October Product Spotlight

October Product Spotlight

As we enter the month of Halloween it’s time to get serious about the scary lack of new gear in your dry herb arsenal. We’ve got a bunch of new products to help you enjoy everything from edibles to concentrates, check out what’s new this month and get yourself geared up for the spookiest month of the year!

NOVA Decarboxylator


In order to get the “perfect edible”, you need the perfect combination of time and temperature. Time and heat are the main catalysts that cause decarboxylation to flush out the most important aspects of your dry herb. The Nova Lift Decarboxylator is the simplest way to fully activate your dry herb and get the most out of your edible: just toss (or gently place, your call) the dry herb into the NOVA Decarboxylator and press the button. After the process is done your dry herb will be “activated”, and you can simply sprinkle the herb into your prep. Because this process is so efficient in activating the essential compounds of your dry herb you’ll be saving a good amount of material each dish. So get grandmas' recipe book out and put a new spin on things!

MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig


This month we have a few new MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs! First up is the Atlas Mini Rig. The “double ball” shape of the Atlas keeps the water in close contact with your hot vapor, and away from your mouth. The low-lying, honeycomb style percolator gives you fantastic function in such a small shape. Don’t let the size fool you, this mini rig packs a punch!

MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Rig


Always packing a punch despite its stature MJ Arsenal has unleashed the Ursa Mini Rig on the masses. Inside the classicly shaped rig is a base-connected discus percolator that diffuses your smoke into fine bubbles for maximum water filtration. As each draw passes through the barrel-shaped water chamber it is purified, moisturized, and amplified for velvety smooth, dense clouds. These aren’t the only two MJ Arsenal products we added this month so check out their page to take a look!  

Vapium Lite


The Vapium Lite is here for any adventure you take it on. With pocket-friendly design, fully ceramic heating chamber, and 8 different heat settings you’ll be able to enjoy flavor rich pulls or huge clouds anywhere you’d like. The ceramic heating chamber extracts more compounds from less material thanks to its purity. Compact enough to travel anywhere this vape delivers good vibes with no worries. Grind it fine, pack it tight and the Vapium Lite will do you right.

Re-Stock of Marley Natural Walnut Series and the new Rise Up Collection from Marley Natural!

After a long wait, we’ve restocked the iconic Walnut Series from Marley Natural. Each piece is crafted from borosilicate glass and gorgeous reliably sourced Black Walnut, check them out here to add a tasteful show-piece to your collection.

Marley Natural is bringing the heat again with their Rise Up Collection. With positivity in mind and the goal of spreading the word of dry herb, Marley Natural has created stylish silhouettes emblazoned with the name of their philanthropic enterprise on each accessory. Each piece delivers a low-key dry herb experience perfect for bungalow hangouts or weekend hiking trips.

Rise Up Spoon


Crafted from medical-strength borosilicate glass the Marley Natural Rise Up Spoon is a perfect addition to your stash box. Compact in overall size but equipped with a large bowl, the Rise Up Spoon has plenty of room for your smoke to swirl and cool down before getting to your lips. A substantial carb cap ensures balanced airflow during each session as well. Tinted glass and bold scarlet letting add fierce style to this classic spoon.

Rise Up Water Pipe


Harkening back to classic water pipe shapes the Marley Natural Rise Up Water Pipe will amp up your sessions thanks to fantastic water filtration and smooth draws. An 8 slit percolator boosts purification and moisturizes smoke for a truly elevated experience. With a bit of a “showpiece” vibe, the Rise Up Water Pipe’s bold red lettering will catch your eye without dominating whatever room it's in.

Rise Up Taster


Another great addition for the travel-ready dry herb user the Marley Natural Rise Up Taster is ready to go anywhere! Crafted from extra sturdy borosilicate glass the Rise Up Taster can take any bumps and bruises you might put it through. Perfect for a quick taste of your preferred dry herb this pocket-sized taster is ready to perform whenever you need it to.

Rise Up Bubbler


Each piece in the Marley Natural Rise Up Collection has a seamless blend of style and function, culminating in the gorgeous Rise Up Bubbler. Intelligent proportions combined with elegant symmetry elevate your dry herb sessions. The classic Marley 8 slit percolator works in conjunction with a large carb to purify your smoke before it reaches your lungs, that plus an ashcatch ensure a clean session every time.

Rise Up Steamroller


Rounding out the Marley Natural Rise Up line is the Rise Up Steamroller. Designed to make packing easier than ever the Rise Up Steamroller is equipped with a “thumb-press” bowl to alleviate any wasted dry herb problems. An extended chamber works with the carb to ease smoke into your lungs with smoothness and flavor.

banana bros. OTTO Grinder- Super Trooper Edition


Meow are you ready for a limited edition banana bros. OTTO? Inspired by the cult classic “Super Troopers” this automatic milling and filling machine will grind and load your cone with absolute authority. The banana bros. OTTO won’t ever get jammed during grinding thanks to patented SMART Technology and a spill-proof o-funnel perfectly loads your cones each time. Capable of filling 20-30 cones each charge the banana bros. OTTO Grinder- Super Trooper Edition is so efficient, it should be illegal!

So that’s what we have for yall this month, keep an eye out for new products hitting the site as we get closer to Halloween!