Summer Break = Tolerance Break

Summer Break = Tolerance Break

Summer Break = Tolerance Break

As the sun begins its triumphant ascent, signaling the imminent arrival of summer, there's a buzz in the air that's as palpable as the warmth on your skin. Ah, yes, summer break is peeking around the corner, promising lazy days, beach escapades, and perhaps a few too many ice creams. But amidst the excitement of the season, there's another prospect worth considering: a t-break. 

Picture it: a temporary hiatus from the haze, a chance to recalibrate and rejuvenate. With longer days and a relaxed vibe permeating the air, summer presents the perfect backdrop for pressing pause on your cannabis consumption and embracing a newfound clarity. 

But why? We know that’s your first question. 

Reduced Tolerance: Regular cannabis use can lead to an increase in tolerance, meaning you need more of it to achieve the same effects over time. A tolerance break allows your body to reset, potentially leading to increased sensitivity to the effects of cannabis when you resume.

Cost Savings: Tolerance breaks can save you money since you'll likely need less cannabis to achieve the desired effects after the break.

No Excuse for Not Cleaning Your Pieces: Enough said…you aren’t using them so cop yourself some EYCE Cleaner and get those pieces sparkling clean. 

Clarity and Mental Sharpness: Some users report feeling mentally clearer and more focused after a tolerance break, as regular cannabis use can sometimes dull cognitive function.