LEVO Oil Infusion

LEVO Oil Infusion

Put your hands up, wave 'em around, cause LEVO Oil Infuser don't mess around - say hello to the future of edible creations! Mess-free and quick, LEVO Oil Infuser creates herb-infused oils and butters that are slap yo' mama good. The infusion process uses controlled heat to transfer flavor, scent, color, and nutrients of herbs into the oil or butter of your choice. The LEVO machine looks like a hott little number you'd find on the shelves of Williams Sonoma or Bed Bath & Beyond.


LEVO Oil Infuser

Engineered for envy-inducing results, while also being easy-to-use, LEVO Oil Infuser gives the user full autonomy and control over the ingredients, process and consumption. Developed to take the straining and long wait times out of the infusion process, it also offers the home chef the flexibility to make small batches of oils. LEVO Oil Infuser can easily become a part of your everyday regime; make your infusions whenever you want them without having to make them in bulk. Making infused oils and butters has never looked this good, tasted so fresh, or been so simple.



To begin the LEVO infusion process simply lift the lid, remove the stainless steel mesh pod, add herbs, place the pod in the reservoir, pour in the oil, set the desired time and temperature via the front-facing LED control panel, and hit START. No constant vigilance or stirring necessary - LEVO will do it all! LEVO incorporates a gentle infusion method, meaning your ingredients will not get aerated, thus extending their shelf life. BOOM!

Dishwasher safe components make LEVO clean-up and maintenance a breeze. With a modern design and sophisticated style, plus three sleek colors to choose from, LEVO is a countertop accessory that will fit into any kitchen.

You might be one of those peeps who isn't into cooking your own food - HELLO, DOMINOS? - but don't worry, buds, LEVO still has our number. Use this Mac daddy of machines to infuse oils for ointments, topical creams, balms, body scrubs, and more!


Levo Oil Infuser