July Product Spotlight

July Product Spotlight

Happy summer yall! We've got a ton of new products on deck, from groundbreaking technology to old friends with a new look. Check our new haul and get ready for summertime fun!

Boundless CFC 2.0 ($89.99)


After the success of the first CFC vaporizer Boundless went back to the drawing board and made the CFC 2.0 even more portable and powerful. The Boundless CFC 2.0 retains the compact design, ceramic heating system, and precision temp control from the first CFC model but has added better design features and functionality. With an included water pipe adaptor the CFC 2.0 lets users experience ultra-smooth vapor with assistance from their favorite beaker or bubbler. Boundless gave the CFC 2.0 an ultra-simple interface that is bright and easy to read, so when you’re zeroing in on your temp, there is zero confusion. Reaching temperature in just 25 seconds, the CFC 2.0 is ready to go whenever you need to take a draw.

KandyPens RUBI Gold Edition ($49.95)


Ready to stunt on your friends? Say hello to the KandyPens RUBI, now in stunning gold! KandyPens gave their uber-portable and potent RUBI a facelift to make you feel like a star. You’ll enjoy advanced OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology, feather-light build, and the classic RUBI open pod system all while looking even better than before. KandyPens gave the RUBI an open pod system to let users enjoy whatever flavor they could imagine without being tethered to a manufacturer’s pre-fill option, and the pods are leak proof, so you don’t have to worry about gumming up your pocket or purse. The new gold design makes the buttonless, air-activated RUBI all the more attractive. Even with its eye-catching new color, the RUBI remains one of the most discreet, travel-ready vaporizers available today. Get some gold in your life!

Dr. Dabber SWITCH is now in stock! ($399.99)


After a long-awaited debut, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH is now in stock and ready to be your go-to vape! With induction heating, trippy LED light effects, and the most reliable battery we’ve seen in a desktop the SWITCH could end up being the last desktop vape you ever buy. Dr. Dabber has utilized induction heating to create a desktop vape that doesn’t need atomizers, and that can heat your dry herb actually past the point of combustion without burning it, giving you 100% of the “good stuff” and none of the bad. Equally adept at either dry herb or wax the Dr. Dabber SWITCH is a powerhouse of a vape and one that is in it for the long haul.

Blazer Firefox Mini Torch ($39.99)


Not everyone wants to wield a giant, industrial-strength torch when enjoying their dab rig. Thankfully Blazer has put their industry-leading tech into a smaller, more concentrated dab torch. Coming in at just 7.5” and weighing 7oz. the Firefox Mini Torch is the “Mighty Mouse” of dab torches. Featuring a large butane chamber, the Firefox Mini has a substantial 20 minute flame time and ergonomic grip for comfortable usage. The Firefox Mini can is easily stored in your stash set or vape-case making travel incredibly easy. With an adjustable flame size, flame locking lever, and an included safety mechanism the Blazer Firefox Mini Torch is a do-it-all torch in a compact package.

Eyce Cleaner and Rigs




Say hello to the first ever cleaning solution explicitly blended for silicone. Knowing where their bread is buttered Eyce has developed a plant-based silicone cleaning solution that also works with ceramic and glass. Completely non-toxic and wonderfully capable in its ability to remove the gunk from your silicone smoking devices. All you have to do to give your pipe a “good as new” clean is submerge said pipe in the cleaner for 5 minutes, scrub, and rinse. Engineered to provide chemical-free scrubbing there are no dyes, fragrances, or isopropyl in Eyce Cleaner. We've also got the Eyce Beaker and Sidecar Rig in stock, to give you excellent performance to go along with unmatched durability. With platinum grade silicone and tons of tools provided Eyce has you set up for success during your next session. 

KandyPens Amber Rose Vaporizer ($148.00)


Designed by one of the most influential tastemakers today the KandyPens Amber Rose Vaporizer offers thick, flavor-rich vapor on-demand. An elevated airflow system, variable voltage battery, and a suite of premium atomizers the KandyPens x Amber Rose vape delivers clouds any way you want them. Coming in a tantalizing glossy finish accented by gold speckles, the KandyPens Amber Rose vape looks as smooth as it performs. Characterized by style, attitude, portability, and functionality this vape pen offers you a smarter, more satisfying vape experience.  

Hydrology 9 ($249.99)


As the vape-scape continues to evolve, certain companies embrace new technologies more than others. Cloudious 9 is one of those companies pushing tech forward. The Hydrology 9 combines advanced water filtration with vaporization technology to deliver a portable, convenient, and efficient vape session. Featuring the only integrated water filtration in the vape world, the Hydrology 9 does a tremendous job of combining the smoothness of a water pipe with the efficiency of a vaporizer for the complete vape experience. The Hydrology 9 also has a secret light show function, giving you trippy entertainment while you enjoy the insane flavor and colossal vapor production.