September Product Spotlight

September Product Spotlight

The summer is starting to fade away, why not pick your spirits up with a new vape battery or glass piece from Vapor Nation? We’ve got a whole slew of new products on deck, from oven lids to tasters, so you can find exactly what you need to get ready for these summer nights to end!


PAX Half Pack Oven Lid ($12.99)


PAX knows that sometimes you don’t want (or need) a fully packed oven full of dry herb, so they’ve created an easier way to parcel out your stash! The PAX Half Pack Oven Lid reduces the oven size of either the PAX 2 or PAX 3 around .1 grams. This oven lid ensures premium vapor quality no matter how much dry herb you decide to load. By allowing you to firmly pack each bowl, the PAX Half Pack Oven Lid promotes thorough, even vaporization for the maximum extraction of flavor and effects.

KandyPens 350mAh Battery ($34.95)


Say hello to more power in your pocket! KandyPens has delivered one of the only 350mAh 510 threaded vape batteries out today. This ultra-compact batter offers longer sessions and is equipped with variable voltage temperature settings. Want all the flavor you can handle? Awesome hit that lowest setting. Looking for magnificent cloud production? Well, that's a job for the higher voltages. No matter your preference the KandyPens 530mAh battery will deliver smooth draws from your favorite 510 threaded cartridges. Available in Cherry Red, Black, and White the KandyPens 350mAh battery looks as smooth as it performs.

Higher Standards Crystal Ashtray ($59.99)


Higher Standards aims to deliver cutting edge and modernly styled dry herb and concentrate accessories that reflect a certain air of sophistication. This theme is continued with the new Higher Standards Crystal Ashtray. Three triangular divots support anything from hand-rolled masterpieces to concentrates tools. Constructed from heavy-duty glass the Higher Standards Crystal Ashtray provides a good amount of heft for stability and durability while the three-point geometric design symbolizes true wisdom between body, mind, and spirit.

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Line

From the legend himself, we are proud to start carrying the Marley Natural Smoked Glass line. Marley Natural strives to bring positivity to the world through their dry herb, smoking accessories, and community initiatives through their foundation Rise Up. Their Smoked Glass line is as stylish as it is functional, with a piece for every dry herb enthusiast out there. Each piece is ultra-strong borosilicate glass and features elegant branding from Marley Natural.

Smoked Glass Bubbler ($108.00)


This one piece bubbler is a staple of the Smoked Glass Collection. Gorgeous symmetry and intelligent proportions make for an elevated smoking experience. Each detail of the Smoked Glass Bubbler has been carefully considered, from the 8-slit percolator stem to a practical splash-and-ash catch. A larger-than-usual carb diameter is intended to help clear smoke and make filling/emptying the bubbler easier.  

Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe ($52.00)


The most striking thing about the Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe is how it looks while resting. With a wide bowl, and a slightly narrow base, the Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe appears to be levitating. Designed with plenty of volume for smoke to swirl this pipe cools the smoke as each draw is cleared. An ash-catch in the mouthpiece is there to keep your sessions smooth.  

Smoked Glass Steamroller ($54.00)


Steamrollers are a staple of “old school” dry herb users. Marley Natural designed the Smoked Glass Steamroller to keep hold of the old ways while embracing a little more modern style. This steamroller makes each session a beautiful show. A unique “thumb press” bowl makes it easier to pack your dry herb compared to more rudimentary steamrollers. The weight of this piece feels comfortable in hand, and the chamber, bowl, and carb work in conjunction to deliver massive, smooth draws.

Smoked Glass Taster ($28.00)


There aren’t many tasters that are as eye-catching as the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster. The deep bowl holds enough dry herb for multiple draws, making this a rare “sessionable” taster. Just like the Steamroller an ash-catch keeps sessions insanely smooth until cashed. A rounded finish on the mouthpiece helps to concentrate and cool your smoke for a more pronounced flavor.  

Smoked Glass Water Pipe ($178.00)


This Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe can be considered a true “statement piece” that you’ll want to display proudly during your sessions. Thickly bolstered in the base for extra strength and balance the Smoked Glass Water Pipe won’t be easy to topple over. With an angled collar pullout bowl, another 8-slit percolator stem, ice catcher, and spacious expansion chamber each feature of this water pipe features combines art and science to deliver cool, smooth smoke.

banana bros. OTTO Grinder - Super Troopers Edition ($139.99)


Meow it's time to fill some cones! banana bros. has given their best-selling OTTO grinder a facelift with the new Super Troopers edition OTTO Grinder. With an authoritative mustache that commands respect this collector's edition OTTO Grinder will fill your cones as it grinds your dry herb to a perfectly milled consistency. A spill-proof o-funnel fills cones insanely fast, capable of filling 20-30 cones in a single charge the banana bros. OTTO Super Troopers edition is so quick it should be illegal.  

So there it guys our September slate that is sure to entice your dry herb or concentrate palate. Snag a battery, pipe, or ashtray and ease into fall in style!