November Product Spotlight

November Product Spotlight

Hope everyone is ready to get hunkered down and enjoy winter. has a ton of new stuff to get you through these upcoming cold months. From backup batteries to classic dry herb accessories, we’ve got you covered!

O.pen 2.0 Battery


This isn’t your average vape battery. The O.penVAPE 2.0 is equipped with four voltage settings to give you total control over your vape session. With a stealthy yet stylish pen-style design, you can enjoy on-the-go sessions of your favorite concentrates. Simple stylus button controls work in conjunction with a color-coded light display to tell you just what voltage you’re using and how much battery life you have left. With rapid charging, an auto-shutoff feature, and compact size, the O.pen 2.0 could very well be your new favorite vape battery.

 Eyce Spoon Pipe


If you’re reading this and you’ve never broken a hand pipe, I salute you. For those of us who have experienced the heartbreak of a shattered piece, the Eyce Spoon Pipe is here to make sure that never happens again. Eyce constructed the first ever indestructible hand pipe out of borosilicate glass and a platinum-cured silicone body. An integrated stash container and poker let you carry everything you need to have a great session, and an array of colors let you express yourself to the fullest.

Marley Natural Walnut Series

From Marley Natural comes the Marley Natural Walnut Series of dry herb accessories. Each piece is a combination of ultra-strong borosilicate glass and safely-sourced Black Walnut wood to bring a nature-infused vibe to your dry herb sessions. The walnut pieces of each accessory are detachable to help with cleaning. Each piece has a unique design and feels comfortable in-hand. 

Marley Natural Bubbler


Perfectly balanced with a striking design, the Marley Natural Bubbler is an elegant addition to your next dry herb session. The base of the Marley Natural Bubbler is proportioned to give a large volume of water for ample filtration, while the globe-shaped percolator brings you smooth smoke with each draw.      

Marley Natural Taster


Take your dry herb draws in style with the Marley Natural Taster. Designed for users who want to enjoy dry herb anywhere, this taster is one of the more striking one-hitters available today. Ultra-strong borosilicate glass is paired with Black Walnut to give you the classiest one-hitter experience possible. Add this piece to your stash box to elevate your accessory game.

Marley Natural Steamroller


Marley Natural gave their steamroller a design that is low-key while still delivering the heavy-duty effects steamrollers are famous for. The Marley Natural Steamroller delivers powerful hits thanks to a “straight pipe” design that lets a large amount of smoke collect, giving you an increased intake of your favorite materials. Knowing that some of us are clumsy, Marley Natural included a curved wood stand to ensure your Marley Natural Steamroller won’t roll out of your life.  

Marley Natural Spoon Pipe


Rounding out the Walnut Series is the classic Marley Natural Spoon Pipe. Quality and durability have meshed in this pipe’s design, giving you a classical looking spoon pipe that performs at the highest level. Heat-resistant glass and a rounded stem bring you consistent draws that are velvety smooth. Thanks to the compact size of the Marley Natural Spoon Pipe, it is conducive to travel and can fit in most stash boxes.

DaVinci MIQRO Replacement Battery


Need a battery for your DaVinci MIQRO? Want to be 100% sure it will keep your vape operating at its top performance? Look no further than the DaVinci MIQRO Replacement Battery. The DaVinci MIQRO sports interchangeable batteries, so if you’re on the go and have a dead battery situation you can easily swap a new one in and continue your session. This is an OEM product so you can be sure that your DaVinci MIQRO won't miss a beat once the new battery is in. 

Prepara Evak Containers


Keep your dry herb as fresh as possible thanks to Prepara Evak Containers. Simple operation makes Evak Containers a must-have for users who tend to stock up on dry herb. No buttons or levers are involved. You just need to insert your dry herb, push down the lid to create an airtight seal and boom, your dry herb is preserved. A twin valve system removes air from the interior preventing any staleness. Made from medical-grade borosilicate glass, the Prepara Evak Containers can withstand most drops or tumbles while the BPA-free plastic preserves your essential compounds.