MJ Arsenal Mini Dab Rigs on display

Why You Might Need A Mini Dab Rig

Concentrate consumption technology has moved fast these last few years. Those who fancied concentrates used to have to rely on large dab rigs but now can enjoy draws from variable voltage vape pens or even induction heated desktop units.

These high-tech options certainly have their place for on-the-go users or those who don’t want to pack a torch, but one of the newest (and smallest) trends in the concentrate world might be the best option for those wanting to boost cloud size and enhance their flavor experience.

mj arsenal mini rigs in front of a flower vase

Of course, we’re talking about mini dab rigs. Here at vapor.com we stock the latest mini dab rigs from MJ Arsenal, a homegrown Denver, CO company, and always enjoy anytime a new model comes across our desks. We’re going to break down just what makes mini rigs so special and outline a few of our favorite MJ Arsenal designs.

Let’s dive in!

What Is A Mini Dab Rig?

Based on the name alone you probably assumed that mini rigs are...small-than-usual dab rigs. While it isn’t always smart to assume things, this is one instance where you’d be correct.

Mini rigs function in the exact same way as traditional concentrate rigs, just on a smaller scale. MJ Arsenal figured out that mini rigs are better equipped to handle concentrates thanks to the reduction in the volume of air inside the rig. Basically, less air means more flavor.

mj arsenal jammer mini rig being held by a regular sized hand
Aside from the fantastic flavor production, mini rigs provide more concentrated vapor than regular-sized rigs. With the smaller volume inside of the mini rig, your vapor doesn’t have anywhere to expand to, so even small amounts of material will produce thicker-than-usual draws. These draws won’t have the usual harshness of dense pulls, which makes the whole process a lot more comfortable.

One of the added benefits of owning a mini rig is the increased level of portability. A lot of MJ Arsenal’s designs feature a keychain loop for mobile concentrate users, and the borosilicate glass design ensures a shatter-proof situation should your mini rig take a tumble.

Using a mini concentrate rig is the exact same as a traditional sized setup, you’ll just need to heat your nail and add the concentrates once your desired temperature is met.

Mini Dab Rigs We Like

Keeping a variety of shapes and percolators is what sets MJ Arsenal aside from other mini rig companies. Each piece has its own percolator, so there are options for those who put a premium on filtration options. A quartz banger is also included to ensure heightened flavor from your concentrates.

We have a multitude of MJ Arsenal mini rigs in stock, but these are our personal favorites right now.

MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Rig

mj arsenal royale mini rig product shot on table

This is one of MJ Arsenal’s most striking mini concentrate rigs. The Royale features a Fab-Egg percolator to help sift your vapor and moisture cool each draw; the internal chambers function as the percolator, with small holes connecting the upper and lower chambers. MJ Arsenal also gave the Royale domed walls to help recycle your vapor back into the percolator, creating double the water filtration.

MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig

mj arsenal atlas mini rig product shot on table

The MJ Arsenal Atlas is geared for the spherically-inclined concentrate users. A striking double-ball chamber not only is eye-catching it also keeps water inside of the chamber and out of your air path. Your vapor will make maximum surface area contact with the water inside of the mini dab rig, generating dense and smoother draws. The Atlas also features a honeycomb percolator, for added filtration.

MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig

mj arsenal jammer mini rig product shot on table

For concentrate users who want a more toned down and traditional looking mini rig, the MJ Arsenal Jammer is a fantastic choice. A base-connected percolator sends your vapor to the bottom of the chamber, encouraging fine bubbles to rise up and cool your draws. This no-frills mini dab rig is a fantastic daily driver, and is easy to clean when needed.

Let Us Know About Your Mini Dab Rig Experience

Have you made the switch from a traditional rig to a mini dab rig? Let us know in the comments if you’re a mini rig veteran or a newcomer to the small world of mini rigs.

Make sure to keep an eye out for limited edition MJ Arsenal drops during holidays, they always have a few surprises up their sleeves…