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KandyPens Featured in DJ Khaled Video

KandyPens Featured in DJ Khaled Video "I'm the One"

DJ Khaled showed some love to KandyPens vaporizers by spotlighting the KandyPens Elite in his video “I’m the One,” a super-collaboration between Justin Bieber, Quavo of Migos, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne. The hit music video, which has just under 400 million views on Youtube, is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list, definitely thanks to the catchy doo-wop style tune, but also because there's a bikini-clad super model riding bareback on a white stallion while vaping from a KandyPens vape.

Featured in the video is the KandyPens Elite vaporizer in Gold/Rose Gold, an elegant, powerful and stealthy vape pen for waxy oils. DJ Khaled and his bikini babe are seen vaping with the KandyPens Elite, which features a dual quartz rod atomizer, leak proof chamber, and a temperature controlled battery with presets that are optimized for the most popular wax concentrates and vapor profiles. 

With sleek designs geared toward baller life and excellent vapor production, KandyPens has become the natural go-to vape for artists such as Young Thug, A$AP Rocky, and DJ Khaled. The KandyPens Elite in particular is the perfect vape for stuntin'. Coming in a variety of chic ceramic/gold color combinations, KandyPens looks like a flossy piece of jewelry. After recieving glowing reviews from top critics for its design, ease of use, and delicious trademark KandyPens vapor, its no wonder KandyPens Elite was chosen by DJ Khaled for the summer's biggest music video. 

KandyPens Elite is ideal for vaping on-the-go. Super compact and lightweight, it's easy to conceal in your grip while vaping or carry in your pocket throughout the day. A rapid heat up time makes it easy to take quick hits on-the-go. And the quartz crystal technology preserves the essential flavors and aromas of waxy oils. It's available on VaporNation for under $140.