OTTO Grinder Review - Grinds AND Fills Cones

OTTO Grinder Review - Grinds AND Fills Cones

Meet the OTTO™ by banana bros.™, the first all-in-one device that grinds your herb and fills a perfect cone with it. Just fill it up, add your premium cone, and click the button. The OTTO converts herb to smokable cones in just a few seconds.

If you’re looking to snag a new automatic filling machine or electric grinder, the OTTO combines each function into one device. What's more, it does both really well. You'd think an "all-in-one" device would be a little clunky, but the OTTO is actually simple, functional and easy-to-use.

OTTO comes with 20 premium banana bros. cones made of unbleached, GMO and chlorine raw fiber. They deliver slow, even burning that connoisseurs will appreciate. It also works with any king or cal-king sized cones, letting you auto-fill your favorite wraps. If you happen to run out, check out the banana bros. cones here and get stocked up!   

So will the OTTO become the new norm? Let's take a closer look at the first ever smart automatic grinder and rolling machine. 


The OTTO is a hybrid device, combining the functionality of an electric grinder and filling machine. At the moment, nothing else grinds and fills your herb this efficiently. 

Using the OTTO is simple. Equipped with a patented Perfect Fill System™, the OTTO pops open so you can load your herb in the grinder. From there you load the cone tube with a premium cone. Now just connect the grinder to the tube and push the button.

OTTO finely grinds your herb before filling your cone to perfection. The whole process is much simpler and downright better than grinding and rolling by hand. 


 The OTTO grinder comes with everything you need to get started:

  • 20 Premium Cones

  • Measuring Cup

  • O Funnel Attachment

  • 4-1 Cleaning Tool

  • Rapid Charging USB cable

  • Fresh Seal Cone Tube 

Everything comes in a cushy collector's box. 


The OTTO features a sleek, functional design that's easy to use and effective at preparing your joints.

At first glance, the device is surprisingly compact and travel-friendly. It's also quite elegant.

OTTO looks great standing alone on your counter or coffee table and its black coloring will fit in with any ambiance. This is a discreet device that isn't easily recognizable as an herb grinder/electric rolling machine. 

For those who travel often, the OTTO is easily broken down when it must be stored or moved, and with a grand total of two pieces, you’ll have a tough time losing anything.

The design is accommodating of other wraps besides those offered by banana bros. A big problem with joint rollers is they're often incompatible with any brand of cone you might have. Not the case with the OTTO. It's compatible with any type of king- or cal king-sized cones.

While most electric grinders are plug-in, the OTTO is wireless. You can charge up via USB, too, which makes it easy to power up from your car, computer, or wall outlet.


The OTTO is a smooth operator. Not only will it load a perfect cone, it will do so with perfectly milled herb.

Using the device is clean and efficient. Before the herb grinders came on the scene, smokers were left with two options--stuffing the entire bud into a bowl or using their fingers to break up the herb. Both are messy and wasteful. The OTTO streamlines all this by automatically funneling your herb into a cone right after it's ground. 

Speaking of grinding, the OTTO is the only automatic herb grinder that automatically changes its movements using SMART Grind Technology™. Sensing the size of its contents, it will adjust accordingly to ensure the perfect grind. The result is a finely milled herb and a more cannabinoid-rich smoking experience.

For kief-lovers, the vertical design ensures that the majority of herb crystals end up at home in your cone rather than stuck in the grinder.

The OTTO isn't the quietest device, but it's not too loud either. Expect a moderate grinding noise as it goes to work for you.

Overall, this electric herb grinder delivers the perfect sized granules for unlocking the most compounds from your material, all while saving you a lot of time and energy. It also efficiently fills cones. The joints, which are created in a short time, don't run or break. 


One button. That’s all it takes to get grinding and rolling. OTTO is intuitive enough that smokers of any experience level can use it.


The OTTO's SMART grinding solves the dreaded “herb jam” issue that's so common with electric herb grinders. Most devices will encounter a blockage and continue to spin itself in the direction it was going, hoping to just power through the herbs. If the electric grinder can’t get through the herb, it will overheat the unit and you’re left with a smoking, once functioning automatic grinder.

With the OTTO, none of this is a concern. If there's a jam, it simply readjusts and powers through.


With a quick click of the side latch, OTTO pops open, ready to be loaded with herb. Fill the included measuring cup and pour the contents inside the OTTO grinder. Once OTTO is loaded you can fill the tube with a fresh cone and attach it to the grinder via the magnet connection. Now push the button.

10 seconds later and you’re ready to twist your cone and smoke. Each cone is loaded evenly with the perfect amount of herb, ensuring a smooth burn that won’t run or fizzle out in the middle of your session. 

An ordinary rolling machine usually does just that--roll joints and nothing else. But the OTTO works with the bowl of your vaporizer or pipe too. Just use the included O Funnel™, an accessory that clips to the bottom of the device.


There you have it. The most technologically advanced rolling machine that’s also an automatic herb grinder. Honestly, we haven’t figured out a catch-all term for the OTTO (grindoller maybe?), but that won’t stop us from being impressed.

The OTTO does its job faster and smarter than the average grinder ever could. Its grinding feature is all the more impressive when you remember that it adapts to herb density. The end result is some impressively milled herb that gives heat more surface area for extracting cannabinoids. 

With a smart, subtle design, OTTO is smaller and more sophisticated than the average electric filling machine. And it grinds herb at a rate faster than any electric herb grinder we've come across. Stylishly simplistic, efficient, and convenient, OTTO sets a new standard for smoking accessories. 


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