KandyPens K-Stick Supreme Review

KandyPens K-Stick Supreme Review

You know those little concentrate pens you get at the dispensary? The K-Stick Supreme is just as compact and easy-to-use, but with much more substance--specifically a quartz rod atomizer, elegant metal body, and variable voltage.

Its vapor production is surprisingly good thanks to its quartz coil and three optimized temp settings. And its sturdy yet lightweight build quality makes it hard to believe it’s only $34.95.

If you’re on a budget, but still want to enjoy a premium on-the-go vaping experience, the K-Stick Supreme gives you plenty of quality for your dollar.



What’s Great About K-Stick Supreme?

Excellent Vapor - The quartz rod atomizer does a great job of generating huge clouds while still displaying the many flavor notes found in waxy oils.

Super Compact - Pocket-friendly and stealthy, K-Stick Supreme measures in at just under 5 inches in length with the girth of an office pen.

Heat Options - Most units this size feature a single heat setting. This vape pen has three.

Durable - The metal body looks very elegant but it’s also super sturdy. This vape pen is well-prepared for life’s wear and tear.

Vapor Quality 

Expect silky smooth, surprisingly dense vapor. Surprising because vape pens this size generally don’t cut it in the vapor production department. And yet the relatively strong battery and high quality quartz deliver.

The great vapor quality is also partly a matter of temperature.

The quartz rod atomizer heats waxes “slow and low” so you get big clouds without any burnt tastes or odors. The lower temp setting is especially smooth and full of flavor.

Obviously the vapor production isn’t the end-all-be-all, but compared with other vapes this size it’s quite impressive.


This is another area in which the K-Stick Supreme surprises. Ordinarily vapes in this range feel plastic, cheap, easily breakable. Not so with the Supreme.

The metal build feels solid in your hand. The K-Stick Supreme has the look and feel of something substantial. Each color option comes with a different colored trim for added flare (Rose Gold/Gold, Gunmetal/Gold, Gold/Rose Gold).


The minimalist design is simple with some sophisticated touches including a flashing LED light on the bottom of the battery and an embossed KandyPens logo.

You might feel like you’re settling with other cheap vape pens, but with the Supreme it feels like you’re getting a little more than you paid for.

How to Use the K-Stick Supreme

The KandyPens K-Stick Supreme features a click-based system for controlling power and voltage.

Five clicks powers the unit on.

Three clicks changes the voltage.

There are three voltage settings, and they are color coded: Green, Red, and Blue.

Loading the chamber is fairly easy, although the chamber is a little narrow and deep. This wasn't a problem however. The included loading tool was the right size for fitting into the chamber. 

Charging is super easy with the included USB attachment. It connects to the battery via the 510-threaded connection, just like the atomizer, then plugs into any USB source.

K-Stick Supreme is about as easy-to-use as a vape pen gets. Perfect for beginners and on-the-go vaporists who haven’t got a lot of time to fiddle with controls.

Is the K-Stick Supreme For You?

K-Stick Supreme is a great option for wax lovers on a budget, as well as those who want a very easy-to-conceal vape for carrying around wherever you go. 

The milky vapor is truly impressive compared to other vapes within this price range. 

After that first hit, you get the feeling that you're getting way more than you paid for.