How To Make MagicalButter

How To Make MagicalButter

Butter goes with everything - sweet, savory or eaten straight outta the tub (no judgment here if you're into that kinda thang). If you are anything like me, you are perpetually on the hunt for something straight up tasty while simultaneously letting the high times roll. Thanks to MagicalButter, the art of cooking with herbal bliss accomplishes both of those feats.

Try making the most buzzworthy and perfect butter for all of life’s munchies and adventures. Before just diving into it, and adding EXPERT MAGICALBUTTER CHURNER to your resume, follow our simple steps to make MagicalButter:


It’s important that you follow a very important, and often overlooked step - decarboxylating your herb with heat! Decarboxylation is a très fancy term for “decarbing” or “activating” your herb; the slow heating of material herb will maximize effectiveness. If you do not decarb your materials, you can decrease effectiveness if you end up overcooking it. "Decarboxylation" looks and sounds like a big 'ol scary word that spelling bee nightmares are made of, but the process itself is as easy as a lottery scratch-off game.

How To DeCarb Your Herb: Crank your oven/toaster oven up 250°F (120°C for you international peeps). While the oven is heating up, roughly grind your herb (do this so your herb releases all of its moisture).

Line a baking sheet with some parchment paper and lay your grinded herb in a thin layer on top. When your oven is at the correct temperature, place the pan onto a middle rack and bake your herb:

  • Bake for ½ hour if your herb was already pretty dry to begin with
  • Bake 1 hour if your herb is relatively fresh

When your herb is done baking, let ‘er cool down for awhile.


While your herbs are getting activated in the oven, you should start on the second step - clarifying your butter. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be Iron Chef status to clarify butter, it just means you need to melt UNSALTED butter to remove the solids so that only pure butterfat remains. Lemme stop and answer some of your inner thoughts you’re most probz having right now:

  • Yes, you can use cold butter sticks, BUT this blog post is on how to make the PERFECT butter. Cold butter sticks aren’t going to yield as potent of butter as clarified butter will
  • Clarified butter will give you a result that has a much richer flavor and A+ consistency compared to frigid blocks ‘o’ butter
  • Clarifying your butter is actually super freakin’ easy and not time consuming
  • Yes, feelings of kitchen mastery and Iron Chef aspirations are totally normal aftershocks post-butter clarification
  • Unsalted was typed in all caps and bolded up above for a reason. Try not to use salted - it’ll change the flavor. Every brand of butter will note clearly on the packaging whether it’s salted or unsalted - so just give ‘er a looksie

How To Clarify Butter: Take 2-5 cups of unsalted butter out of your fridge. Unwrap the blocks and place into a saucepan/pot that is over low heat on the stovetop. Keep the low heating up until the butter has melted and divided into two layers: a large liquid layer of golden yellow butterfat (this is the clarified butter, y’all!) below a thin layer of white, foamy milk fat (this is the solids we want to remove). Using a spoon, skim off the white, top layer and throw that shiizzz away. Now, you should be left with a pot of melted gold. Clarified butter, who dis?


Place the clarified butter and cooled, albeit freshly baked, herb into your MagicalButter machine. Secure the head of the MagicalButter machine so there are no future instances of OOPPPSS and OHH F#*K!

How To Extract Herbs: Press the TEMPERATURE button - keep pressing until you are able to select 160°F (you’ll know it’s selected by its light turning red). Then press the 2 Hours / Butter icon. Over the next two hours, the MagicalButter machine will cook, stir and steep your infusion - extracting all the goodness from your herbs and putting it into your butter.


The MagicalButter machine will beep to let you know that your extract is ready for some lovin’. When you open the machine up, you will be face-to-face with a liquid mixture.

How To Make MagicalButter Butter: Slide on the LoveGlove™ (comes included with the MagicalButter machine) as the machine will be hot, and strain your extract into a bowl/container using the PurifyFilter™ bag (also included). This bag is very important to use - it strains the herb matter from your extraction, meaning your butter will be smooth and residue free.


Place your bowl fulla’ butter into the refrigerator and let it chill for a few hours. When the butter has set, use it just like you would regular butter - spread it, bake with it, get creative. And yes, you can now add EXPERT MAGICALBUTTER CHURNER to your resume - you deserve it!

The MagicalButter machine comes with a LoveGlove, PurifyFilter and 110V power cord… just add butter and some magical ingredients!


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