Source Nail XL Sig2 Review [Complete Guide]

Source Nail XL Sig2 Review [Complete Guide]


The Source Nail XL Sig2 has a lot to offer for power users and tinkerers while remaining usable for all vapers. Source has thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this versatile, all-in-one kit. Looking for the latest in power concentrate consumption? Look no further than The Source Nail XL Sig2. Check out our full review below.



  • Offers wider array of atomizers than any other wax mod
  • New XXL series atomizers offer unrivaled surface area for more efficient heating
  • Adaptability of kit makes the unit a seamless integration with any regimen
  • Included water kit is higher quality than many other units of this type
  • Industry-leading warranty



  • Expensive; barrier to entry may be too great for some
  • While billed as a portable Enail and vape pen, this is not a unit that can fit in your pocket
  • New XXL series atomizers are only compatible with bubbler attachment
  • With an Enail this good, you’ll have to think about breaking up with your torch :(


TLDR; The source Nail XL Sig2 is the kit for those moving beyond entry vapes into connoisseur-ism. Some may balk at the price, though the quality and adaptable nature justify the cost. Source Vapes once again push the limits of concentrate vaporization with the XL Sig2.


The Sig2 keeps it simple and sexy with an all-black mod which powers the unit. It includes a glass water attachment. It also includes a mouthpiece in Source’s signature black chrome finish. The design is completely modular, allowing you to customize the experience to taste.

The bubbler attachment appears to be high quality with thick glass. The attachment features a four-arm percolator which diffuses the vapor. The piece disassembles to attach to the down stem of any bong or water pipe. In this configuration, the bubbler functions like an ash catcher. This offers another layer of water cooling to whatever your setup is.

The portable mouthpiece attachment is a hefty stainless-steel design. While making the Sig2 more portable than a box mod with a bong on top of it, the size may still be large for some users. Regardless, the mouthpiece is well-designed and sturdy. It features variable airflow and 303 stainless steel construction.

What can I say about the battery of this unit? It looks like every other box mod…ever. Which isn’t a knock on Source or the Nail XL Sig 2, more of a truism of mod designs currently available. Those seeking a wax vape with high power and customization know the design tropes.



The performance aspect of the Source Nail XL Sig2 is particularly interesting. This is an Enail aimed at power users and tinkerers. Source Vapes is an undeniable leader in the development and research of new atomizers. The XL Sig 2 is a powerful showcase, compatible with over thirty different atomizers. This article cannot reveal the innumerable possibilities and combinations available with this E-nail. You could entertain yourself for the next three years, never repeating a configuration.

The Source Nail XL ships with six capable atomizers. Half of these are of the XL series and Half the XXL Series, which I’ll outline below:

3- Source XXL Series Atomizers-These Atomizers are the largest of any e-nail. Offering up to 270% more surface area than standard atomizers. ***Important note: these atomizers are so big, they only work with the bubbler attachment. ***

· Titanium (15mm)

  • Features the highest wattage range, producing the largest clouds
  • Features a removable titanium bucket for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 27w-33w operation

· Ceramic (15mm)

  • Ceramic is less inert than other materials. It will soak in the atomizer a little bit more, this is my personal preference as it prevents splatter
  • Features a removable ceramic bucket for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 24w-29w operation

· Quartz (15mm)

  • Quartz is the gold standard for people who dab. It is flavor neutral and will deliver the smoothest hits. Quartz releases pure Terpene tastes of whatever you vape
  • Features a removable ceramic bucket for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 24w-29w operation



3- Source Xl Series Atomizers-These atomizers are 170% larger than standard 10mm atomizers. These are the little brothers to the XXL’s listed above, they behave the same, only smaller. These atomizers operate with the portable attachment. They also offer compatibility for the Source Orb XL and Source Slim XL. Since the function mimics those listed above, I will only note the wattage.


Titanium (13mm)

  • 22w-28w operation


Ceramic (13mm)

  • 24w-29w operation


Quartz (13mm)

  • 15w-20w operation


The Source Nail XL Sig2 Kit is also compatible with all:

  • 3 series atomizers
  • 4 Series atomizers
  • XL Series atomizers


What does all this mean? Am I losing you? Stay with me. The Source Nail Sig2 ships with big atomizers which will deliver large hits. The larger surface area vaporizes concentrates with greater efficiency. It also comes with some EVEN BIGGER atomizers. These are the XXL series, which will drop the almighty hammer on your ass.

For your flavor preference, there is titanium, ceramic and quartz. The removable buckets prevent leakage beneath the atomizer. Leakage is a common problem in standard atomizers. It not only wastes wax but can damage your vaporizer. Source Vapes is currently the only vape manufacturer using this technology.



Alright, so I’ma drop the realness on you right now: I am not the target demographic for this E-nail slash wax mod. I generally get lifted with pens, sometimes even cartridges (GASP). Mods intimidate me. I see them all the time. I come across them at work with solid regularity. For some reason, they never appealed to me. So, it was with some amount of trepidation that I came to review the Nail XL Sig2.

Trust, that this unit is surprisingly easy to use. You don’t need a degree from vape college. Or wherever the hell people learned the minutia of this technology. (You know ohms law muh dawg? Like, for real? Last year the only book you read was US Weekly). If you have your vape degree or community vape college certificate, you can make this thing sing in a way that no other wax pen can.

A standard five click press brings the battery to life. The screen illuminates with an astounding allure. It's easy to read and understand all details, even for a noob like me. Three clicks on the Power button will allow you to cycle tough the settings. These include voltage modes and temperature control mode. The operating range is 5w-60w in voltage mode and 200F-700F in temperature control mode. This allows for a great deal of experimentation.

As a rule, I found the wattage mode to be my preferred usage. While temperature control is nice, I find it better suited for dry herb vaporizers. I’d recommend starting with the lowest operating wattage for each given atomizer. From there, increase according to your preference.

The bucket-style atomizers provide great flavor experience, no matter which material you choose. Titanium is the hardest hitting. Ceramic is the next hardest hitting, with quartz being the smoothest. The vapor output is second to none. The XL Sig2 releases a great mix of flavor as well as the dense clouds that one would expect from a unit this powerful.



The Source Nail XL Sig2 kit operates in a class where seldom vaporizers come close. While not the wax pen for everyone, those looking for a top-performing unit will find the Sig2 a sublime fit. New to mod-based vaping? Looking to move away from the torch? The XL Sig2 kit offers a wholly approachable option for portable dabs.