A$AP Rocky Vape Pen Review

A$AP Rocky Vape Pen Review

Fresh off the launch of their groundbreaking Prism and Prism+ portable vaporizers, Kandypens is running it back with the Flacko Jodye Walnut Collection, an EXTREMELY limited-edition vape pen designed by fashion-forward rapper A$AP Rocky.

We’ve got no f***ing problems with this vape pen. The style and vapor is BALLIN’. Featuring a suite of premium oil and wax attachments, a powerful temp controlled battery, and a wood veneer exterior with golden trim to match the gold-lined brown leather carrying case, the new A$AP Rocky vape is a modern vape with a classic feel and really delicious, milky vapor production.  

Here’s a breakdown of the Flacko Jodye Collection vape kit.


Why the Flacko Jodye Vaporizer is Great

As Billboard highlighted in a feature earlier this week, this vape pen is pretty damn fly. But there’s more to it than looks. It comes with premium wax and oil attachments. Its battery features 4 preset temps that are optimized for different waxes, oils, and vapor profiles. And the mouthpiece features a carb for better airflow. The rips are really potent, flavorful, and comfortable. It’s safe to say the KandyPens x A$AP Rocky collab looks as good as it performs. 

SLEEK and SOLID Design - The A$AP vape looks far fresher than your average pen unit. From the gold-lined walnut finish to the carrying case down to gold accessories like the dab tool and mouthpiece, KandyPens and A$AP Rocky have delivered a vape for ballers.

EXCELLENT Vapor - KandyPens tends to impress with their vapor production thanks in part to their advanced atomizers and oil tanks, as well as their powerful batteries. Sure enough, the Flacko Jodye Walnut Collection is on point with clean-tasting clouds of potent vapor. 

POWERFUL Atomizers - The A$AP Rocky vape comes with 2 atomizers and a glass oil tank. You get a dual quartz coil and a ceramic chamber with ceramic dish. The glass cartridge is refillable, and does a great job of making big, smooth rips from eliquids or oils.


KandyPens specializes in vape pens that are super compact and portable without sacrificing vapor quality. In point of fact, the Flacko Jodye Collection vape is incredibly pocket-friendly and discreet while still boasting a powerful heating system with high level atomizers.

The Flacko Jodye Walnut Collection is really elegant-looking. The design is simple, which reflects in the hassle-free user experience. It’s lightweight while still feeling solid. And it’s very compact. You can hide the whole unit in your hand. And carrying it around is no problem at all.

A$AP Rocky is known as a taste-maker. And that reputation definitely carried over into his vape. The wood veneer with gold trim looks like the exterior of a retro Rolls Royce, coming in four sleek finishes: Rosewood, Mahogany, Maple, and Walnut. The leather carrying case is lavish, like something DiCaprio would tote in The Great Gatsby. The accessories are baller, too, with a gold dab tool and gold mouthpiece on the oil tank.

(A pimped out carrying case holds all your attachments and accessories in style.)

Even the retro-styled box in which the unit is packaged--with its “Made in Harlem” header, established date, and stylized font reminiscent of a Hennessy bottle--adds A$AP’s personal touch to the kit.

But the Flacko Jodye vaporizer isn’t superficial. It’s super solid and dependable. The unit is handmade, and the battery has a lifetime warranty on it, a testament to its quality.


The KandyPens x A$AP Rocky collab comes with three attachments: Two wax atomizers and a an oil tank.

The first atomizer has a quartz crystal chamber with dual quartz rods and titanium coils. This will make BIG, milky clouds, since the dual rod design provides double the surface area. But the quartz is also inert, so it doesn’t rub off on the flavor and aroma of the rips.

The other atomizer is a coilless chamber with a ceramic dish. This one has no combustion (smoke), and displays the true flavor of waxy oils while delivering smoother hits. As an added perk, the coilless design is really easy to clean.

The oil tank carries 1ML of eliquid or oil in high quality glass that preserves flavor. All the metal components are golden to match the Flacko Jodye Collection battery.

Vapor Production

Expect quality vapor from eliquids and waxy oils alike. KandyPens excels in this department. Their atomizers feature high grade materials and efficient designs, one reason why KandyPens products are highly regarded by prominent critics in the vaporizer world.

If you enjoy larger rips, go with the quartz dual coil. If you want flavor-rich hits, the ceramic coilless atomizer is best.

The glass oil tank delivers some really smooth, flavorful hits from eliquids and oil concentrates. Refilling is easy, but you might want to invest in a syringe to make it as seamless as possible.

You can choose between 4 heat settings (300F, 350F, 390F, and 430F) using the K-shaped button. The lower temp creates smaller, intensely flavorful hits, while the highest produces giant clouds, especially when using the quartz dual coil atomizer.


Flacko Jodye Walnut Collection has a simple vape pen design, making it very easy-to-use.

Powering the unit on or off takes five clicks. Toggling temp takes three (and the button lights up with a different color for each temp). To take a hit, you hold the button down. The heat up time is rapid so you can take quick rips on-the-fly.

(The color-coded control button toggles temp with just a few clicks.)

The carrying case lets you hold all your wax attachments and accessories in a pocket-friendly way, so swapping atomizers on-the-go is a lot easier.

You can charge the Flacko Jodye Collection vape from pretty much anywhere via the included USB attachment, which screws onto the battery.

A Modern Vape with Golden Era Appeal

All in all, the KandyPens Flacko Jodye Collection merges the trend-setting style of A$AP Rocky with the elegance, quality, and excellent vapor production of the KandyPens line. A$AP was definitely going for a modern take on a classic style here, and he pulled it off beautifully. The performance is impressive, and the retro-stylish design makes each session more of an experience.

As KandyPens CEO Graham Gibson told Billboard, "ASAP Rocky is truly a taste maker of our generation in both music and fashion, so we were thrilled when he wanted to work with us on creating a vaporizer set for the future, while at the same time capturing a classic style, reminiscent of the golden era.”