Stok Edition One Vaporizer Review

Stok Edition One Vaporizer Review


The Stok Edition One vaporizer occupies the familiar vape pen form factor employed in #ThisThingsRips products while offering a futuristic take on the modern wax pen. Known for their iconic, visual chambers, the Stok Edition One vaporizer eschews the colored acrylic for a monochromatic color schem dubbed “mile high white.”  While the size and form may be familiar, the design is anything but common, leaning more towards a refined, high-tech look. This is further elevated with the matte grey logo and cyan, led-lit button on the battery.

The mouthpiece of the Stoke One Edition, which #ThisThingRips calls the “volcano mouthpiece” features a unique design which tapers to an “A” shape. The opening is a little narrower than the end of your pinky, allowing for large pulls of vapor. The airflow on the Stok edition one is tight, offering greater draw resistance. Though this may not be the preference for all users, the added pull creates a strong vacuum from the atomizer to the mouthpiece to create very dense hits. 


The Stok Edition boasts temperature control with three heat settings and a quick heat up time. For convenience, the Stok Edition One employs a smart battery which automatically reverts to the last setting on power-up.

With a temperature range of 650-800+ degrees Fahrenheit, the Stok Edition One vape pen is aimed at users who are used to dabbing at higher temperatures. The high-quality titanium coils utilized in the atomizer will stand up to the extreme temperatures of the Stok wax pen and should ensure better atomizer longevity. The information included with the Stok One states that you should replace your atomizer every month, however longevity will be dependent on your usage.

The Atomizer of the Stok Edition One utilizes dual ceramic rods to heat your wax concentrates. Ceramic is a great atomizer material for flavor heads, though not as inert as quartz, it absorbs concentrate more readily for less splatter. In my personal experience, ceramic is also fairly durable. Despite the tighter draw resistance of the Stok Edition One, it seems as though the atomizer has adequate airflow and is deep enough to avoid clogs. #ThisThingRips includes a serving suggestion for how much wax you should load into the chamber. As with any atomizer, it is generally best to not try and load more than 1/3rd of a gram at a time. 



Operation of the Stok One is fairly intuitive. The battery is awakened with a quick, five press tap of the “S” shaped button. The heat setting can be selected with three clicks of the button. The Settings are as follows:

  • Blue: 3.4 Volts (600-700F)

  • Cyan: 3.8 Volts (700-800F)

  • Red: 4.2 Volts (800+F)

“Rally Mode” can be entered in any heat setting by rapidly pressing the button two times. This mode will allow the Stoke edition One to continuously heat, without holding the button, for a period of twenty seconds. #ThisThingRips intends this to function for groups as a sort of session setting, similar to the tactile feeling of passing a joint or a running pipe. The idea is definitely interesting and I applaud any vape manufacturer attempting to steer portable vaporizers in a more sharable direction.

While I didn’t get to test Rally Mode in a group setting, I’m unsure of the actual practicality of the feature. Twenty seconds is still not a lot of time to pass something among a group of people. In my experience, passing consumption products to friends tends to be…..SLOW (just hit the thing already). I also would worry about the longevity of the atomizer when exposing it to high heat for that amount of time. Though, I am not a scientist and have not used the product long enough to say definitively if the longer heating would decrease the lifespan of the atomizer. 


Stok Edition One Pros:

  • The streamlined design of the Stok Edition One and the “Mile High White” paint job make for an elegant looking pen

  • The “Volcano Mouthpiece” offers great airflow, while removing  the traditional splash guard  prevents blockage

  • Really solid battery life, while I can’t list an exact figure, I never ran into any battery issues.

  • The high temperature range from 600-800+F is great for ripping huge concentrate hits.

  • “Rally Mode” offers a way to pass the Stok Edition One in s session with friends.


Stok Edition One Cons:

  • No variable airflow. While this isn’t a deal breaker, the relatively tight draw of the Stok vape pen will not appeal to everyone.

  • Charging Time. While the battery life is impressive, charging is not a quick affair.

  • Black charging cord. This one is super nitpicky, but it drives me crazy that the charger doesn’t match the color scheme. It bothered me so much, I had to go and dig a white charger out of my unsightly box of cords (don’t act like you don’t have one).

  • “Rally Mode.” This one is going in pros and cons, because it is a bit of a divisive feature. While this mode does increase the session-ability of the Stok Edition One, it also could be a detriment to atomizer longevity.



The Stok Edition One is a solid performer with a forward-thinking design that should fit into the lifestyle of most customers. As a solid contender in the middle budget wax pen arena, the Stok remains a standout for its high temperature options and densely-packed vapor. While budget portable vape pens can be hit-or-miss, the simple operation, above average performance and durable construction make the Stok Edition One much more hit than miss.