Martian Bubbler Review - Pocket-Friendly Rollie Bubbler

Martian Bubbler Review - Pocket-Friendly Rollie Bubbler

Many think it's the best bubbler for rolled cigarettes ever…

Pocket-friendly, you can carry it anywhere. Thickly crafted, it won't crack when you ash it. Featuring a downstem diffuser, it makes harsh hits smoother, even if it's about the size of a golf ball.

It's the Martian bubbler. The first of its kind. And still the most popular mini bubbler that works with rollies. But is it really the best? We decided to find out for ourselves.

Martian Blunt Bubbler features a diffused downstem and carb hole.


  • Miniature Bubbler for Rolled Cigarettes

  • Compatible with Most Rollies

  • Carb Hole

  • 100% Borosilicate Design

  • Silicone Base Ring

  • Necklace Hook

  • Spill-Resistant


The Martian Bubbler is marked by excellent simplicity. There are no unneeded features. Everything counts.

The glass is nice and thick borosilicate. It's extremely resistant to heat and won't easily crack or break if dropped. It has a clean, beautiful look, and it's easy to wipe away buildup from its nonporous surfaces.

The diffuser is very simple but effective. It can be described as a straw percolator. It keeps the distance that smoke travels short so potency and flavor have no time to wane in strength. The perc dips low enough into the water chamber that you don't need to fill the Martian Bubbler with much water for the filtration system to work perfectly.

Even if you hit the Martian bubbler hard, the rollie won't run. Why is that? Because it's designed for stable hits. The rollie holder keeps the cigarette steady so the burn is perfectly even.

Insert a rolled cigarette into the Martian Bubbler and toke.

(Insert your rolled cigarette and take smooth moisturized hits.)

Another cool perk is the ability to tap the base of the pipe against hard surfaces to ash the cigarette. It won't crack. That's partly thanks to the properly thick glass. But also because MJ Arsenal was thoughtful enough to include a silicone ring that slips onto the base to protect the pipe.

If you're into wearing water pipes as a fashion statement, a pendant ring located atop the bubbler let's you wear it around your neck to enjoy smooth sessions wherever you go. Just empty the pipe first or it could spill on your shirt.

Overall the Martian Bubbler features a lovable and functional design. So lovable in fact that there are knock-off Martian Bubblers now. How do you tell if yours is the real deal? Look for an MJ arsenal logo etched into the bottom of the bubbler, right on the base.


The Martian Bubbler is easy to figure out. Just slip your cigarette into the port, light it up, and take a hit. When you first light up, be sure to burn it down to the herb before taking a rip, just like when you normally smoke.

As you take a rip, hold the carb down for a second then release. You'll notice the hits are actually quite full-bodied when using the carb. They're also much smoother than when hitting from a rolled dry herb cigarette, as long as you fill the Martian bubbler with water and let it do its thing.

OTTO grinder automatically grinds herb and rolls cigarettes.

(OTTO grinder automatically rolls cigarettes for the Martian Bubbler.) 

If you're not fond of rolling, we recommend using the OTTO grinder with the Martian bubbler. It will automatically grind your herb and fill a cone with it in under a minute. We found this was a perfect companion for the Martian bubbler. Just load your herb, press a button, grab your freshly filled rollie and slide it into the Martian. Easy peasy.

So what about the Martian's water filtration system? Here are a few tips for getting the most out of it...

The Martian Bubbler doesn't need much water inside. Simply fill up to the diffuser. We recommend filling from the carb hole, not the mouthpiece or cigarette holder. That way your cigarette doesn't get wet, and you don't suck water into your mouth when you take a hit.

Vapor Quality

Martian Bubbler delivers smooth, potent rips.

The Martian bubbler hits amazing. It creates very smooth, easy draws. It's refreshing to enjoy the flavor of smoke without the harshness.

Full scale water pipes are obviously going to smooth out hits better than this pint-sized pipe. But with the Martian Bubbler you get a more portable experience. You also don't get that dirty bong water taste since there's so little water in the Martian bubbler.

How good does the Martian Bubbler hit? Let's put it this way. My first reaction was that I've been waiting for this my whole life, and didn't even know it. It makes smoking way more enjoyable. And is much easier to use and more travel-friendly than larger water pipes.  

The Martian vs Other Bubblers

It's tough finding a good cigarette bubbler other than the Martian. MJ Arsenal dominates the niche, which is why we'll compare the Martian with their other offerings. Each offers a unique smoking experience, but their essential purpose is the same. They deliver smoother rips from your rollies. Let's compare and contrast.

Martian Bubbler vs Merlin Recycler

Martian Bubbler is more pocket-friendly than the Merlin Bubbler.

The Merlin bubbler is pretty magical. It features a 100% quartz banger. If you want to switch from rolled cigarettes to dabbing, you can do so in a moment's notice. The design is a little less travel-friendly than the Martian bubbler, with some tentacle-like pathways that seem like they'd break if dropped. It's also larger by a few inches. The Martian bubbler on the other hand is just one solid piece. Other than that, the two mini bubblers are fairly similar. They're finely crafted from clean and clear borosilicate glass that's highly resistant to extreme temperature. And they both deliver great flavor and smoothness. But if you want to swap between rolled cigs and dabs, the Merlin is the way to go.

Martian Bubbler vs King Toke

Martian Bubbler standing next to the Hydra Bubbler.

The King Toke is the same exact size as the Martian bubbler but features a pyramid design. Inside the chamber there's a dual-slit diffuser, which is the main difference between King Toke and the Martian. The vapor quality is a little better, but nothing too substantial. The other difference is the mouthpiece, which is located on the very top of the pyramid whereas the Martian's pokes out of the side. That means there's also no pendant ring for wearing the King Toke like a necklace. If you want that option go with the Martian.

Martian Bubbler vs Commander

Martian Bubbler next to the tank-shaped Commander Bubbler.

The MJ Arsenal Commander is a bubbler shaped like an American tank. But that's not all it offers. It also has a triple-slit diffuser. That's 3 times as many as the Martian Bubbler. So if you want more water filtration, the Commander is the way to go. It features green tinted borosilicate glass that's thick so you can drop it without worrying too much about breakage. If you're cool with the military design, the Commander offers more than the Martian bubbler, which is interesting since it's not as popular. People are missing out.

Martian Bubblers Vs Hydra Rig

Martian Bubbler standing next to the Hydra Bubbler.

The Hydra Mini Rig is a bit like the Merlin. It's a bubbler that doubles as a dab rig, which is convenient. But it has a triple hole percolator for added water filtration. The air path spirals around the chamber like a snake, hence the name Hydra. Water continuously cycles through the vapor path as long as you're inhaling, ensuring a smoother hit. The vapor production is definitely more comfortable than the Martian, but the Hydra isn't as pocket-friendly.

Is the Martian Bubbler for You?

If you love smoking but want something smoother, you'll like the Martian Bubbler. It's small enough that you can carry it around, but big enough to offer some surprisingly decent water filtration. The design is solid and likeable with impressive water filtration. It also doesn't let your rolled cigarette run. At just under $20, the Martian Blunt Bubbler is the most affordable in the MJ Arsenal lineup. If you're over the harshness of rollies, a close encounter with this mini bubbler will be worth it.