March Product Spotlight

March Product Spotlight

We’ve added a slew of new vaporizers and accessories in the last month or so, and we wanted to spotlight a few of our favorites! From batteries to dual-use vaporizers, we’ve got just what you need to make your next session great. Also, make sure to keep your eyes open for more new products coming down the pipe later in the month!

O.penVAPE ISH Battery


Coming in at just three inches the O.penVAPE ISH Battery is one of the most discreet vape batteries available today. With universal 510-threading you can attach and enjoy your favorite cartridges with ease. A stainless steel finish makes the O.penVAPE ISH Battery one of the more durable units at this price point and size, giving those who enjoy daily vaping peace of mind should they fumble their device. With auto-draw design, you’re just seconds away from deep draws of flavorful vapor and the 3.7 volt capability ensures thick clouds. Users needing a no-nonsense battery should look to the O.penVAPE ISH Battery.

Boundless Tera


If you’re in need of a true workhorse vaporizer, the Boundless Tera deserves your next look. The Tera is one of the few dual-use portable vaporizers that offers both precise temperature control and convection heating. To preserve the taste of your dry herb or concentrate, an isolated airpath is paired with a glass mouthpiece to keep your sessions full of flavor. An included stainless steel concentrate pad makes it easy to switch  from dry herb to concentrate. The Tera features two removable 18650 batteries that ensure a long battery life, and give you the ability to swap out pre-charged batteries to keep sessions going even longer.

KandyPens Crystal Quartz Atomizer


Harness the full flavor of your concentrate with the KandyPens Crystal Quartz Atomizer. The unique bucket shape of the Crystal atomizer heats your material from the bottom, completely separating it from the heating element and promoting efficient vaporization. Its 100% quartz glass construction and the absence of any wicks, dyes, or glue ensure maximum flavor of your material—with no outside influence. The KandyPens Crystal Quartz Atomizer is 510 threaded, so it will fit on most standard vaporizers.



If the O.penVAPE ISH Battery was just a little too simple for you, the 280mAh Variable Voltage Battery adds a little more temperature flexibility—without being too complicated for new vape users. This auto-draw vaporizer activates as soon as you begin to inhale, and it’s 510 threading accommodates the majority of vaporizer cartridges. It’s four preset temperatures allow you to explore flavors or produce voluminous clouds. The one-button control of the 280mAh Variable Voltage Battery makes it fantastic for beginners who are looking for an easy way to experience temperature control.

So that’s what we’ve got for y’all this month, stay tuned for more new products to help boost your vape arsenal!