The KandyPens Crystal Review

The KandyPens Crystal Review


KandyPens is always tinkering with their designs to produce innovative vaporizers in their classic style. The KandyPens Crystal is more on the hefty side of portable vaporizers due to its larger 900mAh battery, but it is still uber-portable and delivers large clouds full of flavor. The coolest feature of the KandyPens Crystal is the coil design; instead of being a traditional coil shape KandyPens used a bucket-style system to efficiently heat your concentrates. The combination of the innovative bucket shape and variable voltages make the KandyPens Crystal a must-have for flavor oriented concentrate users.

Quartz Bucket Coil and Draw Resistance

The best part about the KandyPens Crystal is the quartz “bucket coil” heating element. Most coils are... well... a coiled wire around a rod. While this has been an effective method for vaping in years past, KandyPens wasn’t satisfied with doing the “same old thing” and gave their coil a bit of a tweak.

Instead of the traditional coil and rod combination, the KandyPens Crystal’s atomizer is bucket-shaped with a spiral-shaped coil installed at the bottom of the bucket underneath a layer of quartz glass. Your concentrate will be heated from the bottom, and the fact that the coil is under the quartz means your material is never in contact with the heating element. Since the KandyPens Crystal paired quartz with a 100% borosilicate glass mouthpiece, this is one of the better portable vapes for flavor centric vapers available right now.

The most useful bucket you'll ever own 

The size of the bucket makes loading the Crystal easy and it comes with a pretty handy keychain loading tool. Regular maintenance of the Crystal is simple thanks to the wide chamber; a quick swab with an isopropyl alcohol soaked qutip will have the heating element looking like new.

Some portables force you to inhale as if you’re trying to down a thick milkshake; that is NOT the case with the KandyPens Crystal. With the high-airflow, you’ll get substantial clouds, especially on the higher voltage settings.

900mAh Variable Voltage Battery

Yes, you read that right; the KandyPens Crystal has a 900mAh battery, which is much larger than most portable vapes of this size. Off of a full charge you can expect a day’s worth of sessions. The variable voltage battery gives you four settings to choose from: 2.6V, 3.0V, 3.6V, and 4.2V.

The Crystal is ready for your all day vape adventures 

If you want to get the most flavor possible the 2.6V and 3.0V are going to be your go to. Users that are more into cloud size will be right at home using the 3.6V and 4.2V settings. Don’t fret if you’re worried about losing flavor on the highest settings, thanks to the quartz bucket you’ll still get great tasting vapor when you’re trying to manufacture large clouds. The KandyPens Crystal also features a “Sesh Mode”, which after two quick clicks will heat your concentrate continuously for 10 seconds. This mode is great if you’re in a large group or just want to discreetly heat your concentrate out of sight and then take a quick draw.  

The KandyPens Crystal is charged with a micro-USB cable, which is included with the product, but if you lose it at least it’s a common cable you probably already have laying around. Pass-through charging makes it possible to use the Crystal while the battery is being replenished. The port is on the side of the vaporizer so it can charge upright, making the pass-through charging easy to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

The KandyPens Crystal is a great concentrate vape for beginners and advanced users alike. One-button operation makes it easily approachable for new vapers, and the quartz bucket will please those who have put a premium on flavor. Thanks to the four temperature options, you can experience both maximum flavor and hefty clouds with low draw resistance.

If you’re looking for a low-key concentrate vape that gives you nothing but the taste of your material, the KandyPens Crystal should be your go-to.