KandyPens Oura Review

KandyPens Oura Review

The portable e-rig revolution has is in full swing and KandyPens has put its stamp on the current hottest vape trend with the Oura.

Designed in Santa Barbara, CA the KandyPens Oura is a portable e-rig that delivers some of the thickest vapor we’ve experienced from a petite-yet-powerful design that melds simplicity and effectiveness beautifully.

From the multitude of temperature options, stylish LED light accents, and quick heat-up time there is a BUNCH to love about the KandyPens Oura, let’s dive into what makes this one of the best e-rigs we’ve used.

An Intelligent Portable E-Rig

KandyPens Oura

Initially, the most striking thing about the KandyPens Oura is its size; the small stature of the device makes it unassuming on your coffee table or counter, but once you finish a session you’ll be in awe of the power under its hood.

Four Preset Temperatures

There are four preset temperatures for users of the Oura, and all of them deliver thick vapor. The preset temps are 490F (yellow), 590F (green), 750F (red), and 800F (blue.Yellow and Green are going to be for those who enjoy flavor, while the Red and Blue are for cloud enthusiasts.

Each temperature will deliver a noticeable “throat feel” every time you take a draw, so if you’re looking for dense vapor this is the e-rig for you. Your temperature will be met in around 5 seconds, and you can add your material. 

A Quartz Atomizer and Ceramic Bowl

The high preset temperatures of the Oura are fantastic for those who want thick clouds, but what about the flavor chasers out there? KandyPens included a ceramic bowl with the quartz atomizer to open up some possibilities for flavor centric wax users. The inert nature of the ceramic does a good job of keeping outside flavors from your draws and does bring out a few more tasting notes compared to the quartz atomizer.

Switching out the quartz for ceramic, and vice versa is simple: just unscrew the top of the atomizer and replace the piece. 

3000mAh Battery

To deliver such thick vapor at any temperature KandyPens knew they had to have a powerful battery. The Oura features a 3000mAh battery that delivers consistent performance and that acts as a kind of a ‘Session Mode’ for large groups or parties. Heat up times were never an issue with the Oura, the highest temperature was met under 20 seconds.

With such a powerful battery we thought it would take a while for the Oura to charge, but the USB-C Fast Charging had us ready to session within an hour or so of unboxing the Oura. The last thing we wanted to think about during our session was battery life, and we weren’t disappointed: even after a full night of research, the Oura remained above 70% battery power. After four minutes of non-use, an auto-shutoff feature will power down the Oura, helping to save battery life.

How To Use The KandyPens Oura

how to use the KandyPens Oura

First off, be sure to fully charge your KandyPens Oura before using it, it will ensure top tier performance and consistency. 

As your Oura is charging, fill the glass attachment with just enough water to cover the air holes inside the bottom of the glass, it is *very important* that you do not get water in the bottom portion of the glass near the intake hole. To attach the glass, push the attachment into the base of the Oura until it is snug, there is an air intake hole at the base of the attachment and battery of the Oura, you will have to line those up to get any kind of draw.

Ok, so now that everything is charged and assembled, it’s time to power the Oura on. 5 quick taps of the Smart Touch sensor will turn the device on, an LED light and haptic feedback will let you know the unit is on.

To cycle through temperatures touch the Smart Touch sensor three times in succession, once you’ve landed on your desired temperature hit the Smart Touch sensor two times quickly, and the heating will begin. The temperature will hold for 60 seconds, then vibrate when it is cooling down.

Loading wax is pretty straightforward: just use the included tool to place it inside the quartz or ceramic cup. Your material will need airflow to breathe, so make doubly sure you don’t overfill the atomizer chamber, excess material may “bubble” and leak into the port.

The carb cap and tether work fantastically well with the Oura, as we were able to make a small amount of concentrate last for more draws than we expected given the high temperature options. After a few uses the intuitive nature of the Oura makes picking temperatures simple, and the auto-shutoff was nice for our peace of mind.

In between sessions, it is recommended you give whatever atomizer you used a wipe down with the included isopropyl soaked swabs, it will help keep your Oura working in perfect order and ensure your flavor remains pure. 

What To Expect From The KandyPens Oura

what to expect from the KandyPens Oura

 The KandyPens Oura was meant to deliver thick vapor at every temperature, and that’s exactly what you should expect. 

One of our favorite things about the Oura was the glass attachment’s shape: the bulb shape made for a super low draw resistance, while “storing up” your vapor inside the round part of the attachment. This was a plus for those who wanted to experience thick vapor all in one draw, or for users who might want to just “sip” smaller draws throughout the session. KandyPens made the attachment out of borosilicate glass, which is great for those of us who might not be the surest handed wax enthusiasts.

The body of the Oura is made from a durable zinc alloy that feels sturdy in-hand and stays rooted in place when not in use, the Rok from Pulsar has their battery on the top of the unit which poses some concern about tipping, thankfully the Oura does not have these concerns. A lifetime warranty also protects your purchase, a testament to how much KandyPens believes in this product.

If you’re ready to jump on the portable e-rig train the KandyPens Oura deserves a look, it has a powerhouse battery, elite atomizer options, comprehensive temperature settings, and comes in a multitude of stylish pastel colors. No matter your vibe, there is an Oura to fit it. Let us know in the comments what you like about the KandyPens Oura, and check out the unboxing below!