Social CBD: What Your Wellness Routine Is Missing

Social CBD: What Your Wellness Routine Is Missing

CBD has never been more popular or accessible; there are seemingly an infinite number of ways to enjoy it's potential benefits and a plethora of companies doing their best to separate themselves from each other in order to be the best CBD producer on the market. 

Social CBD is considered one of the best CBD brands available, and is doing a fantastic job at proving why it is so popular among all types of consumers. 

Aside from producing a multitude of different forms of CBD, Social delivers peace of mind with their products by understanding the need for rigorous third-party testing as well as on-demand access to that testing. 

From vape pens to lip balm Social CBD does it's best to deliver top-tier CBD wellness products. Let's explore how Social CBD can make your wellness routine comprehensive and convenient!  

Social CBD's Process

Social CBD Drops in hand

Having access to CBD whenever and wherever we want is great, but knowing exactly what is going into your body is crucial in experiencing CBD the right way. Social CBD knows that health-conscious consumers want safe CBD in their wellness routine which is why they third-party test their products and have results readily available on a per-batch basis. 

Social CBD's third-party testing looks for important things like solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, microorganisms, and THC. There has never been (or will be) vitamin E acetate, PG, or VG in any of Social CBD's products, ensuring you're using some of the purest CBD available. 

Each Social CBD product has a Lab ID and Lot Number listed on the side of the packaging, all you have to do to get your batch's results is visit and you can know exactly what you'll be taking. There are also handy QR codes on their packaging that when scanned will take you straight to the lab results page, saving you some typing. 

Social CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are the most popular way people enjoy CBD, and Social does a fantastic job at providing flavorful (or not if you don't want it!) and easy-to-ingest CBD tinctures.

Broad Spectrum CBD provides all of the benefits of the hemp plant without any of the psychoactive effects. Social CBD utilizes MCT oil to make absorbing the tincture into the bloodstream easier for a more comprehensive experience. 

Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops - 750MG

Social CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Drops on table


Social CBD's Broad Spectrum Drops in the 750MG variety (there also is a 1500MG option) are some of the tastiest CBD drops we've come across. Available in Acai, Lemon, Blood Orange, Cinnamon, Natural, Pomegranate, and Vanilla Mint there is no palate that can't find the perfect option. The dropper applicator makes the Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops applicable to drinks, food, or enjoyed on their own.

For users that might want a more "pure" for of CBD, Social CBD offers CBD isolate drops as well.

Social CBD Isolate Drops - 200mg

Social CBD Lemon Isolate Drops on table

Social CBD's pure CBD Isolate drops come in a multitude of flavors to help your entire system react well to ingesting this CBD. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available and does not feature any signs of the "entourage effect", as there isn't anything other than Social's pure CBD that the tincture can react with. Social CBD's Isolate Drops can be added to drinks or ingested via the dropper, fitting into your routine anyway you need it to.

Social CBD Creams

When working with something as versatile as CBD top tier brands like Social can make a wide array of products to help dry skin, chapped lips, or aid in post-workout rejuvenation. 

Social CBD is constantly updating their lotion and rub options for consumers and has something for everyone when it comes to application style.

Social CBD Muscle Rub - Travel Size

Social CBD Muscle Cream in-use

Getting relief post-workout can sometimes be a pain, the Social CBD Muscle Rub is compact and brings soothing menthol paired with Social's elite CBD to help ease your after workout routine. Applying the Muscle Rub is easy and the nature of the applicator allows for the targeting of specific areas. We provide the travel size Social CBD Muscle Rub which makes for easy storage in any gym bag and is able to fit your on-to-go lifestyle. 

Stay Tuned For More From Social CBD

Keep an eye on our Social CBD collection for new products from the best CBD brand available. Remember when shopping for CBD that it is important to fully understand what when on during the process of making your item, make sure you have access to current lab results no matter what you buy.