MJ Arsenal Mini Rig Spotlight

MJ Arsenal Mini Rig Spotlight

The rise in concentrate use and availability has helped rigs grow in popularity and performance.An ongoing issue with finding a top-tier concentrate rig has been price. Users who enjoy rigs are sometimes put in a tough spot: Do you use concentrates enough to justify spending +$200? Do you feel comfortable spending that much in case you drop the rig?

The search for an affordable concentrate rig can be a pain. Thankfully, MJ Arsenal has provided affordable, durable, and high-performing concentrate rigs in unique shapes. We’re going to guide you through what makes their concentrate rigs so elite, while also spotlighting a few of our favorite rigs.

Who Is MJ Arsenal?

MJ Arsenal lineup

Based out of Denver, Colorado, MJ Arsenal takes traditional concentrate rig features and puts them in a compact and unique package. Best known for their mini bubblers, MJ Arsenal shrunk water filtration down to pocket-sized concentrate rigs, making it possible to enjoy cool draws anywhere.

Airtight seals and borosilicate glass give MJ Arsenal rigs and bubblers elite durability, while providing efficient water filtration. Borosilicate glass is thermal-resistant with a clean and clear appearance, and its inert nature brings the maximum amount of flavor and aroma out of your material.

MJ Arsenal makes their concentrate rigs compact to reduce the volume of air inside, bringing out all the flavor of your concentrate. Because your concentrate smoke is closer to the water filtration, it is cooled even more before reaching your lips—  creating velvety smooth draws. Each concentrate rig features a different percolator, giving you plenty of options while concentrate rig shopping on a budget.

Now that we’ve run down what makes MJ Arsenal great, let’s take a tour of some of their best affordable concentrate rigs!

The Merlin Recycler Joint Bubbler and Mini-Rig -- $39.99

MJ Arsenal Merlin

The Merlin was MJ Arsenal’s first foray into the concentrate rig world, and they did it by combining it with their rolled cone bubbler. This is a fantastic piece due to the dual functionality it offers; you’re able to switch between a cone or concentrate almost instantly, pleasing those that might prefer one over the other when it comes to sessioning.

A complex water filtration system is packed inside of the Merlin, pulling water into the upper chamber and repeatedly washing your draw through a water filtration cycle. Each pull has ample time to attach to moisture, delivering smooth vapor in seconds. MJ Arsenal gave the Merlin a quartz banger to unleash all of your concentrate’s flavor, and with the compact size of the Merlin, every draw results in thick, voluminous clouds.

The Royale Mini Rig™ -- $49.99

MJ Arsenal Royale

This is one of the more ornate concentrate rigs to have been mass produced, but don’t let the fragile aesthetic fool you, the Royale is a beast when it comes to vapor production. The fab-egg percolator in the Royale has small holes connecting the upper and lower chambers to diffuse your vapor through water. Domed walls quickly recycle draws two times over for added moisture conditioning.

A flared mouthpiece promotes optimal airflow by creating an airtight seal between your lips and the glass, delivering the most flavor possible. Heating the included quartz banger “slow and low” will allow for a more flavorful experience with no combustion.

The Jammer Mini Rig™ -- $49.99

MJ Arsenal Jammer

The variety of percolators available from MJ Arsenal is almost endless. The Jammer Mini Rig features a base-connected percolator that sends your vapor to the bottom of the chamber, forcing it to rise up through the cooling water. This simple, yet functional design is a pillar of all MJ Arsenal mini rigs. A heat-resistant airpath preserves flavor notes and maintains a clear aesthetic.

The Jammer fits in the palm of your hand, making this a fantastically affordable concentrate rig for those who enjoy festivals or camping trips. Extra-thick 4 mm borosilicate glass ensures protection from drops or tumbles.

The Hydra Mini Rig™ -- $39.99

MJ Arsenal Hydra

MJ Arsenal has become one of the best in the business at producing eye-catching concentrate rigs. The Hydra Mini Rig has a serpent-like filtration system that gives the silhouette a stunning and elegant look. With a splash guard and spill-resistant percolator, you won’t ever have to worry about bathing your shirt in concentrate water.

The coolest feature of the Hydra is the Klein recycler that is used. Draws pass through a triple-hole percolator, diffusing into fine bubbles; the bubbles travel through two arms into a cyclone of water. As the pressure of your inhale pulls vapor through the recycler repeatedly, it attaches to more moisture, becoming smoother and denser. A bonus to the Klein recycles is that the spiraling filtration removes impurities from each draw, ensuring clean vapor.


If you’re in need of an affordable concentrate rig, MJ Arsenal should be your go to. Sturdy construction, stylish-yet-functional designs, and a wide array of percolators give you a ton of options for your next rig— all without breaking the ban!. What we’ve highlighted here are just a few of the affordable concentrate rigs MJ Arsenal has to offer. You can check out more of them here and peruse their extensive line of cone bubblers.