5 Reasons to Own a Keychain Vaporizer

5 Reasons to Own a Keychain Vaporizer


Vaping on-the-go is a sweet science. You need a vape that’s stealthy, easy-to-use, and pocket-friendly--all without sacrificing vapor quality. A good keychain vaporizer is a simple way to enjoy herb, waxy oils, or liquids on your feet with no hassle.

Keychain vaporizers are compact, making them discreet. With simple controls they enable quick hits with no fiddling. And while smaller vapes usually feature weaker vapor production, newly arrived keychain vaporizers like the AirVape OM feature heating systems as impressive as larger units.

If you find yourself out and about more often than not, here are 5 reasons why owning a keychain vaporizer is the way to go.



Keychain vaporizers are super compact. Imagine a vape pen--slim and short--and then shrink that down to a teeny device that hides in your grip. Not only will a keychain vape not burden your pocket, it’ll be hidden in your hand while you vape. What’s more, certain keychain vaporizers don’t really look like vapes, helping them blend in among your keys. Instead your vape will be disguised as a keychain ornament or mini flashlight.


One challenge faced by those who vape outside is portability. It’s a pain to carry a vape in your pocket all day, so the smaller the better. A keychain vaporizer is just about as small as it gets. And it’s just another ring on your keychain, which you’re already going to be carrying around anyway. 

The compactness makes this type of vape easy to use behind the wheel, so long as your car key isn't the old school kind that sticks in the ignition. 


Extremely portable, keychain vaporizers give you excellent vapor production without sacrificing the portability that makes it easier to vape about town.

USB Charging


If your vape only charges via AC outlet or its own personal charging dock, it’s going to be tough powering up whenever you need to. Keychain vapes generally feature USB charging, so you can charge from a computer, car, or AC outlet (with a wall adapter). With units like AirVape OM (pictured above), the atomizer unscrews and a USB charger screws into the main connection of the vape via threading.



Smaller vaporizers are usually easier to control. Keychain vaporizers feature simple single button commands. That way you don’t have to fiddle with the controls to take a hit. Just a few clicks and you’ll be vaping. This is also plays into the stealthiness factor, since you can take a fast hit when no one is looking.

You Won’t Lose It


Compact vapes have a major downside. They’re easy to misplace. Keychain vaporizers are a lot harder to lose since they’re always connected to something you generally keep an eye on--your keys.

Is a Keychain Vaporizer for You?

Keychain vaporizers accommodate a busy on-the-go lifestyle. If you find yourself on your feet more than the couch, this can be a convenient tool. You won't lose it, you won't feel ill at ease carrying it around thanks to the stealthiness, and it won't burden your pocket like larger vaporizers. If you're interested in finding a keychain vaporizer, we recommend the AirVape OM, a sleek, compact, and powerful unit that vapes both wax and oil cartridges. 


AirVape OM features double quartz coils--great for flavor and aroma--with a magnetic atomizer cap for easy loading and replacement. You can switch out the wax atomizer for 510-threaded oil cartridge, a rare feature. The OM vaporizer also features multiple voltages so you can toggle to the best temp for your favorite waxy oils or liquid concentrates. But most importantly, you can attach it to your keychain and carry that excellent vapor production with you wherever you go.