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Revelry Bag Spotlight

Revelry Bag Spotlight

Upgrading your bag game can make your daily commute or next adventure that much easier. A reliable bag gives you peace of mind that your belongings are safe, and with Revelry bags, you can also be sure your dry herb or concentrate material and devices stay discreetly stored.

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All of Revelry’s bags and clutches come with a smartly engineered system of layers to trap odors. The outermost layer is rubber-backed nylon engineered for strength and to protect the Dual Carbon Filter that is in each item. Revelry added the Dual Carbon Filter to...well...filter any unwanted odors. The last layer is a cotton lining, which is uber-soft and helps the lifespan of the Dual Carbon Filter. It doesn’t matter if you’re trimming or just heading to your buddy’s place for a session, Revelry bags are here to serve every consumer. If you need to “reset” your bags odor situation you can just toss any of the Revelry bags into a dryer for a few minutes and the odors are released.

We’ve got a slew of Revelry products in stock so head on over here to check out not only bags but a flask and a handy lock. For now we’re going to spotlight three of our go-to Revelry bags that we absolutely love right now, there’s something for everyone so let us know in the comments if you have a favorite Revelry bag that we missed!

The Revelry Escort: A Fantastic Everyday Bag 

Who doesn’t love a classic backpack silhouette? The Revelry Escort comes in a multitude of low-key colors that stick to the “muted yet stylish” palette to ensure the Revelry Escort goes with any outfit of the day. Inside of the bag is a laptop divider and a secret inner stash pocket.

revelry escort backpack

The laptop divider goes a long way in terms of organization possibilities, and the stash pocket is the perfect size for a hefty sessions worth of material. Revelry made the Escort functional for an office or campus with a streamlined look. The zipper of the Escort bag is 100% waterproof, and the rubber-backed exterior sheds water well should you get caught in the rain.

The Revelry Confidant: Ready For Any Setting

Need to pack your toiletries and a nightcap for a trip? Heading to a dinner party and want a low-key yet stylish clutch? Whatever the setting, the Revelry Confidant will fit in seamlessly while keeping your goods discreet.

revelry confidant bag

The single pocket design of the Confidant helps cut down on “rummage time” when looking for something, and the custom lining and exterior work together to protect the bag from everyday wear and tear. Just like the Escort, the Confidant is available in muted tones that can be incorporated into any ensemble.

Transporting your portable vaporizer or even an MJ Arsenal bubbler is easy and discreet with a bag like the Confidant.

The Revelry Overnighter: Big Enough For Overnight, Small Enough For The Gym

Full disclosure, we are suckers for a classic looking gym bag. The Revelry Overnighter is the smallest duffle available from Revelry which makes it a little more versatile than the larger options. Outer side pockets give you quick access to small necessities, and the inner stash pocket houses your dry herb or concentrate accouterments. An adjustable shoulder strap helps ensure a comfortable carry and the reinforced handles sit comfortably in hand during transport.

revelry overnighter bag

The reason we prefer the Overnighter to Revelry’s larger bags is the versatile size. This is a perfect bag for heading to the gym as the Carbon Filter System not only traps dry herb odors, but also those post-workout scents that can sometimes embarrass. On the flip side, as the name suggests, you can use this as a travel bag. The 28-liter volume easily fits a few days worth of clothes as well as toiletries.

Those are our top 3 Revelry bags right now, let us know in the comments which you prefer!