/2 inches. The largest is 5 ½ inches. This range accommodates 90% of all flat-based water pipes.

Once your pipe is clamped in, plug the removable heating element into the female connection underneath the nail. You'll find this female adapter on all the bangers included with the Hyer Big-E. It's made specifically so you can fit the heating element right under the nail. Once inserted, you can choose a temperature and start ripping.

Vapor Production

(Hyer Big-E delivers exceptional vapor quality.)

Smooth, flavorful, clean, and mean. This describes the vapor quality of the Hyer Big-E to a tee. Torching can't compete with this level of precision. Rather than combusting your wax at infernal temperatures, you can dab at lower temperatures that extract more potency and flavor. That said, those who love huge rips can toggle up to 852F.

We recommend heating between 345F and 400F for the best vapor quality. Lower temperatures around 345F are going to pull more flavor and effects while vaporizing just enough material. If you go above 400F, you'll start to notice more harshness and less flavor. That's a sign of combustion.

The heating element is made of high grade ceramic and the dish is made of 100% quartz. Both materials are known for their flavor-grabbing abilities. They're extremely heat resistant so your vapor remains unadulterated. 

Temperature Control

Hyer Big-E gives you much more control over your dabs than a torch. Choose any temp between 320F and 825F, a huge range containing all the ideal temperatures for different flavor and potency levels, as well as the activation temperatures for specific compounds found in wax concentrates.

You can flip through temperatures by pressing the "+" or "-" button, or you can hold one button down to jump in increments of 10. The temperature will be displayed on the screen and will reflect changes in real time. Just press the power button once you've arrived at your temperature, and the unit will begin heating.

(Choose a precise temperature up to 852F.)

Heat up time is fairly fast, climbing at a rate of about 10 degrees per second. Once your chosen temperature is reached, the Hyer Big-E will vibrate to let you know it's time to dab.

What's great about the Big-E is that it will stabilize temperature throughout your session. If you choose 350F, that's the temp at which you'll actually be dabbing.


Is the Hyer Big-E easy to use? Yes. After the first couple uses, it'll feel intuitive. The interface is simple, making it easy to power on and change temperature. And the display keeps you informed about current temperature as well as how many sessions you have left on the battery before you need to charge up.

The adjustable clamp is easy to figure out. Just twist the knob left or right to loosen or widen. The only problem with this setup is that the knob is located beneath one of the clamps. As you widen, the clamp actually runs into your fingers. Not the end of the world, but a slight hindrance.

Attaching the heating element is also a breeze. The element inserts into the female connection beneath the nail, held snugly there by rubber grommets. The power cable attached to the element inserts into a port on the side of the docking station. You'll want to make sure the glass pipe is positioned in such a way that the banger nail is above this port. That way the cable can reach it.

For added convenience, an auto-shutoff feature turns the unit off if it's idle for a certain length of time, but only when it's not plugged in. This conserves wax and battery power. If the unit is plugged in, it can run for around 6 hours without shutting off.

Overall this is a user-friendly accessory once you get the hang of it. That said, this is a one-of-kind device, so right out of the box you might start scratching your head. Not to worry. What waits on the other side of a small learning curve is a super easy way to dab. Much faster, cleaner, safer, and more efficient than torching.


This is as portable as a glass dab rig gets. You don't have to lug around a butane torch. Nor do you need to be plugged in. The Hyer Big-E can operate wirelessly so you can carry it around.

This device has home-use written all over it. You can't hide it in public like some enails. But you can carry it around or pass it to a friend much easier than when using a torch.

We recommend having a storage bag for the Hyer Big-E and accessories in case you want to travel. The quartz bangers and adapters especially need protection.

What's in the Box?

The Hyer Big-E comes with a variety of adapters so you can convert whatever glass pipe you own to a torchless dab rig. You also get charging cables and a few dabbing accessories. Here's a list of everything in the box:

  • 14mm female adapter banger

  • 14mm male adapter banger

  • 14mm to 18mm female adapter

  • 30W removable ceramic heating element

  • USB C charging cable

  • Smart Switch charging cable

  • 4 330mAh Li-ion batteries

  • Quartz carb tool

  • Hyer mat

The included accessories feel solidly built and get the job done. The adapters are especially helpful, as you can convert almost any glass pipe, whether it has a male, female, 14mm, or 18mm connection.

Easter Eggs

There are a few secret features to take note of. The first is a wax container. It is located on the left side of the docking station. This little black hatch can be pulled open to reveal a storage section for your concentrates. A nice touch. It is made of food-grade rubber, and can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

The second easter egg has to do with the micro-USB charging port on the back of the docking station. You can actually charge your smartphone or other devices from this port with the right charging cable.

Is Hyer Big-E For You?

If you're looking to lose the torch and gain better control over your dab sessions, the Hyer Big-E is the right tool.

You'll enjoy better water filtration than the standard enail, which usual features smaller bubbler attachments. The moisture conditioning will be a level up with larger glass pipes.

You'll also obtain granular control over your dabbing temperatures, enabling you to explore a variety of different vapor profiles. The amount of freedom you get over potency, density, and flavor truly empowers your sessions.

If you're tired of cleaning gunk and resin from your nail, ditching the torch will also leave your nail easier to clean, especially on lower temperatures. You can even run a burn-off by turning up to the highest temp and letting it vaporize any residue.

In short, the Hyer Big-E outdoes torch-based dabbing, offering all the perks without the downsides.