March Vape Spotlight : What's New At vapor?

March Vape Spotlight : What's New At vapor?

With the bounties of spring upon us, vapor offers a bouquet of new vapes and glass products. Check out what's new in the month of March.

Elf Auto Draw Vaporizer

Perfect for use with pre-filled cartridges or those who like to fill their own, the Elf Auto Draw offers a powerful alternative to standard vape pens. While keeping the footprint around 3” for portability, the Elf supplies longer battery life and versatility in an easily palm-able package.  The clean matte finish is sophisticated, offering a much-needed upgrade over generic auto draw batteries.

Operation of the Honey Stick Elf is dead simple. Simply attach the 510 threaded magnetic adapter to your pre-filled cartridge and pop it in. Inhale and you are greeted with vapor. No button combinations to try and remember, no confusing settings, just hassle-free vaping. With 3.7V available at the draw of a breath, the Elf auto draw vaporizer will take you to cloud town in no time.

GRAV Beaker Water Pipe

If you are a regular enjoyer of dry herbal blends, you should have a beaker style water pipe. This is not my opinion, it is law. Don’t be a dissenter, obey the law and smoke out of a Grav Beaker Water Pipe like a real patriot.

The Classic shape is eye-catching while remaining functional. The beaker base prevents accidental tip-overs, adding increased water capacity for smooth, diffused hits. The Downstem features holes, which percolate the smoke as it travels up the 12” neck. Grav uses the finest borosilicate glass, so you can be sure your beaker water pipe stands up to heavy use.

GRAV Helix Classic Hand Pipe – 7”

The spoon pipe is the pizza of dry herb smoking devices, you’ve undoubtedly experienced good and bad, but you keep coming back regardless. Luckily the Grav Helix manages to be very, very good. Grav takes the simple spoon to new highs with a bespoke design.

Inspired by the double-helix construction of our DNA, the Helix hand pipe uses small air inlet holes in the chamber of the pipe to add air circulation. The resulting effect will funnel the smoke, making it cooler and reducing draw resistance. Re-boots are rarely rewarding, but the Grav Helix manages to update the classic hand pipe while not losing sight of the experience that makes spoon pipes memorable in the first place.

Honey Stick Fill-It-Yourself Kit

Are you a DIYer? Ever wondered what’s ACTUALLY inside your pre-filled cartridges? Take the guesswork out of the equation and make it yourself with the HoneyStick fill it yourself kit. Coming in a portable travel case, the Fill it yourself kit contains everything you need to create your own vape juice from wax and concentrates.

How to use the Honeystick fill-it-yourself Kit

  1. Place your concentrates in in the glass container
  2. Add the PG mixer in desired ratio
  3. Use gentle heat to make sure your concentrates completely dissolve
  4. (optional) add flavor if desired
  5. Use the provided syringe to add the vape oil to your cartridge without spilling

The fill-it-yourself kit makes it easy to transform your favorite concentrates from wax to oil. Re-use cartridges, save money and have a blast doing it. Creating concentrate oils has never been easier or more approachable.

OG Four 2.0 GEN3 Kit

The newest iteration of the OG Four 2.0 vaporizer expands on the iconic vape pen with a re-designed mouthpiece and dual quartz rod atomizers. A Silicon storage station rounds out the kit, perfect for storage of your waxy oils and concentrates as well as the OG Four 2.0 vape pen itself.

Dubbed the VaporBlast, the re—designed mouthpiece eschews the iconic visual chamber for a tapered, discrete design. However fans of the original, fear not, the OG Four 2.0 Gen3 Kit also contains the classic style mouthpiece with pen cap. The Gen3 is a great match for everything spring has to offer.


That does it for march, make sure to check back next month for some more new product highlights at vapor. As always, vape on!