Source 10cig Vaporizer Review: The 10$ Vape

Source 10cig Vaporizer Review: The 10$ Vape

Traditionally, vapes that are cheaper in price are cheaper in quality.

Not so with the new Source 10Cig vaporizer. At just around $10, this super compact vape boasts a heavy duty stainless steel build and high grade quartz and ceramic atomizers with titanium alloy coils. It also offers three preset temps--not the standard set-up for a vape pen this affordable. 

While it's usually the case that smaller vapes don’t deliver quality vapor, the hits are surprisingly milky, smooth, and flavor-rich.

In fact, it’s hard to believe Source Vapes is able to use the materials they did, in a vape that only costs $10, without going bankrupt. 

If you’re on a budget, but don’t want to vape like it, the Source 10Cig vaporizer gives you more bang for your buck.


What Source 10Cig Is Made Of

The Source 10Cig vape is constructed with sturdy 303 stainless steel. This type of steel is austenitic, the most corrosion-resistant steel. If you drop the Source 10Cig vape, best believe it’ll survive the fall.

Just as good-looking as it is durable, the exterior, sleek and solid, has the sharp gleam of gunmetal.

The power button is a high grade rubber, comfy to press.

The atomizers, also made of 303 steel, feature either a quartz or ceramic rod wrapped in titanium alloy. Both rods are medical-grade, which we can thank for the surprisingly palatable hits.

You can buy new Source 10Cig atomizers, which last about 2 to 3 months each depending on how often you vape. Except the battery itself to last at least 6 months, not bad at all for a 10$ vape. 

Vapor Production

We tasted more flavor off the Source 10Cig than off a dab-rig, which says a lot about it’s ability to extract essential tastes and aromas from waxy oils.

The quartz delivers more flavor. The ceramic makes bigger hits.

The titanium alloy adds density to the clouds. 

(Source 10Cig atomizers come in medical-grade 100% ceramic or quartz with titanium coils.)

We recommend long, slow draws to get a decent sized cloud from Source 10Cig.

A downside to this vape is the small chamber. You’ll get about three hits per bowl. But those hits will be surprisingly good.

Stealthy Source 10Cig

It doesn’t get much stealthier than this. Source 10Cig looks just like an e-cigarette. And it’s super thin. You can vape waxes incognito, with the vape hidden in your grip, then pocket the 10Cig no problem.

The Source 10Cig vape is about the girth of a Bic pen (the skinny kind). You can conceal the whole thing in your hand. And you don’t feel it at all when it’s in your pocket.


(Pencil-thin and ready to hide at a moment's notice.)

Again, we applaud Source Vapes for pulling off the magic trick of making a super compact, stealthy vape that also boasts excellent vapor production and build quality. Source 10Cig is a unicorn vaporizer in that regard.


Source 10cig packs a decent 300mAh battery. While it doesn’t last quite as long as bigger vapes, it does take much less time to fully charge.

This vape is charged via USB using the included attachment, which screws into the main connection of the vape, where the atomizer usually screws in.

The battery is temperature controlled with three heat settings. Simply click the power button three times to toggle presets. The color-coded power button flashes as you change temps. Once you've chosen your temperature, just hold the button, milk it for a few seconds, then take a hit.

Heat up time is a rapid 5 seconds at most.

Is Source 10Cig for You?

Imagine you never read this review. 

You receive the Source 10Cig in the mail after buying it because you’re on a budget. You’re expecting the same old rip-and-ditch vape. Harsh hits, okay flavor, but a vape that gets the job done.

Then you take your first hit.

To your amazement, it’s comfortable, flavor-rich, and surprisingly dense for such a small wax pen.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, then the Source 10Cig is your vape. It’s the best vape pen for wax aficionados on a budget.