Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale

Happy Labor Day everyone! To help you celebrate the American labor movement use coupon code “LABOR” to get a sitewide 20% off discount! Enjoy your three-day weekend with everything from concentrate vapes to a new beaker. Some restrictions apply, but check out some of our favorite products that you can take a chill 20% off of from 9/1 to 9/6!  


Right off the bat, we have the award-winning KandyPens RUBI. Thin, lightweight, and powerful the RUBI offers peak vapor quality, stealthiness, and ease of use that fits anywhere. Equipped with a temperature regulated battery, the RUBI maintains the ideal temperature for liquid and oil vaporization. The open pod system of the RUBI doesn’t limit this vape to pre-filled cartridges, you can add your favorite e-liquids and oils easily and often. If you’re looking for one of the easiest, smoothest, and convenient vapes to use, the KandyPens RUBI should be at the top of your list—and why not get it for 20% off?


One of the OGs in the vaporizer game, Grenco Science has been providing quality pieces since 2012. Manufactured from top of the line components, there is a reason Grenco has become an iconic vaporizer brand. Grenco has a ton of celebrity collaborations that add a bit of style to the traditional all black Grenco look. It won’t matter if you’re a dry herb or concentrate user, Grenco Science has a vaporizer for you.

Grenco founded its legacy on dry herb vapes. The classic G Slim is a fantastic option, but beefier models like the G Pen Pro can give desktop like draws from the palm of your hand. A brand new ceramic heating chamber extracts all of your dry herb flavor thanks to its inert nature. Convection heating, a rarity in portable vaporizers, creates milky yet comfortable vapor draws. Take 20% off the G Pen Pro and enjoy your new dry herb vape companion.


From the first family of dry herb comes the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Collection. Everything from Bubblers to Steamrollers encompasses Jamaican tradition to craft a collection of smoking accessories made from durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. All of the pieces in the Smoked Glass collection are accented with a gold stripe to evoke the Jamaican spirit.

The beaker-style Smoked Glass Water Pipe is a showpiece that will surely end up proudly displayed in your smoke arsenal—it is thickly bolstered at the base to give it extra stability and balance. An eight-slit percolator stem and ice catcher allow for ultra-cooled rips while the design of the water pipe combines art and science seamlessly.

The first thing most people will notice about the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler is the symmetry. Intelligent proportions make for an elevated smoking experience that integrates water filtration gorgeously into a contemporary dry herb piece. A practical splash-and-ash catch ensures that you won’t ever end up with a mouthful of old water or used up dry herb.

Marley Natural made a strong effort to give classic smoking silhouettes a modern spin. The most striking thing about the Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe is the “levitation” effect it has while resting. Thanks to a wide bowl with a slightly narrow base the pipe looks as if it is hovering above the surface it was placed on. Designed with a ton of volume for your smoke to swirl, this pipe cools your smoke as each draw is cleared, while an ash-catch in the mouthpiece keeps your session extra smooth.

A staple of “old school” dry herb users, the Steamroller has a place in everyone’s dry herb consumption cabinet. A unique “thumb press” bowl makes it easy to pack your dry herb and a hefty weight makes the piece feel comfortable once in-hand.

Kind of a “little brother” to the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Steamroller, the Smoked Glass Taster is a small, yet sessionable pipe. Few tasters are as eye-catching as the Smoked Glass Taster—personally, this is my favorite looking piece in the Smoked Glass collection. The deep bowl holds enough dry herb for multiple draws which is nice if you and a buddy don’t want to reload between smaller hits. A rounded finish on the mouthpiece helps to concentrate and cool smoke for more pronounced flavor.


One of the sneakiest mod vapes for concentrates, the Bee Keeper enables you to enjoy your favorite oily concentrates while easily concealed in your pocket or purse. The removable and refillable tank makes cleaning and operating the Bee Keeper a breeze. Honey Stick placed the tank next to the mod battery as opposed to on top of it, making this vaporizer smaller than most mods. Included is a 510-threaded magnetic adapter so if you don’t feel like deviating from your favorite pre-filled cartridge, you can stick to what you love.




The banana bros. OTTO grinder is the first do-it-all smart electric grinder and cone rolling machine! Capable of finely grinding your dry herb and then dispensing it into a rolled cone in just seconds, the OTTO grinder can deliver perfectly rolled cones for your and your friends in seconds. Equipped with a spring-loaded grinder the OTTO delivers perfectly milled dry herb every time and adjusts its grind as its shredding to prevent any jams. If you're a cone user, this grinder is your new best friend! 

Now go forth, and enter coupon code “LABOR” to get a nice 20% off your next vape pen or steamroller from 9/1 to 9/6, no matter your preference there are savings to be had!