LEVO: Sesame Oil

LEVO: Sesame Oil

Open sesame! Welcome to the magical world of sesame oil and all of its versatile health benefits. Not only is sesame oil notable for its nutritional and topical benefits, but also for its flavorful nutty aroma and taste. Now infuse some mind-altering dry herbs from Mary Wanna's garden and we’ve got the ultimate infused oil! I’m going to show you, my dear buds, how to infuse this widely popular Asian oil with some special dry herbs using the LEVO Oil Infuser. Follow the simple instructions below and you’ll be making you'll be living higher than the year of dragon.

Step 1: Decarboxylation

Decarb-what? Don’t get intimidated just yet my little 420 chefs, this step is way easier than the scientific name implies. Decarboxylation, aka decarbing, is just a fancy word for heating up your dry herb in order to activate the happy-happy-joy-joy effects that we’re all looking for. What most people don’t know, is that raw dry herb does not have any mind-altering influence. Which is why this step is so important, so make sure you do not skimp out on it. And here’s a little fun fact for you guys: when smoking or vaping, you’re applying heat either directly or indirectly to the dry herbs, allowing decarboxylation to occur naturally.

How to decarb your herb:

  1. Set your oven temperature to 240°F.
  2. While the oven is preheating, line a baking pan with foil.
  3. Grind up all your herb using a grinder, and evenly spread it out on the prepared baking pan. Need a grinder? Check out the Santa Cruz Shredder.
  4. Once the oven is ready, place the baking pan on the middle rack.
  5. Bake your herb for 30 minutes; add an extra 15-30 minutes if your herb is fresh and moist.
  6. Once your dry herb is decarb, set it aside and let it completely cool before infusing it in the LEVO Oil Infuser.

Step 2: Sesame Oil Infusion Using the LEVO Oil Infuser

1. Plug in the LEVO Oil Infuser and turn it on by holding down the power button and following the arrow. The machine will chime and the screen will illuminate with the word “LEVO” once it is on.

2. Touch the “lock” button to unlock the machine, then gently press down on the right side of the lid to open. This child lock has been added for safety.

3. Remove the herb pod from the reservoir. Take off the green lid and add your decarbed herb to the pod. Replace the lid and put the pod back into the reservoir and close the lid. In addition to the herb pod being magnetic, there is a “PLACE POD HERE” sign on the machine, so putting the pod back into the right spot is simple.

4. Add 5 oz - 16 oz of sesame oil.

5. Using the + and - thermometer icon buttons, type in 185-200°F. Using the + and - clock icon buttons, type in 2.5+ hours.

6. When the time and temperature are set, touch the start button (this is the button that looks like a PLAY button on a remote control. The LEVO Oil Infuser will then automatically trigger the child lock on the lid. During the process, the display panel will show INFUSING [REMAINING TIME] [CURRENT TEMPERATURE].

7. Once the infusion process is complete the LEVO Oil Infuser will beep and the display panel will read “LEVO”.

8. Place your vessel (we recommend a mason jar) on the raised circle on the machine’s base, then touch and hold the water droplet button to dispense the infused sesame oil.

9. Allow the oil to cool for 5-10 minutes before handling.

10. To turn off the machine, touch the power symbol and swipe down on the arrow. The machine will chime and the display will go dark.

Step 3: How To Clean The LEVO Oil Infuser

1. Allow the reservoir to cool completely before handling.

2. With the power still on, hold the water droplet button down and pull the reservoir straight up by placing your finger under the crevice. (DO NOT take out the reservoir without holding down the dispense button.

3. The reservoir is top rack dishwasher safe, and the stirrer and pod will go into the utensils basket.