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LEVO Herb-Infused Butter

LEVO Herb-Infused Butter

Sweet or savory, salty or succulent, no matter how you spread it ::cue applause for clever pun use::, butter is the founding father of the YUM FACTOR. The possibilities of using butter as the base of a recipe is endless - it doesn't matter if you bake, cook, or sauce with it - all that matters is you enjoy it! With every Mary, Jane, and Bud posting tantalizing food pictures on social media, our munchie cravings are like never before. Now, thanks to the LEVO Oil Infuser, we can recreate all those mouthwatering bites but with an adult infused twist!

Cutting-edge and sleek AF, the LEVO Oil Infuser is the newest home infusion machine to hit the dry herb infusion market. Using controlled heat, the machine takes your herb and transfers it’s feel-good components, flavor, scent, color and nutrients into the oil or butter of your choice. In addition to adding a little elevated oomph to recipes, the LEVO Oil Infuser makes edibles easy to create; a process that was once so timely and messy has been made into a breeze. Similar in aesthetic and coolness to a Keurig coffee machine, the LEVO Oil Infuser comes in four different stainless colors: metallic black, avocado green, rose gold, and charcoal gray.

Butter is in everything tasty, it’s just a fact (at least in the world according to me, myself, and I). Add the LEVO machine and dry herb from Mary Wanna’s garden to the butter = life equation and we’ve got herb-infused butter = the best life you can be living. LEVO’s infusion technique does not aerate the ingredients, which is AHHH-MAZING because this increases the shelf life of your infused green goodness butter. Another huge up of the LEVO Oil Infuser is that you don’t need to strain the mixture once infused - the machine does it for you, WOO-WHOO! Borrow a line from N*SYNC and say BYE BYE BYE to the mess that would happen from straining melted butter because the LEVO Oil Infuser does this sticky step for you. HOLLAAAA!

Designed with customizable temperature and time options, the LEVO Oil Infuser gives you the creative freedom to infuse any base (like butter or olive oil) with your preferred choice of dry herb. It is the only machine that was engineered entirely for infusions without the need for emulsifiers, solvents or additives. One of my personal fave features of the LEVO Oil Infuser is that it’s components are dishwasher safe! Handwashing purgatory? See ya later, sk8er because I’m only onboard for a mess-free cleanup.

Step 1: Decarboxylation

Listen up buds, I’m going to be frank with you: if you want to get all of the happy-happy-joy-joy vibes from your dry herb, you’ve first gotta decarboxylate, or “decarb,” it. Decarboxylation means adding heat to your herbs in order to activate it’s feel-good properties. Raw dry herb will not have you feeling the same sky high effects as much as baked herb - do this step if you want to get most out of your green goodies.

Another big ‘ol plus of decarbing your dry herb before the infusion process is a longer shelf life for your enhanced final product. Your prob thinking to yourself, UH DUDE, I AM USING DRY HERB SO THIS STEP SEEMS REDUNDANT/DUMB/REPETITIVE/BLAAAH - well, my dear bud, even though the herb is dry, there is still moisture locked in. Decarboxylation completely dries out the herb! This step is highly urged if you want to get the most out of your elevated butter, although not required because the LEVO Oil Infuser minimally decarbs the dry herb while infusing. How to debarb:


1. Crank up the PREHEAT setting on your oven to 240°F.

2. While the oven is getting toasty, line the baking pan with foil or parchment paper.

3. Using a grinder, grind up all your herb and evenly spread it out on the baking pan. Although not necessary for decarbing, grinding your herb will ensure everything is baked evenly so your final result will yield the most potent prize. Need a grinder? Check out Aerospaced.

4. Once the oven is heated to the correct temperature, place the baking sheet on the middle rack.

5. Bake for 30 minutes. If you herb is the on fresher side, bake your herb for an additional 30 minutes to ensure you get all the moisture out.

6. Once the herb is done baking, set it aside and let it cool completely before putting it in the LEVO Oil Infuser.

Step 2: Butter Infusion Using the LEVO Oil Infuser

1. Plug in the LEVO Oil Infuser and turn it on by touching the power symbol and swiping down on the arrow. You will know the machine is on when it chimes and the screen is illuminated with the word “LEVO”.

2. Touch the “lock” button to unlock the machine, then gently press down on the right side of the lid to open. This child lock has been added for safety.

3. Remove the herb pod from the reservoir. Take off the green lid and add your herb to the pod. Replace the lid and put the pod back into the reservoir. In addition to the herb pod being magnetic, there is a “PLACE POD HERE” sign on the machine, so putting the pod back into the right spot is simple.

4. Add 5 oz - 16 oz of chopped butter. We recommend chopping it up into smaller pieces so to allow for an even infusion.

5. Using the + and - thermometer icon buttons, type in 160-175°F. Using the + and - clock icon buttons, type in 2.5+ hours.

6. When the time and temperature are dialed-in, press the start button (this is the button that looks like a PLAY button on a remote control, a triangle on its side in a square). The LEVO Oil Infuser will then automatically trigger the child lock on the lid. During the process, the display panel will show INFUSING [REMAINING TIME] [CURRENT TEMPERATURE].

7. Once the infusion process is complete the LEVO Oil Infuser will beep and the display panel will read “LEVO”.

8. Place your vessel (we recommend a mason jar) on the raised circle on the machine’s base, then press and hold the water droplet button to dispense the melted butter.

9. Allow the butter to cool for 5-10 minutes before handling.

10. To turn off, touch the power symbol and swipe down on the arrow. The machine will chime and the display will go dark.

*Note: Make sure to store the infused butter in a refrigerator and clean the machine after each use.

Step 3: Cleaning the LEVO Oil Infuser

1. Allow the reservoir to cool completely before handling.

2. With the power still on, hold the water droplet button down and pull the reservoir straight up by placing your finger under the crevice.

3. The reservoir is top rack dishwasher safe, and the sterrer and pod will go into the utensils basket.