Toast CBD Hemp Pre Rolls Review

Toast CBD Hemp Pre Rolls Review

Founded in the Rocky Mountains Toast Wellness has recently burst onto the scene and already cemented itself as one of the top CBD brands on the market. While Toast offers a wide range of full-spectrum CBD products we're taking a look at their Emerald CBD pre rolls in this review and assessing how they can fit into your wellness routine. 

Toast Emerald CBD Pre Roll packs

CBD pre rolls have gotten very popular in the last few months of the CBD boom, but it has been hard to find a brand that provides a consistent experience pre roll-to-pre roll, thankfully Toast has this situation handled and each "slice" delivers a great smoke from the beginning of the pack to the very end.

Let's dive into what makes the Toast Emerald CBD Pre Roll such a great option for your wellness routine.

Experiencing Toast Emerald CBD Pre Rolls

Toast's commitment to high-quality hemp sourcing makes each Emerald CBD Pre Roll a fantastic experience. These elite levels of hemp production make the burn on the Emerald even and slow, with a natural taste from each draw that doesn't overpower you with "intense" flavor. The smoke experience is the same as a dry herb cone and the burn rate of the Emerald isn't as accelerated as lesser CBD pre roll products. 

Toast Emerald CBD Pre Roll 2 Pack

If you're a dry herb user that has been looking for a way to enjoy CBD the Toast Emerald CBD Pre Rolls are a fantastic option. There are sometimes when you want the feel of smoking dry herb, but not necessarily the usual effects of your preferred dry herb strain, that's where the Toast Emerald CBD Pre Roll shines. You enjoy a comprehensive CBD experience with the entourage effect of the full spectrum CBD while enjoying deep draws of smoke. 

Each of Toast's CBD pre rolls are known as "slices", which although admittedly seemed a little cheesy to me at first, makes for a fun and discreet way to reference stepping out for a smoke break. A nice touch to the Toast CBD pre roll experience is the discretion and style that is offered. The packaging is a subdue-yet-stylish deco-style and gold foil accents do a good job of making your feel sophisticated when smoking an Emerald Pre Roll. 

High Quality Hemp 

The elite CBD smoking experience provided by the Toast Emerald CBD Pre Rolls is thanks to the meticulous work Toast does when it comes to finding the right hemp for their products. 

Toast Emerald CBD Pre Roll lab results

Test results for the Toast Emerald CBD Pre Roll can be read here

Working exclusively with full-spectrum CBD Toast utilizes small-batch sourcing to make sure dosages are consistent, and has readily available certificates of analysis so you can see the full profile of your CBD pre roll.

It is important to note for newer CBD users that full spectrum CBD will contain *all* the compounds found naturally occurring in the plant it is derived from, meaning there will be terpenes, essential oils, and trace amounts of psychoactive compounds (if any are present). The “full spectrum” of these items work together to magnify potentially benefits of each individual compound, which is known as the “entourage effect”.

Toast Emerald CBD Pre Rolls: A Must Have

The Toast Emerald CBD Pre Rolls were a great addition to my daily routine, as a dry herb smoker who doesn't really want to vape/drink/rub CBD to take it these CBD pre rolls came in clutch. Aside from being able to enjoy in the morning as a nice day-starter, having Toast CBD pre rolls during a night out is a fun way to take a break during whatever activity you might be enjoying. 

We carry Toast Emerald CBD Pre Rolls as well as a wide range of Toast's other fantastic CBD offerings here.