Portable Vaporizer Batteries: Box vs Pen Style

Portable Vaporizer Batteries: Box vs Pen Style

When it comes to the construction of portable vaporizers, battery-style most affects the user’s experience. Users wanting more power will go with what is known as a “box style” battery, while those who want more discretion will gravitate towards “pen style” batteries. We’re going to break down the positives and negatives for each and spotlight a few top performers, let us know in the comments if you have a favorite that we missed!

Box Style Vaporizer Batteries

As you might have guessed, box style vaporizers come in a rectangular shape. Larger than their pen style counterparts, box style vaporizer batteries offer a greater power capacity for large clouds and a faster heat up time. This style of vaporizer battery is sometimes called “mods” in the e-juice world and were the first recognizable portable vaporizers. As time went on companies were able to make their box style vaporizer batteries more portable and less intrusive to the user’s everyday routine.

Slimmed down box style batteries have opened up the world of “concealed cartridge” style vaporizers. This is a great option for those looking for a discreet vaping option that still can produce thick clouds thanks to the larger power output. Concealed cartridge vaporizers keep your vaping low key without sacrificing power, and some come with variable voltage batteries allowing you to customize your clouds. Let’s get into a few box style vaporizer batteries that we’ve been enjoying lately!

HoneyStick Elf Vaporizer -- $34.99


We weren’t joking when we told you companies could make smaller box style vaporizer batteries. The HoneyStick Elf is one of the smallest vaporizers available today but still offers a powerful 3.7v auto draw battery. HoneyStick made the Elf compatible with most 510 threaded cartridges so if you have a favorite prefilled concentrate it should be able to fit the Elf. A magnetic connection between the battery and the cartridge is ensured thanks to a magnetic cap which makes for a trustworthy connection and the ability to quickly switch out cartridges.

iMini 3 -- $21.99

See...now we’re REALLY not joking about the size of these vaporizers. Not only is the iMini 3 one of the most compact vaporizers out right now it also offers a variable voltage battery letting you customize your vapor experience. Users can choose between 3.4v, 3.7v, and 4.0v to experience every aspect of their material’s flavor. Just like the HoneyStick Elf the iMini 3 offers a magnetic connection to house 510 thread cartridges. Users wanting temperature flexibility and compact size from their box style vaporizer battery will be hard pressed to find a better option than the iMini 3.

KandyPens C-Box Pro -- $49.95

Back to our regularly scheduled size of box style vaporizer batteries. The KandyPens C-Box Pro was designed to fit larger than usual 510 threaded cartridges. Now able to fit tanks up to 10.55 mm, the C-Box Pro gives you more choices when it comes to pairing a prefilled cartridge with your box vaporizer battery. What the C-Box Pro lacks in compact size it more than makes up for in temperature flexibility. Users can vape their concentrates at 3.4v, 3.6v, 3.8v, or 4.0v giving a ton of options in terms of flavor and cloud density.

Pen Style Vaporizer Batteries

Nowadays pen style vaporizer batteries dominate the market. These units are more slender than their box style counterparts and offer a little more in the way of portability and discretion. The narrow size of pen style batteries limits their battery capacity and therefore you might lose out on some cloud size.

There are a TON of manufacturers of pen style vaporizer batteries, which makes availability great but can create some turmoil quality wise. Let’s take a look at some of the pen style vaporizer batteries that have been crushing it for us lately!

KandyPens 350mAh Battery -- $34.95


In terms of pen style vaporizer batteries, the KandyPens 350mAh is one of the more powerful options out there. The 350mAh output of this battery allows it to offer three voltages to vape with: 3.7v, 3.9v, and 4.1v. With such a wide array of voltages, you can experience the entirety of your concentrate’s flavors and cloud sizes. With 510 threading the KandyPens 350mAh Battery can accommodate your prefilled cartridges and allow them to reach their full potential with every draw.

O.PenVAPE ISH Battery -- $19.99

This is a no-nonsense pen style vaporizer battery in every way possible. Coming in at just three inches in length and featuring stainless steel construction the O.PenVAPE ISH Battery can stand up to everyday drops without missing a draw. The draw-activated battery starts to heat your material as soon as you inhale, meaning no heat up time and heightened discretion. O.Pen gave this pen style vaporizer battery output of 3.7v, giving you a nice “in between” when it comes to flavor and cloud size.

280mAh Variable Voltage Battery -- $21.50


Bridging the gap between the last two pen style vaporizer batteries is the 280mAh Variable Voltage Battery. This unit heats quickly like the O.Pen, and offers temperature options like the KandyPens Unit, but with an additional voltage. Single button control makes this a great “beginner” pen style vaporizer battery: five clicks power the unit on, three clicks switch voltages, and two activate the preheat setting which will warm up your material for 10 seconds when discretion is needed.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’re a little better prepared for your next portable vaporizer battery purchase, keep in mind we constantly are adding new stock so stay tuned for more battery options!