February Vaporizer Spotlight - What's New At vapor

February Vaporizer Spotlight - What's New At vapor

This month we welcome six new additions to the VaporNation family. Each of these bundles of joy offers a new way to relax and let the reality of legalization sink in. They are powerful, portable, and stealthy, enabling quick hits on-the-go. Compatibility ranges from dry herb to wax down to oil--and in one case, all three. 

AirVape X for Dry Herb - $179.00



  • New Magnetic Mouthpiece

  • 25% Bigger Ceramic Chamber

  • Hybrid Conduction/Convection Heating

  • Haptic Feedback

  • Lightweight Aluminum Chassis

  • LED Display

  • Precision Temperature (200F-420F)

  • Customized Auto-Shutoff

AirVape X is a worthy successor to the AirVape Xs portable dry herb vaporizer. Featherlight and slim, but built durably with a tough aluminum chassis, this pocket-friendly device harnesses advanced features beneath its sleek surfaces. The overall experience is portable, powerful, and dynamic, a great tool for dry herb enthusiasts who enjoy exerting control over their vapor profiles while staying light on their feet.

Now with a larger ceramic chamber, the X accommodates longer sessions with fewer reloads. The mouthpiece/chamber lid snaps on and off magnetically for easy loading. An LED display shows temperature, battery, and session length. You can choose a precise temperature using the simple control interface, as well as adjust your auto-shutoff time to prevent overheating and preserve battery.

For such a compact device, the AirVape X packs power. The heating system, a combo of surface-based conduction and air-based convection, generates vapor in just 20 seconds. The vapor is tasty, smooth, and expansive on the higher temperatures. Like an iPhone, the X vibrates to let you know when temperature has been reached and more.

AirVape OM Mini for Oil Concentrates - $29.99


  • Variable Voltage (2.4v to 4.0v)

  • 300mAh Battery

  • 5 Second Heating

  • Works with 510-Threaded Cartridges

  • Extra Compact

  • Elegant Metal Build

  • Keychain Ring

Generally, the smaller vaporizers get, the weaker their vapor becomes. Not so with the AirVape OM Mini, a vape so small it fits on a keychain. The hits, though not perfectly smooth, are surprisingly flavor-rich and filling. Its battery, boasting variable voltage, lets you play with vapor profiles, adjusting flavor levels, smoothness, and cloud size. At just 3” with big boy capabilities, you’ll be hard pressed to find a keychain vaporizer this accommodating.

The battery features variable voltage, toggled using a clicker on the butt end. The lowest setting delivers flavor. The highest makes larger clouds. Choosing a temperature is easy, and once you do the OM Mini heats in 5 seconds, perfect for on-the-go hits.  

The OM Mini is compatible with most 510-threaded oil cartridges, which is convenient. You can pick and choose between different oils. The tank is hidden behind an elegant bullet-like casing that makes the Mini look more like a keychain pendant than a vaporizer.

Vivant Incendio Enail for Dabbing Concentrates - $139.99


  • Glass Bubbler

  • SiO2 Glass Heating Element

  • 5000mAh Battery

  • Temperature Control

  • Enail Mode

  • Wattage Mode

  • 510-Threaded

  • 10 Second Heating

Put down the torch and pick up the Vivant Incendio, a compact but mighty enail that delivers the huge, potent rips of a dab rig with more portability and ease-of-use. The unit is small, but its powerful 5000mAh battery is all grown up, enabling big hits in 10 seconds. The focal point of that power is a SiO2 glass heating element that vaporizes wax without causing harsh hits or foul tastes.

(An SiO2 Glass Heating Element delivers full flavor.) 

The incendio excels at the essential, giving you full control over your dabs. Most of that control comes from a variable temperature and wattage battery. You can choose from a number of settings within two modes called “Enail” and “Variable Wattage.” Exploring different vapor profiles is easy with a simple control interface. A 510-threaded connection enables compatibility with other atomizers, further expanding the possibilities.

The Incendio is versatile in that it can be used like a vape pen when need be. It delivers smooth rips when the glass bubbler is attached, but it’s pocket-friendly with the glass tank screwed on. That versatility is rare for an enail, and completely unheard of among desktop dab rigs, which makes Incendio just about the best choice for portable dabbing these days.

Arizer Air 2 for Dry Herb - $229.99



  • 50% Stronger Battery

  • Faster Heating

  • New Precision Temperature

  • Isolated Airpath

  • Glass Aroma Tubes

  • Portable

  • USB Pass-Through Charging

The latest version of Arizer Air 2 has longer battery life and faster heating with vapor quality equal to its impressive predecessor. The isolated airpath and heavy-duty heating system produce some of the best vapor known to humankind. The customizable settings allow you to control every aspect of your sessions, from audio alerts and auto shut-off down to display brightness and temperature. In a nutshell, the Arizer Air 2 offers fans of “true vaporization” a portable experience (when usually they have to opt for a stationary desktop unit for vapor this good). And it delivers on its promise.

Arizer Air 2 comes with a belt-clip carrying case so you can carry the whole kit with you in a more or less discreet way. The kit includes a removable battery, 2 glass aroma tubes, rubber caps for the tubes so you can load them before going out, stir tool, 4 screens, a glass dish, and USB charger. The battery is removable, so you can buy more and have one fully charged on your person for a quick swap if you don’t want to wait to charge up.

The Air 2 isn’t the most compact device. But it’s about as pocket-friendly as a high-performance vaporizer can get. Its true strength is powerful heating that sends smooth, flavor-rich vapor down an inert path that preserves its fidelity. Thermal-resistant glass tubes act as a mouthpiece, which lets vapor cool off a bit before you inhale. You simply load the cup on the end of the tube with dry herb and snugly fit it into the heating chamber located atop the unit. Arizer Air 2 is for those who don’t want to be tethered to a desktop vaporizer to enjoy true-blue vapor.

Source Orb XL V2 for Wax - $149.95


  • Quad Coil Black Ceramic Atomizer

  • Ceramic Coilless Atomizer

  • Quartz Coilless Atomizer w/ Removable Bucket

  • Adjustable Airflow

  • Precision Temperature (200F - 700F)

  • Grade 1 Titanium Coils

  • Works with Over 20 SOURCE Atomizers

  • Lifetime Warranty

Source Orb XL V2 is versatile and well-built. It fires up to 700F. And yet it fits easily in your pocket like a vape pen. You can focus the overwhelming force of its palm-friendly mod battery on precise temperatures, and experiment with over 20 SOURCE atomizers--three of which are included. The glimmering, curvaceous stainless steel 303 mouthpiece features adjustable airflow so you can customize your draw resistance. Versatility abounds with this unit. The build quality is so solid, so sleek, it makes vaping feel masterful.

(A black ceramic quad coil absorbs wax into its porous surface to deliver huge, intensely flavorful clouds.)

Compatibility with over 20 atomizers is no small thing. It opens up a world of possibilities. And with SOURCE atomizers, the potential for hugely satisfying sessions is very promising. They are well-known for their high quality materials. They also come in a variety of rarely seen designs, including removable buckets that are easier to clean out or replace. SOURCE does its customers the good service of always making their new atomizers and attachments compatible with older versions of their vaporizers. The Orb XL V2 will always be upgradeable and never obsolete.

The three included atomizers are as follows: A quad coil that boasts the double function of extracting rich flavor while generating giant dab-like clouds. A ceramic coilless atomizer geared more toward thin oils, pulling the natural flavors out with minimal combustion. And the quartz coilless, which extracts great flavor and smooth rips from waxier oils.

With the SOURCE Orb XL V2, you get the feeling you have all your bases covered with plenty of room to explore different vaping styles. A lifetime warranty seals the deal.

Haze Square Pro for Herb, Wax, and Oil - $189.99


  • Compatible with Herb, Wax and Oil

  • Quad Chamber

  • Convection Heating

  • Adjustable Preset Temperatures

  • App-Controlled

  • USB-C Input

  • Compact Size

We’re 99.9% sure the Haze Square Pro is the first vaporizer with four heating chambers. Why does this matter? Because while most vaporizers are limited to one material--be it dry herb, oil, or wax--the Haze Square Pro can do all three. Moreover, it can be loaded with four different materials at once. The user simply twists the two pieces of the unit in opposite directions, a bit like a rubix cube, to cycle over to the next chamber and voila, you’re mixing it up.  

(A rotating quad chamber holds four different materials at once.) 

In addition to its all-in-one quad chamber, the Haze Square Pro boasts a convection heating system, rare in portable units. Rather than combust material against the hot surfaces of the chamber, hot air is sent in to thoroughly vaporize every bit. This is a more efficient heating system and you can taste the quality in each rip.

The Square Pro features preset temps that can be adjusted via app using the USB-C input, which also enables faster-than-usual charging. You can also customize the LED lights, vibrations, and temperature. And this smart little square will remember your last heat setting so you can start vaping faster at the beginning of each session rather than toggle temperature. A 10 year warranty stands as a testament to the quality of Haze’s latest masterpiece.