K.Haring Glass Collection Spotlight

K.Haring Glass Collection Spotlight

The K.Haring Glass Collection is here, and it’s fantastic.

Haring’s visionary work incorporated broad, bold strokes and groundbreaking imagery to unite New York City street culture with pop art. His work could be seen all over the city and was embraced by the public due to the embedded messages spreading peace, love, equality, and compassion.

Keith Haring was a forerunner in using fashion and product to bring his work to a diverse, global audience and that has now translated to consumption culture. Each piece is tastefully adorned with the vibrant and bold strokes of Keith Haring while providing excellent flavor of your dry herb or concentrates. The K.Haring Glass Collection brings the “widely recognized visual language” of Haring’s work into your sessions seamlessly.

We've got more colorways on their way, so keep an eye out for the new stock. Let’s dive into the K.Haring Glass Collection, let us know in the comments which piece you enjoy the most!

K.Haring Taster 

K.Haring Taster Pipe in yellow

Take your dry herb anywhere with the K.Haring Taster. Constructed from durable borosilicate-glass the K.Haring Taster is an uber-convenient dry herb pipe that lets you enjoy small amounts of dry herb with discretion and style. The heat-resistant design features Haring’s iconic artwork as a wrap near the open end of the taster for a little bit of creativity. For comfort, the lip of the K.Haring Taster is rounded, and a built-in ash catcher helps keep draws clean.

K.Haring Spoon 

K.Haring Spoon Pipe in yellow

Delivering superior airflow, the K.Haring Spoon is a durable and lightweight hammer-style spoon pipe. With a low draw resistance and borosilicate glass construction, you’ll be able to experience the full flavor of your dry herb. The K.Haring Spoon is designed with a flat mouthpiece and a wide-rimmed base that makes for a comfortable grip. You’ll find Haring’s artwork on the neck and base of the K.Haring Spoon, giving this piece a vibrant presence no matter which colorway you choose.

K.Haring Bubbler 

K.Haring Bubbler in yellow

The smallest of the water-filtration options from the K.Haring Glass Collection, the K.Haring Bubbler features a fixed bowl and downstem for smooth draws. A showerhead percolator has eight slits that deliver advanced water filtration for cooled smoked. In-hand, this uniquely designed bell-shaped bubbler is comfortable and has a flared bottom for added stability. Sticking with the theme of the K.Haring Spoon, this bubbler has hand-applied designs on the neck and base to serve as the groundwork for Haring’s fluid lines and emotive power.

K.Haring Rig 

K.Haring Rig in yellow colorway

The concentrate crowd was not forgotten by the K.Haring Glass Collection. The K.Haring Rig combines a turbine percolator with unparalleled artistry to deliver one of the best concentrate rigs to come out this year. The aforementioned percolator generates a cyclone of moisture for remarkably cool draws. A built-in splash guard makes sessions clean, and a 90° downstem and directional carb cap gives you complete control over your airflow. You’ll find Haring’s signature etched into the base of the K.Haring Rig, with hand-applied designs on the top of the chamber.

K.Haring Water Pipe 

K.Haring Water Pipe in yellow

Coming in at 12.4-inches tall the K.Haring Water Pipe is precision-crafted from borosilicate glass that has extremely high heat resistance. A removable diffused downstem seats a spacious bowl with an airtight, ground glass connection and a 7 slit showerhead percolator produces fine bubbles to moisturize, clean, and cool your dry herb draws. The fat-lipped mouthpiece, built-in ice catcher, and splashguard make for comfortable and mess-free draws. The neck and base of the K.Haring Water Pipe feature the bold and contrasting colors of Haring’s vibrant aesthetic. 

More To Come From The K.Haring Glass Collection

The K.Haring Glass Collection is a fantastic way to incorporate one of the most important and impactful artists of all time into your smoking routine. Each piece in this collection comes packaged in a durable box with foam inserts, with Haring’s artwork decorating the outer walls of the box.

Keep your eye out for more colorways and catchalls featuring Keith Haring’s stunning artwork, we’ve got more to come for you to enjoy! If you’ve already snagged a K.Haring Glass Collection piece let us know in the comments.


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